Stickman Readers' Submissions December 2nd, 2005

The Thai Scorpion And The Western Turtle

I have been reading a lot of submissions about how unbelievable it is that western men fall for Thai bar girls and are willing to invest hard-earned money to ensure their future happiness. These submissions then go on to give “good” advice
on how to avoid this problem. This is all well and good, and I certainly agree with most of the advice. However, I am always surprised at the “shock” these writers express that men can be so stupid. I submit that it is a wonder that
western men do not leave their families and sell their homes to live in Thailand much more often than they do. A quick look at the facts confirms what I am saying.

Yes, we all know that a western man and a Thai bar girl enter into a business arrangement and that’s the way both parties should abide. But what is that arrangement? It is to perform an act (sex) that is normally reserved for couples that are very
much in love. As much as they try, one party forgets the contract and they go and truly enjoy the experience. What happens when it is time to part ways? Do you just cast away someone that you may now have true intimate feelings for?

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Another factor is environment. The western man has lived most of his life in a safe, boring, and predictable place called Farangland. It is usually cold and the women even colder. All of a sudden, he is in a warm place with a huge variety of sights and
sounds all around him, and he has just walked a block from his hotel! The people are friendly and the sexy girls in the bar are even friendlier. Why wouldn’t he think he is in a new reality? The girl may also be in a new state of reality.
This guy is different. He is fairly fit, nice, and has bothered to take a shower before coming to bed. Also, he is not staying at the Nana Hotel but at the JW Marriot. He has opened the front door for her and let her order anything she wants from
room service. Maybe this one is different from all the rest and is the one to keep. Unlike the western man, the Thai bar girl has had these feelings before and knows how to move beyond them.

What happens next is the old story of the turtle and the scorpion. The scorpion complains about how bad life is on this side of the river. If only there was a good-hearted turtle to take her across, she would be eternally grateful. The turtle, knowing
the scorpion’s reputation as he has read Stick’s web site, is wary of this request. But after much cajoling, Thai food, beer, and of course, great sex, the scorpion and turtle set off on their journey across the river to the happiness
of the other shore. Just as they approach, the scorpion stings the turtle and both drown to their fate.

Why would the scorpion put the sting to her liberator and benefactor? Why would she prefer the life of a Bangkok hooker to the ease of living in relative comfort with a western man? The answer lies in the scorpion’s response as they both drown,
“because I’m a scorpion and stinging is what I do.” It doesn’t make sense, especially from the turtle’s viewpoint, but that is what Thai bar girls do.

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The reasons why Thai bar girls prefer this destiny are many and they have been well documented on this web site. But in the beginning, both parties exist in a state of unreality to accommodate a business deal. The fact that one or more parties allows
this state to continue beyond its useful limit should not be surprising to anyone. Remember that great

looking MG Midget you took for a test ride and then bought without opening the hood? For a few days you rode around feeling great. You swore to all of your friends it was best car on the road, right up until the day it died in that roadside ditch. Even
then, you put thousands into repair and still it broke down regularly. It was a great looking car that couldn’t stay on the road, and it broke your heart when you sold it for a fraction of what you paid for it.

And for a new found friend “R” that I met through this site: mate, you’ve been stung! Ditch the scorpion and try to make it safely to shore! After the sting wears off, life can be beautiful again. And for those of you telling R to
keep swimming with this stinging scorpion, shame on you!

Stickman's thoughts:

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Oh, they sting all right!

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