Stickman Readers' Submissions December 14th, 2005

Boring Thai Women

I have spent the last eighteen years travelling to Thailand, initially on holidays to presently exporting Thai products to Australia. I speak, read and write Thai fluently and have travelled to all regions of Thailand.

In general I enjoy my trips to Thailand which I make about four times a year. On the whole I really like most Thai people and speaking Thai I get to meet a broad cross section of Thai society. Even though I have been coming here for so long
now, I really don't have any close Thai friends, just the people who I do business with whom I don't consider friends but have a good relationship with, which is important for the type of business I am in. I just accept that I will never
have any close Thai friends like my expat friends who have been living here for ten years or more don't have any either. I am not Thai and don't pretend or want to be Thai for the sake of having Thai friends. Not that I dislike Thai
people at all, as I said I enjoy meeting and working with Thais in general.

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I usually break my trips up into business and pleasure where one week is pretty solid work in Chiang Mai getting my business done and another week where I usually fly down to Phuket for relaxation and some fun or sometimes to Bangkok to catch
up with my farang expat friends.

While in Bangkok I usually get to meet a lot of women through networks and contacts with my expat friends. Some of them are in the bar scene and some of them normal working woman with steady and full-time employment who are interested in
meeting or socialising with farangs. I have had short-term flings with some of these woman but never entered into any long term relationship, probably because after a couple of days going through the small talk and finding out a bit more about
each other I have nothing really in common with any of these women at all.

Even though I speak Thai very well I still find them very boring.

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I wouldn't say I'm the most interesting or charismatic male on earth who could talk and charm the socks off every one I meet but I do have many hobbies and interests that I actively pursue both in Thailand and Australia. I take
interest in many topics and can relate to or have knowledge on most subjects.

Most Thai women I meet have very little interest or knowledge of anything outside their own surroundings and environment i.e. workplace, home, and the local shopping mall. Most of them have very little understanding or desire to understand
and learn about anything other than what is happening in Thailand. I mean most of them don't even know which direction in relation to Thailand a particular country is located. Supposedly educated and uneducated alike. Now try spending a couple
of days with a woman like this and the conversation soon becomes pretty uninteresting. This is one of the biggest reasons besides being 99% incompatible with Thai women that foreigners should probably not try and pursue a relationship with a Thai
woman. On the whole they are just so boring. Boredom is the quickest way to end an already very fragile relationship.

I am realistic and realise not everyone who is married shares all the same interests or hobbies but most successful couples are the ones who are compatible. If you look at a scale of compatibility, 99% percent of Thai woman would not be compatible
with foreign men, hence the very high failure rate of Thai / farang relationships. Put simply, you just shouldn't be with a Thai woman who is completely not compatible with you. As for paying these low class Isaan women any money for sin
sod or any other form of payment, that is just throwing money down the drain or into a deep bottomless well.

These uneducated woman are the most boring. Whenever I am on holiday I would never be seen dead in the company of one of them. You can see them everywhere in Bangkok and Phuket with their equally bored farang tag-alongs.

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I love going to the beach or jungle trekking but you wouldn't get a Thai woman to do anything like that. For most Thai women the beach is a place to have a picnic and throw rubbish about and the jungle is a place to avoid at all costs.

Thailand having so many beautiful places to visit and explore just doesn't interest them at all. They are really only interested in shopping malls and eating. How boring!

It's the same with the Thai people I meet in Australia. They can live there for ten years and not go outside a 1km radius of where they live. Like Thailand, Oz has so many great places and things to see and do but most Thais are just
not interested. That word again – interested or interesting – which is the opposite of bored and boring in a way.

Don't get me wrong, I meet a lot of Thai people and enjoy their company and Thais like having a good time like all of us and probably more so as sanuk is a big part of Thai culture, but if you think having a Thai woman around for
long periods of time will be stimulating in any way, think again.

Life is hard enough without burdening yourself with an unrewarding and unfulfilling relationship with a woman that has nothing to offer except sex.

I have seen some good relationships with Thai farangs but they are not the norm…

I will keep coming to Thailand for a long time but never have any thought of getting involved in a long term relationship.

Stickman's thoughts:

It is true that a good number of urban Thai women enjoy spending as much of their free time as possible in shopping centres and pursuing things that would not be of much interest to the average farang guy. The guys who get caught up with such women and who tag along are people I feel very sorry for.

But there are more and more interesting Thai women these days. It is possible to meet someone with whom you have a lot in common. But I agree with you that a typical Western guy and a typical Thai woman rate very lowly in terms of compatibility for a long-term relationship.

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