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Thai Girls Abandoned In New Zealand Part 3

Thai Girl Abandoned in New Zealand Part 3: The Mentality of the Anti-Christ

About a month ago, I posted a story about how I was forced to abandon my Thai girlfriend in New Zealand after she drove me to insanity. A few weeks after that, I posted a story giving some extra information about what I thought happened after I left.
Stickman rightly said that this was pure conjecture. However, I don’t like to leave a story unfinished so I have since resumed e-mail contact with this girl and a few other people we knew in New Zealand to establish exactly what happened.
Here it is.

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But first of all, here is an extract from a book I wrote which should give some idea of this woman’s character. It occurred when we were living in South Korea. I was working long hours as an English teacher to children (a very, very tiring job)
and she refused to accept any of the job offers/study courses I arranged for her but instead stayed in our room (above my school) and drank:

On one evening, she had drunk more than usual. Jerzy noticed two empty bottles of red wine standing outside the room, so he knew that he was in for a tough time. As he entered the apartment, the phone rang. Jenny [Jerzy’s boss] had forgotten to mention something to Jerzy and had phoned him. Bird answered it and angrily hung up when she realised who it was.

“Your girlfriend rang,” she said sarcastically with a sinister smile.

Jerzy ignored this comment and went downstairs to find out what Jenny wanted. Jerzy did not even particularly like Jenny – she was superficial, argumentative and did everything she could to remind Jerzy that she, as employer, was ‘higher’ in the Korean scheme of things – so the idea that the two of them had been having an affair was absurd. As Jerzy and Jenny were talking downstairs, they heard several bangs and a scream.

“What’s that noise?” asked Jenny.

“It’s probably from outside,” replied Jerzy who also had no idea what the noise could have been.

It took a few moments and a few more screams for Jerzy to realise that the noise was being made by Bird. She was going beserk. In Thailand, anger is often thought of as a sign of madness. ‘Baa-nee!’ (Crazy-stupid!) they say to themselves if they see someone getting angry. Thais rarely show their emotion; they bottle it up inside so when they flip, they flip completely! She slammed the door and ran down the stairs, screaming:

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“Oh my God! Oh my God! She phone in my room. Oh my God! You have girlfriend. Fucking! Fucking England man!”

She ran passed them screaming and ran out into the street. Jerzy, completely humiliated, apologized to Jenny and went upstairs. He sat on his bed with his head in his hands. Jenny wasn’t the kind of person who would have taken such an episode very seriously, but it was extremely embarrassing for Jerzy, who now felt trapped in an impossible situation. Bird returned to the room after about ten minutes. She stormed in, screaming:

“What you do with me, fucking England man? You think I like stupid girl?”

“Oh just shut up. Please, please shut up.”

“What? Shit up? Fucking! Fucking! Fucking! Black heart!” she screamed so loud that it seemed to Jerzy that whole world must have heard.

“And I’ve told you so many times. I’m not English, I’m Polish; I just live in England.”


She was an explosive bundle of greed, selfishness and jealousy. She was drunk and the thought that Jerzy had cheated her sent her into a frenzy. She then ran back out into Pyongtaek. Jerzy knew that she was vulnerable, stupid and drunk. She would create the most incredible furore. But he did not care. He just wanted to be alone in peace.

She returned about three hours later wearing a man’s pair of jeans. She walked in, smiling at Jerzy. She looked as if she had calmed down and for a moment Jerzy thought that she would go to sleep. But sleep was the last thing on her mind. She walked further into the room, picked up a vase and smashed it on the floor. It broke into a hundred pieces. She looked at Jerzy to see his reaction. She was completely out of control. Jerzy watched in horror as she lifted the television, but Jerzy wrestled it out of her hands. She screamed frenziedly. Jerzy frantically managed to pin her down on the bed with his knees over her arms and his hand over her mouth. He held her like this for about ten minutes. Did something in him want to kill her? Only he would know. However, she struggled free and continued her path of destruction. Jerzy despaired and then made the terrible mistake of leaving the apartment so that he might obtain help. None of the neighbours were at home and since the school was now closed for the weekend, there was no-one in the school so Jerzy was alone.

He returned to his door to find that she had locked him out. She was inside screaming louder than ever and Jerzy could hear things being smashed inside. He saw a trickle of egg running under the door. Jerzy felt utter despair. Eventually, he realised that the bathroom window was unlocked and he climbed through. He was confronted with the

most awful mess. Everything was broken, the entire contents of the fridge was on the walls, and the floor was covered with clutter. Bird sat on the bed examining her mess, waiting for Jerzy’s next move.

“OK, just go,” he pleaded. He began to pack her suitcases.

“You want I go? Yes, I know. You want stay alone with Jenny. Fucking man. OK, I’m go. But first you need give me money.”

“You just want my money?”

“Fucking man! Bring me here and not give money. You need give me money for ticket go back Thailand, Fucking man!”

Jerzy escorted her downstairs and took her to a taxi. She only had about $500 left and he gave her $500 more so that she would have enough to easily get back to Thailand and then survive there until something turned up. He put her in a taxi destined for Seoul from where she could fly back to Bangkok. Happily, she caused no further fuss and was gone.

At last, Jerzy could live in peace. It is difficult to describe Jerzy’s overwhelming feeling of relief and exultation. The nightmare was finally over. ‘For the rest of my life, I’m going to exist in beautiful, luxurious, wondrous, solitude’ he rejoiced. ‘No-one is ever going to be allowed to disturb me every again. When I go back to Europe, I’m going to work nights as a security guard and live alone in a forest.’ Wishing to put a full stop on the previous few months, he tidied the room thoroughly before going to sleep so that he need not even think about her the next day.

