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Sukhumvit Day Two

  • Written by Anonymous
  • November 15th, 2005
  • 5 min read

Well, just when you think you are starting to understand this place, Bangkok surprises you again and provides you with another unique and unforgettable experience.

Yesterday started simply enough, writing another award winning article for the Mongolian Times and making some phone calls back home. A walk down Sukhumvit however, soon interrupted the gentle pace. Walking past Coffee World near Soi 7 with my camera
in hand and probably looking like the biggest geek tourist, a voice cracks in my direction "sawatdee ka".

billboard bangkok

I turn to see a familiar face sitting in her usual spot outside the coffee shop. Betty, the girl of many pierced parts, looking at me with the traditional welcoming smile. A few moments of catch up chat and a hint of "I go with you?" thrown
in, I make my excuses to move on, leaving a "barng tee" as I go. She's a nice girl but not too good in the bedroom, if you know what I mean. Leaving Betty behind me, I started heading back down Sukhumvit towards
the hotel.

A short distance from Soi 5, I began to pass a group of traditional Thai massage girls loitering outside their place of business.

"Hello, welcome sir." (Do Thai girls know any other English words?) I turned briefly to offer the courteous no thank you when I observed another familiar face grinning excitedly at me.

butterflies bangkok

Immediately she asks, "where is your friend?" I explained that he had not come to Bangkok this time so she began to work her sales pitch on me. The girl sitting beside her also joined in on the pitch. Some friendly banter was passed back and
forth until I looked at her friend's neck. Oh no, the dreaded Adam's apple. Naturally, I quickly deployed the usual excuses of needing to eat etc and made my escape.

Thinking I need a less complicated activity, I accepted one of the taxi mafia's proposals to visit some of Bangkok's sacred sites. I made it clear though, I only wanted to go to the Grand Palace and the Big Buddha. An agreement of 600 baht was
reached and off we set. Unfortunately, by the time we arrived at the palace the heavens had opened up and the rain was bucketing down. Not wanting to destroy my camera, I opted for the return to Sukhumvit

Back at the hotel, I had the typical afternoon rest before venturing out to the notorious Nana Plaza to meet Wilma. As I walked in from the street I could see the place was really pumping. Getting closer to Wilma's bar, I started to survey the bar's
interior for her. Before actually confirming her features, I noticed the growing white of a smile. It was Wilma looking very sexy. She had a low strapless top poised just above the top of her breasts and an extremely short black pleated school
girl type skirt. As you can imaging, hard-on city.

After a quick drink and chit-chat, we set off for the Coliseum. A quiet meal and a drink then off to the cinema. Unfortunately, all the movies were either finished or started too late to wait. Wilma chose a blood thirsty feature that freaked me out a
little. Anyway, we left the movie and grabbed a cab. I didn't hear where Wilma told the cabby to go, I just assumed it was back to the hotel. I assumed wrong. She took me back to Nana Plaza and took me upstairs to a gogo bar near the Hog's
Breath. She said she wants to watch sexy show. I think it was getting her off a little.


The bar was packed and the shows came one after another. The whole time I was trying to see Wilma's reactions trying to work out what's going through her mind. Hoping of course, that she was choosing a girl for a threesome. Either way, the thought
was really getting me going. Unfortunately, nothing happened in the lesso department despite my subtle hints of "does this make you horny?"

Anyway, it was time to return to the hotel for some recreation. As expected, the experience was very good. Starting with a full and very deep bareback <some guys never learn, and that story about the Englishman being miraculously cured of HIV is just going to make things worseStick>, we quickly came.

Afterwards, the mood changed a little. The conversation became a little more focused. She hinted that I should take her for the 10 nights and that she was sad because I had her friend. She said that I should never have two girls from the same bar because
it can cause problems between friends. She assured me that this was not the case with Mrs. S but the message was still clear. A hint was also made about, "I want to go to Australia, with you." Alarm bells started ringing in my head.
What had happened. I did my best to move the conversation in another direction and focus on the next day. She had the schedule planned already. She would take me to the Grand Place and Big Buddha because I told her the story about the bad weather.
Following this, we would go to the Emporium and play tenpin bowling. This was all getting a little heavy until she started talking about Loy Krathong. She had to go back home for the festival which will happen on the 16th. She then realised that
she would need to leave for Isaan tomorrow night and would not return to Bangkok until after I return home. I let out a sigh of relief. She settled for the guided tour of the palace and Buddha and then would leave for Isaan. She left early in
the morning to get ready for work at 12.00. I have to meet her at 1.00 pm today. What will today bring? Who knows, perhaps a trip to After School once Wilma hits the road.

Stickman's thoughts:

600 baht for a 200 baht taxi ride. Unprotected sex with a bargirl. Not being assertive with a paid companion. Be careful. Bangkok is NOT a computer game where you can walk away when it says "game over".