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Thai Thoughts And Anecdotes Part 109

  • Written by Dana
  • November 26th, 2005
  • 9 min read

Mary Jane patpong


"I crushed out against her left buttock the last throb of the longest ecstasy man or monster had ever known." (LOLITA by Nabokov)

There are seven categories of Thai prostitutes. To the ignorant unsympathetics or the ignorant sympathetics the subject is never this interesting or this complex. They tend to place Thai prostitutes in bigger broader category baskets like
sinners, or victims, or deranged. These general categories satisfy the psychic needs of the critics but don't remotely show knowledge of the subject.

The categories in no particular order are the Experimenters, the Part Timers, It's a Job, Waiting for Something Better, Aimless Drifter, Money Interested, and Sex Interested. There is some overlap from category to category but not much.

1. EXPERIMENTERS: The Experimenters are doing something new to them. They have not done it long enough to have a philosophy or a point-of-view. Usually but not always these are young girls on the cusp of life going through a stage in their
lives where they will do things or consider doing things that they won't do or consider doing later on in their lives. Many young girls have a hormonal window of anywhere from five months to five years in which they will adventure. Crossing
paths with one of these little adventurers can be great but misleading. Remember, she is doing things now that she won't do later. If she is willing to do animal acts while standing on her hands in the shower beware; she won't do it
after you marry her.

butterflies bangkok

2. PART TIMERS: The Part Timers are participating in the sex-for-money world primarily to pick up extra money. They have a full time job as a hairdresser or department store clerk but the job simply does not pay enough. They need more money.
The have a set amount of money in their minds that they need and it is only a little more than they already earn. So they only need a little extra money to pay their bills and live with predictability and dignity. So the sex-for-money thing is
a second job. If you saw her in the Thermae on Friday night and on Saturday night don't go looking for her on Tuesday night. She's at home. Tired. She's got a job.

3. IT'S A JOB: The It's A Job girls are one of the most difficult categories for the feminists to understand. To the feminist everything associated with the sex-for-money arena is couched in meanings and consequences and morality
issues of stage drama proportions. They completely miss the most salient point for many of the Thai prostitutes. She needs a job. Since sex without love is meaningless to her she can distance herself emotionally from what she is doing and remain
mentally stable and socially successful while engaging in acts of prostitution. It's a job. These nice girls represent significant danger to the unknowing farang male. It is very easy to fall in love with someone who is mentally stable and
socially successful and beautiful and naked in your bed. Beware. None of it means anything. She needs a job.

4. WAITING FOR SOMETHING BETTER: This category often has some overlap with some of the other categories but not always. Basically, this Thai prostitute is exchanging her sex for money until something better comes along. And she still believes.
She still believes that something better is going to come along. Usually in the form of a black sedan with blacked out windows or a Norwegian with blonde hair and blue eyes. These are always young women. They haven't been beaten up by life
enough yet to have lost all hope. They still believe in the future. And the future has to be better than what they are doing now. What they are doing now (grimacing while Heinz pushes his way up the chocolate hole) is only a stepping stone to
a brighter, richer, more hopeful future. These prostitutes are very beguiling because nothing is more infectious than hope. The bright eyed person full of hope easily seduces. Be careful of long term entanglements with the Waiting For Something
Better prostitute lest you find that she is only living with you or married to you until 'something better' comes along. Waiting for the other shoe to drop in one of these relationships is of course often the death knell on any chance
of unexamined love. My sympathy is real but limited. I thought you knew what country you were in. Just for old time's sake let's repeat what country you are in: YOU ARE IN THAILAND. Now you say it.

