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Simply Thailand

  • Written by Anonymous
  • November 10th, 2005
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I have read some submissions on this website and they are to say the least – very interesting.

I cannot offer any advice to anyone dating any girls from any culture because everyone's experience are particular to them and their ways of life. But I can say that where ever you go and whom ever you meet, simply utilize your common
sense and better judgement.

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While we can read all day all these submissions, no should know us better than ourselves. So if we try to understand our own predicament, we can better understand what happens around us. That is the key – staying grounded in your own confidence
and dignity.

If you date a proper girl, freelancer, or even a prostitute, know that they are humans and treat them with dignity and respect. It is always better not to judge, but to just simply better yourself.

If you fell in love with a freelancer like I did, it is okay, I think. Only if you know that the girl will have – most likely – very different experiences than you do. Relationships are hard at best and of course much harder with a different
culture, religion, and previous experiences of your significant other.

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I depart to Thailand in late December. I will meet my freelancer girlfriend who has openly been telling me who she been with last night. I am not complaining. She has two children and she needs to support them and since I refuse to send money
until I come to Thailand to see if it will work with her, she has to work as a freelancer. I am not going with the dream of marrying my freelancer girlfriend; I am going to Thailand first to bow my head down in my temple and then see my girlfriend.
As a Buddhist, I will treat her with kindness, dignity, and utmost respect. I will be honest with her, but will use common sense in my dealings with her as any other person that I have not gotten to know very well. Any one can say they love you,
not many people withstand the test of time. I have an education and intelligence. Wherever, I go, I will be okay, if not rich. I am not buying her a house or a car just like that. I have to prove my sincerity to her and she has to it to prove
to me. If I see inconsistency, I will tell her that to be friends and occasional lovers is okay, but I will refuse to marry her. Time will tell her true intentions as well as mine.

One thing I have noticed is that many foreigners in Thailand have been cheated by Thai girls. But I have not seen many Thai girls being cheated by foreigners. The wheel of Samsara does come back to those that do ill deeds.

I never wanted to fall in love with my Thai girlfriend; I actually would have been okay with a friendship with occasional intimacy. But she fell for me after a month of being together. I told her to be careful with love because as I care
for myself, I also care for her. I want her not to get hurt. But I did tell her that with love there are too many problems and we face some of them right now.

I will teach in an American International School in Bangkok. I will do the same things like I do in California – like going to the temple and meditating. But I will also treat my freelancer girlfriend like a lady deserves to be treated. She
is a human that has been given a bad hand in life and she has to make do with that. I want her to change for herself first – not for me. If she wants to change for me – then it is not at by behest, but hers. I will and can only lead by good example
and practice kindness and compassion towards her as I would do for anyone else.


So to my fellow readers of this website, enjoy the simple things of Thailand and live with the motto that everything is impermanent. Treat other with kindness and use common sense in dealing with anyone. Nothing is wrong if you fell for a
girl of any social status – actually the simpler girls are the best because they have the least defilements. Give only to simply give and never expect and then you are forever free from hurt. If things go wrong – it is okay because life is like
that. Learn from the experiences and be more mindful of yourself next time.

Finally enjoy "Simply Thailand" because life is meant to be lived in kindness, compassion, and generosity. Do not let anyone take your compassion away from you because without it Thailand and the rest of the world is a very empty
place. Delight in Thailand's beauty and culture as you do in any other country.

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