Stickman Readers' Submissions December 21st, 2005

Nine Years Older

I've got my story from over a period of 2 years in Thailand. I am an Asian who had some good and bad experiences in Thailand. I was there for work as I worked for an international shipping company. It was 2003 when I first went to Bangkok for an official visit. I really liked Bangkok. The reasons are many and every one knows them… I being only 21 (yeah, too young for Thailand) that time felt really free. I could do everything I was restricted from in my country.

I was really happy and to my joy my company needed me there in Bangkok very often.. A 2 months tourist visa was fine for me coz I wasn’t working in the office, I was out on the ports most of the time. I really felt good when I first got a sense of the life in Thailand. It was all so easy going and I when a 21 year old bloke gets a lot more attention than he used to (me being of average looks) I was on top of the world. One thing that I definitely knew and was aware of was AIDS in Thailand, and I promised my self to take extra care (know I mean) at all times.

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The first few days were not quite as good as the later ones I spent in Thailand. I was happy and kinda enjoying life. I had been to Nana and most areas around it. Paid some bar fines as well. The atmosphere was quite attractive. Though living alone, but didn’t feel a need for company (apart from the girls). I stayed on and on working and having fun day in and day out.

I went back to my country after 2 month to get a new tourist visa. I went back and I met my best mate who was studying in the UK. I told him all the stories about how things were in that part of the world. Then we made a plan to go there and celebrate new year in Bangkok. I flew back to Bangkok and he joined me in Bangkok few days later. I was now with my best mate on a trip to fantasyland. As you can imagine.. My friend was there for 10 days and we wanted to do everything. He had heard of gogo bars from his friends in UK. Being a bit experienced by now, we both went to Nana. We had some beer and had fun.

We then came to Soi 3 (this is where my story will begin) and sat in an Arabic bar. The music wasn’t quite nice but yeah the chicks were really cool. We saw girls and we were full of lust. Sitting there we planned a trip to Pattaya as we were drinking. A beautiful girl, named Ann was serving us beer along with her friend Bee. I wasn’t keen on Ann but her friend Bee was a beauty. We both just gazed at her and wanted her in our beds, but the problem was who would take her out first (why not both take her together – Stick>. Bee was a bit far from us, serving others, so I started a conversation with Ann who was just sitting opposite to me. She was fine, knew some German and had lived in Germany for sometime. I was a bit confused that if she had been to Germany why was she here sitting in a bar serving beer and entertaining people. Now you can guess my understanding of the Thai system or any other such kinda system. Anyway I wasn’t interested in her so didn’t think much

My friend and I tossed a coin for Bee and I lost. So he was the one with Bee and I had Ann. Both of them wanted to go out with us and we took them out Ann wasn’t my first choice. There was this girl, so beautiful that I almost fell in love with her, but she was busy and I was disappointed. Anyway we paid for the drinks and the bar fine and went off with B and Ann.

Next day we went to Pattaya along with both the girls. They were quite nice and didn’t demand any money so we were happy with them. Had fun in Pattaya, came back to Bangkok and my friend went off to UK. Now I was all alone and started to feel depressed. I was getting addicted to sex. I planned to go back to the same Arabic bar but get another girl this time. To my delight the girl I was eyeing before that day when we took Ann and B out was there working at the bar. She was looking so beautiful and I thought that she's the girl I am taking out tonight. No matter what!

I started talking with this Isaan girl. She didn’t know English. So we tried talking through expressions. I really liked her and wanted to be with her. After a while I paid the bar fine and we went to my hotel. She was shy, very shy. But then she was really great. I asked her to stay with me for a couple of days coz I had to start work in a couple of days. I thought I could get to know her better and I felt so good when in her company. She understood and she tried to understand everything I used to say. I knew some Thai words and I even had an English to Thai dictionary, so we were communicating a bit.

She stayed with me for 3 days, 24 hrs a day. We went out for quick shopping in Pratunam. I just wanted to stay with her always. Then on the 4th day she said she had to go and I had to pay her. I paid pay her and she was happy. She never asked for any extra money or taxi fare. I was impressed. Two days passed and I was back at the bar. She was smiling and looked happier. I wanted to take her out, not for sex, but just to stay with her. All this time I was living in a hotel which was supposed to be paid for by my company. They did pay for it regularly but this time the concerned person was out of town and I was running short of money. (Pay day was too far away and I was spending too much.) By this time I had to look for an apartment as well. I didn’t know where to find one that suited my pocket. This girl (lets call her W) helped me in this. W had an apartment next to her apartment. I checked the place out, liked it and was ready to move. (Don’t forget I was running out of money). I paid the barfine and she came with me. The next morning I was waiting for someone from my company to clear my bills so that I could move to the apartment. I had to check out before 10 am and it was getting late. I felt embarrassed in front of her. What would she think of me. Then to my surprise she offered me 20,000 baht, so that I could pay for the hotel room. But how could I take money from her? I am not that kinda person. She insisted and I paid off the bills. Called my office and asked them to put the money into W's account. It was me who was worried about paying her back. She never asked me coz the transfer took some time.

I was now living in my apartment with W (I was really in debt, what she did was extraordinary) I was happy and I loved W. A week passed and W wanted to go back to work. Now how can I send her to work, that kinda work. But if she doesn’t go then I cant really pay her that much. She earns good money. And I can't afford it. Not now! She went to work and didn’t come to see me. I was also busy and was out of Bangkok. I always kept thinking of her and she was always on my mind. She used to call me and we used to stay quiet for a while thinking of words. But I was learning Thai very quickly.

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Everything went fine and she used to come and see me everyday. After 5 months my contract with the company ended and I had to leave the Thai Kingdom. I was depressed and deeply in love with W. I didn’t want to leave here and go. I was so stupid I did that. Yes I stayed in Thailand without work and soon my visa expired. I thought I would just give them the money and return back home. My bank balance got real low and I was worried. Really worried. W and I were deeply in love with each other. Though I felt disgusted sometimes when I saw her going back to the bar. She always told me that she had changed the work but I knew she was working at the same Arab bar. I lived in Thailand for another year after my visa expired, just coz I loved her a lot. She isn’t the type of girl that most people describe on this site though there are lots of them of that kind. But W is a rare one. She spent around 100,000 baht on me while I was there. Can someone else do that? She was older than me by 9 years and she kept telling me that this ain't going to work out but I tried my best but nothing happened. I came back home, worked hard and sent some money back to her 3 months later. She doesn’t want any money from me but I have to pay it back or else I am not a man, you know what I mean. It’ll be a year since I last saw her. I tried to find work there but being not a Farang it didn’t work out for me. She waited for 8 months but I couldn’t go back. I still want to. Now she’s found a Farang and she’s been to Australia for 3 months.

She’s a mother of 2 and she needs to support her family. I am now in England, studying and working part time. I still send her money and will keep on doing that, no matter how much. I am now 24 and a bit sensible (hope so) but I don’t think any1 of you came across this kinda thing. Did you? I did miss out lots of details coz am not a good writer. I wish I could work in Thailand and stay there for a few years. If anyone of you has a solution please do tell me.

Stickman's thoughts:

The solution is easy. It is time to move on. Pay her back what you owe her and then leave her so BOTH of you can get on with your lives.

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