5. MONEY INTERESTED: The Thai prostitute who is Money Interested is in many ways a gift because she is so easy to understand. She is a prostitute because she wants the money. There is no other reason. There is no philosophy. And quite often
there is no pesky problem with social or stability issues. Often she is fun and smart and great in bed. Just don't forget to pay her or a policeman will be at the door in twenty minutes and you will be handing over your passport. It was all
about the money. She wants the money. Simple. I once met a woman in the Pong who was thirty eight years old. She had been a prostitute since aged fourteen. She was smart and fun and highly socialized. I was going home so she offered to give me
a ride. We ended up at her place. She owned an apartment in the Emporium. We drove there in her brand new Mercedes. We sat on white leather furniture and sipped white wine looking out the windows. She was a successful business woman. She had learned
how to live below her incoming revenue and save and later invest the difference. She had learned to monitor and channel her impulses. She had learned the values of showing up on time and honoring contracts and providing value for money. Some Thai
prostitutes are money interested in the short term. They are fixated on money and it flows through their fingers as fast as drugs and gambling and Thai boyfriends can take it. Other Thai prostitutes are more successful in managing money. But for
both it is all about the money. Oh, and my new Pong friend with the white wine and the white leather couches? I didn't stay. I wasn't invited. I didn't have any money.

red dragon

6. AIMLESS DRIFTER: The Aimless Drifter category is one of the largest categories of Thai prostitutes. These women are engaged in prostitution because They and Prostitution crossed on the graph of Life. No other fancy reason. They have almost
no desires, they have almost no needs, and in many cases you could rent out space in their skulls. Sex means nothing to them so exchanging sex for money is easy. Beyond easy! It requires absolutely no thought and because of the increasingly denigrating
sex-for-money market in Thailand it does not require any effort or even in many cases any follow thru. It's money for nothing and then they get to eat. I have had sex with many of these women. The bad news is that you have to be the pro-active
one and you can't expect much. The good news is that there are so many of them. If you are in a dog pound a flea is going to land on you. If you are a western male in Thailand one of these aimless drifters is going to land on you. You are
not going to go without sex in Thailand. I like these girls.

7. SEX INTERESTED: The sex interested category of prostitute is the rarest category of Thai prostitute. These are women who are prostitutes because they like to have sex. Because they comprise the rarest category of Thai prostitute it would
be theoretically possible to have a long successful life in Thailand consorting with prostitutes and never run across one of these wonders. Because Thailand is a happy social anomaly sexwise the odds of this happening are not as slim as in other
countries but it could still happen. People like to talk about sex and think about sex and dream about sex and sing songs about sex and go to movies about sex and look at pictures and videos about sex but most people are not having sex. They are
simply not sex driven. Something else always gets in the way of going to the boardwalk or the parking lot or the bar to pick up a sex partner. They have to watch some soccer game, they have to go grocery shopping, they have to paint the bathroom,
they have to download some files on their computer. They'll have sex later. This is not the brain style or the lifestyle of the Thai prostitute who is sex interested. She isn't going to do any of those things now or later. What she is
going to do is get banged and shagged and boomsinged. Now and later. Money in exchange for the sex is simply the by-product, not the main event. The main event is that she likes to have sex. Period. She hasn't got any ideas related to this.
She hasn't got a plan. She isn't unhappy. She just wants to get boom-boomed or to give sex and then get boom-boomed. Sometimes in the smarty pants West these women are referred to as nymphomaniacs or borderline nymphomaniacs; as if their
life interest had less value than the person who spends thirty hours a week doing something on his computer. Focus without sex is called a hobby. Focus on sex is called an illness. You don't meet many of these women in your life. If you do
you never forget them. I met one in the States. I had a continuous erection for three years. The experience nearly killed me. I used to know one in BKK who frequented the Nana parking lot; and I currently know one in Pattaya. I pick her up every
morning at 9 a.m. We have been meeting every morning on the boardwalk at 9 a.m. for years. If I am late fifteen minutes she might not be there. Gone off with another man. Even after all of this time I am not part of the equation. Any man can be
plugged in. It's just about sex. God bless her. I once made the mistake of thinking that our predictable and fantastic sex life meant something. I made the mistake of caring. It was like water off a duck's back. She didn't care.
It was just about sex. So I have had to make some mental adjustments. Life ain't perfect. But I'll tell you one thing–I'll be there tomorrow at 9 a.m.

So that's it guys–the seven categories of Thai prostitutes. It helps to know the players. Remember, you can't change people–you can only decide if you are going to love them. Be careful out there. It's a pussy

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A nice summary, but I think there are many more categories…