The next morning he was awoken at about 9am by a knocking on the door. Jerzy did not break down; he told himself that it was probably a neighbour from across the street wanting to complain about the previous night’s noise. He fully believed that she was gone. He saw her go. He confidently opened the door only to see her standing there hopelessly with her two red suitcases. They stood in silence for a few minutes looking at each other with confused expressions. Jerzy then went to his bed and buried himself under the covers. He stayed there for several hours. He realised that it was actually impossible to get rid of her. She would always come back. She was the ultimate boomerang.

Bird had taken the taxi to Itaewon [a seedy district of Seoul near an American military base] where she had danced the night away. She had met several American men and they all had the night of their lives. Bird paid for them to visit the most exclusive nightclubs in Seoul where they drank champagne and gave extravagant tips. She told them all how a ‘Fucking England man’ had mistreated her and left her. The Americans thought she was gift from above. Later in the evening, Bird paid for them all to check into a Marriot hotel where they enjoyed a three hour orgy.

At 5am, Bird saw that her money had nearly finished so she left and took a taxi back to Pyongtaek. She then walked to a shop close to Jerzy’s apartment. She sat on a bench outside the shop telling the three shop assistants how Jerzy had beaten her and kicked her out. She was still drunk so it was sanuk to say these things. She had bruises from when Jerzy had been forced to restrain her, to prove everything. She inspired sympathy and of course hatred for Jerzy. Jerzy was duly banned from that shop and was often shouted at by the shop assistants when he walked passed.

‘Fuck the USA,’ they would shout, thinking that Jerzy was American. They also informed Jenny and her mother about Jerzy’s tendency for ‘wife-beating,’ such was their desire for this despicable American, who they had never met, to loose face.

Thais smiled at him after witnessing his misadventures with Bird; Koreans shouted at him. His relationship with Jenny and her mother turned very sour after they had heard the wife-beating rumours.

This is what she’s like. I had dozens of these episodes with her. So this is what happened when, after a similar episode, I gave up and was forced to abandon her in New Zealand:

The New Zealanders around her at first couldn’t felt enormous compassion for her. She is a professional harlot and I guess it’s not completely her fault that she has spent her adult life, ‘on the street,’ so to speak but somehow
surviving. She knows exactly how to survive without working.

New Zealanders, it has to be said, have their faults like everyone but, as Stickman says, they are compassionate to a person in need. My girlfriend, after she was inevitably kicked out of where we were staying, soon found herself living with one of our
colleagues and his young family (we were working when I left and she had a work visa). They undoubtedly thought it was awful and incomprehensible that she had been abandoned.

However, it was not long before they had some sort of inkling as to why it happened. After a few weeks, the guy who had taken her in and given her a bed, came home drunk one night. He undoubtedly flirted a little bit with her. A little harmless fun –
a joke. I know and worked with this guy and he couldn’t have harmed a fly. He was a self-proclaimed joker – just a really nice guy. She, however, hadn’t exploded for several weeks – a record for her. She was, no doubt,
also drunk and bored. She got kicked out of their home – this family home which had taken her in out of the kindness of their hearts. She would have exploded at him. He would have been shocked like I was the first time she exploded at me.
Nothing can prepare you for someone going absolutely beserk at you! Breaking everything, screaming. His family no doubt thought he had done something terrible to her. I don’t want to think about what happened to that family after she left.
I can imagine him lying on his bed crying just like I did.

In part 2 of this saga, I mentioned something about someone having given her $5000 just before her visa was to finish. She failed to give me a realistic answer to what this money was all about so it was clearly something decadent. Probably, nobody but
me and the person who gave it to her, knows she has it.

Anyway, after leaving the family, she went to stay in a backpackers (youth hostel). She lost her job. Well, she had made enemies with a colleague. She had a string of boyfriends. I know this. She had the time of her life. I know this. Her visa had finished
but she could tell everyone that she hadn’t saved enough money to go home. She had been working two days a week for the six weeks up until she knew her visa was likely to expire. She knew that she could always blame me for abandoning her.
Two times I had given her the money to buy a ticket and each time she had spent the money on beer. She didn’t want people to know she had money; if they knew she had money no-one would feel sorry for her. They wouldn’t give her anything.

I gave this girl everything I had – my heart, my money, my youth! I never did anything bad to her. She even admits this. Yeah, she screwed me. But she didn’t only screw me. I know of people who gave up everything and went to Thailand to
marry her only to find that she had found a better farang. Why did I stay with her? Because I loved her and love makes you stupid.

I’m going to finish this by giving you the gist of our last two e-mails together:

Bird, I do think about you a lot. Maybe I still love you. I am alone now but how can we stay together when you make it impossible for me to live anywhere? I need to have a job or I won’t have money. And I gave you money two times before but you
didn’t buy a ticket. How can you ask me for money again? And you said you were learning about something in your last e-mail, what was it? Jerzy, Jerzy, I know money is very important to you. Maybe you are saving for a new lady. New lady,
yeah? I know you don’t love me now. Yes, if someone do something bad to me, I have to be very, very angry. You have to give me money again. You have to do this! You do very bad to me, leave me here. What I learn about, you want to know?
I learn about Kill Bill! Bird.

Please, please, please don’t go with a harlot!

Stickman's thoughts:

I'd love to hear her version of events. She could be a complete and utter nutcase, but then again…

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