Stickman Readers' Submissions December 27th, 2005

Sanook Sanook In Sin City

Before I start to ramble I would just like to thank Stick for an excellent web site, been an avid reader for a while now but this is my first submission. Now this is not a love story, it’s not a sad story, it’s just a few
words by a regular visitor to Pattaya that thought I would like to share with you. Please bare with me because I am not much of a James Joyce when it comes to the writing. If you want cracking wit and funny stories meet me in Nick's Nar
on soi seven on the 20th of January and I'll tell you a few tales and anecdotes over a beer Chang.

Well you all know what sanook sanook is. Well in my opinion this is what Pattaya is all about, it’s not about finding true love or a wife. I don’t know too many success stories in the LTG or wife department in Pattaya. Pattaya is the ideal
place if you are into getting drunk sitting in bars, talking shit with your mates, chatting to beautiful Thai ladies and bar fining when you find the right one for the night or a few days. Having said that, how many of you have spent the night
going from bar to bar looking for miss right only to find yourself back in the first bar you started in to find the girl you had your eye on earlier has already been bar fined? Sound familiar? Happens a lot. I know from experience. There has
been many a time I have ended up taking some over the hill boiler home with me just for the sake of a shag (I was once told by an English bird ‘YOU'RE JUST A CLASSLESS TWAT OUT FOR A SHAG’). Well she was not far from the

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I have been coming to Pattaya for a few years now. 3 or 4 times a year. I have never been to Bangkok or any of the other wonderful places in the LOS. In fact when I'm in Pattaya, I don’t much venture from soi 6, 7, 8. If I do it’s under
duress. What can I say, I'm a man of habits. I find a niche and stick to it. Soi 6 for my afternoon short time adventures. Soi 7 to drink with my expat friends and soi 8 for some night time fun. In fact I have only been on the beach once
in all the time I have been coming to LOS. To me Pattaya is about staying up all night (lots of vodka and lipo required for this), going to bed about midday till about 5.00pm then down to soi 7 to watch the bargirls starting the night shift.
I love sitting in Nick's Bar at my usual table and watch Pattaya come alive. It’s the best time of the day for me when it's just starting to get dark and the street vendors are out selling their dodgy wares, the bargirls are
all going to start the evening shift, a good time to spot your future teeruk for the night. Some people may say this is a waste of a holiday to fly half way around the world to sit up all night drinking and sleep all day;
well I don’t do temples or tiger zoos and all the rest of the tourist crap. I am here for the beer, the crack and the ladies.

Well after my last trip in August this year I got back to the UK and thought to myself I can not take another English winter. I work as civil engineer so most of my work is outside so I almost sold up and booked a flight to Thailand that same day. Sanity
returned (thank god) and I chose an alternative to throwing in my lot with the UK and probably blowing the lot in Thailand. I got a job in Dubai. Now I can almost hear you saying Dubai is a Muslim country, no sanook sanook there. Well my friend
you are so wrong. The night life is great! There are bar girls from China, Russia, Africa, Philippines. Not met any Thais yet. One can only wish. Being fond of Thai ladies I only go for the Phino and China girls and only the ones that look
a little bit Thai. What can I say? I'm a mug for the girls from LOS as we all are, well 99.9% of male visitors to LOS and some females too from what I have seen in Pattaya.

One of the advantages about Dubai is it's only five and a half hours away from Thailand as opposed to that SH@TY 12 hour fight from Europe plus when I get back to here suffering from the Pattaya blues I have the sun same same Pattaya. I have a Thai
substitute ladies same same Pattaya and a I can buy a fake Rolex, Lacoste shirt same same Pattaya. There aresome good Thai restaurants here, so my advice to someone booking a flight to LOS if you have to do a stop over, make it Dubai and your
trip home will be much less painless.

On a last note, I see a lot of negative post written about LOS in Stickman’s about Thailand.

Well my friends, if you don’t like it here don’t come back. Sorry to be so blunt but if all you do is complain about LOS, why stay there or why come back at all. I have been ripped off by the baht bus mafia (all though I did once shag a baht bus mafia’s daughter for free – she freelances around soi 7 and she did not charge me. I won't say her name as she is an ok girl. I wonder what her father would say if he knew she was giving it away for free, farang team 1-0 baht bus mafia.) I have been sold dubious made to measure suits, bought fake watches that pack up after a week but what can I say, TIT. I love the place. I will never stop coming here. As for the bargirls, you just can not take them too seriously. They are great fun to be with but that’s all they are, fun for a week or two. Any man that writes a submission on here complaining that the love of his life has ripped him off, what do you expect? Open your eyes !THIS IS THAILAND! As for myself falling in love with bar girls, this has not happened to me yet and I don’t think it will. Maybe it's because I am not looking for a relationship or a wife. I am just after sanook sanook. Back again on January 20th. I am just counting down the days.

Stickman's thoughts:

You've got Pattayaitus.

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