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Senior Citizens And Thai Lady Care

  • Written by IndyUK
  • November 1st, 2005
  • 5 min read

Senior Citizens And Lady Thai Care

S&W have touched a nerve. Sure good for them. No doubt they are healthy and well shod and probably relatively young. I tend to write for my own age group (I’m sixty-five) and above. We Pensioners are realists. We know how much 'free'
love has cost us in terms of cash and emotional stress, trauma even, in the past.

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There is no free love for a man, never was. Ask anyone who has raised four kids, put them through University and then been dumped by the wife who woke up one morning and said she wants a little space to find herself. Meaning; I'm shagging
your best mate so why don't you fuck off and leave me the house and half your pension fund.

In a way you don't blame her. The system that was set up to protect young mothers and their children just happens to be perfect for enabling a born again woman to destroy the life of an aging spouse.

He escapes to Thailand. Preferably to Pattaya, whereat for a monthly grad he can retain a Thai woman half his age. The said Thai lady will take care of him night and day. Fetch his prescription, attend hospital with him. Clean his house,
wash and iron, cook, attend to his waning sexual and emotional needs and do so until his dying day, so long as he can pay the bills and pay the grad. Such care costs one to four thousand dollars a week in the west. Here in Thailand it costs from
one hundred and twenty-five up to two hundred dollars a week. The Thai rent a wife solution is ideal and can be afforded on a European or American pension. Private care in the west is neither so affordable nor so personal and comforting.

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There are up to ten thousand American veterans and perhaps twice that number of European pensioners living in the Pattaya / Sattahip area. Some have been here for twenty-five years or more. Many are in their eighties. Some are handicapped,
some are suffering from senile dementure. Many of them are totally dependant upon their lady Thai for physical, emotional and where required sexual needs.

Yes, we do get pissed off when we see our lady Thai blow a whole months grad on nonsense consumables within the first few days of the month. Yes we do get pissed off when she tries to borrow from us half way through the month. And yes we
get even more pissed off when we have tried to bring her to heal by refusing the loan and she goes to the pawnbroker and pawns the birthday present that we chose for her so carefully. Then we go into orbit as we find she has blown the pawn fee
on Clarins beauty care products within a day or two. We know there may be worse to come at the end of the month when we find she has a loan from a loan shark at ten percent per month.

What do you think? We’ll go through it all over with the replacement. You're right, we do. And we do again with the next replacement and keep doing so until one sticks. We know that we are her pension fund. We know there are all
kinds of issues in respect to inheritance and the quality of care in our final hour.

However here in Thailand we have the final solution. We terminate her and hire a housekeeper for a quarter of her grad and have more than enough left over to go to the bar once a week to get a dear little daughter of the I-san to get our
rocks off for a day or two.


When our years slow us down to the point that we no longer require the ‘personal services’, we can afford to hire two professional nurses to provide medical supervision while the house keeper takes care of the house.


Housekeeper 6,000 baht per month
Nurse 1 10,000 baht per month
Nuse 2 10,000 baht per month
Rent 10,000 baht per month
Food 8,000 baht per month
Utilities 2,000 baht per month
Medication 6,000 baht per month
TOTAL 52000 = $1,320 = £745

Since the minimum monthly income required to continually renew our ‘Retirement’ Visa (OA Visa) or 800,000 baht in a Thai bank, all senior citizens who reside in Thailand legally can afford this option.

All of the above applies whether you are in your sixties, seventies, eighties or in the case of one gentleman still using the Pattaya solution, nineties. It applies if you are a hunchback, an amputee, a Downs Syndrome sufferer or just educationally
challenged. You have a squint, a birth mark right across your face, are a fat old fart or just as ugly as sin, mai pen rai, no problem in Pattaya.

There are even a few senior citizens here in Pattaya that were sent by their families. Their family pay accommodation costs, some to the extent that they actually buy a condo for the old chap, leaving him to use his pension for food, beer
and comfort. For those that can afford it, the purchase of a condo is the best option because they hedge inflation and have a ninety percent chance of getting their money back when the old bugger pegs it. I wish my family would buy me a condo.
I know they can afford it. I wonder if they read Stickman?

Personally I’m lucky, as a recent retiree I am fit and can enjoy Pattaya and my lady Thai for the time being. Yes I do have problems with her. She is absent-minded to the point of being rude. She put metal objects in the microwave,
including baked beans still in their can, overloads the washing machine, is constantly broke, even though well- paid, is a regular visitor to pawn brokers, has borrowed sums of money that exceed her ability to repay and gets PMS attacks that turn
her into an obnoxious being for a few days each month. She has been with me eight months, not bad going since the average shelf life of a lovely I-san girl is perhaps around six months. There after complacency sets in. That is unless you already
got to the one that wants you as her pension plan!

Stickman's thoughts:

Excellent submission, and excellent summary of life for a retiree in Thailand. It would be interesting to hear more stories about the life of retirees down in Pattaya because a lo of the stories that we get from down there concern tourists' trips, which to me at least, are not nearly as interesting.