Stickman Readers' Submissions November 4th, 2005

A Thai Girl In Rage – Stop This Insane Attitude

By MC83

The more I read readers’ submissions, the more I accumulate anger.

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I understand that we live in a free world where the freedom of speech is well accepted (and God I wouldn’t take that away from anybody!) But lets face it, white men that go to Thailand for sex tourism are those lonely men that can’t
get their asses laid back home, so the only way to keep their ego alive is to go to some developing country, such as Thailand (not third world country, so before anybody starts criticizing Thailand please at least get that right) or even Brazil,
Cuba, Dominican Republic and there are so many other poor ass countries where the human resources can be totally exploited by sex tourism.

I‘ve read many submissions of people who totally hated Thailand and that generalized the whole Thai woman population. Okay, one question…. The woman that you were with, was she a bargirl??? If the answer is yes, then let me ask another
question. Would the prostitute from your hometown give a damn about your heart and feelings after you bought her for the night? Or would she prefer to talk about how and when you are going to pay? Well, you can have a slight idea of the answer.
Plus, some find Japanese and Singaporean women more physically attractive or Filipinos and Indonesians more warm hearted…so why do u even come to Thailand for women??? Okay I got it, it’s cheap and always available…wow… you gotta
be cheap to have that kind of mentality.

I guess we’ve all heard enough stories of a white guy that went to Thailand, met a beautiful Thai bargirl, they hit it off, but then she turned out to be greedy and her only interest was his wallet… tragic ending. Moral of the day:
don’t trust Thai women, they cheat and lie and God knows what else.

Really, you didn’t come to Thailand to meet a Thai girl with 2 master’s degrees in political science (or some other über nerd in the PhD programme) coz that would be a task to ask her out and even harder getting in her
pants (or are you going to say that’s not what you look for; you just want nice company around, someone that you can talk to…I call that hypocrisy …you might talk a lot about wanting nice girls, but you wouldn’t even bother to
go find one, too much effort…you just return to the bars to find girls after your submissions, so pointless to continue). Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, some have said that Thai girls don’t have class (so I guess your country is skank-free)…again,
where did you dig those girls out? Bargirls aren’t privileged like you, bargirls don’t usually have a high education and they are not trying to sell you an encyclopedia set, so what makes you think you can talk to her about world
crisis or the situation between Tibet and China? Tib-et what? But they don’t represent the entire Thai population, and moreover the privileged Thai people are not the only educated people around (since educated Thai people get the label
of being elitist, like having an education is rare here…). And on the subject of ignorance, I’ve met many Italian people that don’t know where Thailand is, often confusing Thailand with Taiwan or something stranger than that…funny,
huh??? What the hell???? How did this country make it into the G8??? They have many ignorant people running loose around here too. Okay…not here to criticise Italy, back to those who criticised Thailand.

I am a young Thai girl, living abroad. I speak four languages and I have a multi cultural background. I have 10 fingers and 10 toes. I’m not disfigured, obese, anorexic or bulimic. Heck, I consider myself a catch and guys tend to be
intimidated by my cultural baggage and my presence, and by guys I mean western guys. And, before you label me elitist, ask yourself why studying hard, being interested in the world and having a few opportunities make you elitist? Remember, you
were just complaining about Thai girls not working, not learning English or German, etc well, and stealing your money. Back the point, I hate when some farang ass comes to my country and starts walking all over my people. Yeah, life is cheap and
so is sex, so we might just take all we want and then spit it all back before we go back home. Cute. You guys go home and tell all your friends about how Thai girls are cheap and freaky, then all your friends start to have a vague idea of how
Thai girls work; give them money and they’ll do anything, further stereotyping Thai girls for no good reason. Wherever westerners (and we can add China and Japan to the list now) go they ruin and take everything, they are greedier than
they really know. Look at what the Conquistadors did to South America, ‘lets kill all the primitives and take all of their gold’ with a great excuse of ‘hey, we’re here to teach you guys something called Christianity!’.
Hey, remember that time when the French and English (and the rest of Europe) started their hunting game of who gets more colonies and then ‘liberated’ them after they took all they could (look at all the ex colonies in the world…I
know you didn’t contribute anything to that, you weren’t born yet, so I guess you didn’t do anything wrong. Well the same thing goes for innocent Thai women who didn’t do anything wrong but got the same label) Huh…I
guess that sucks to be born in poor ass countries. Our bad, should have asked Buddha to be born in some first world country so then we could feel bad for poor children in third world countries that don’t have money to go to school or live
too far from civilization (and by that I mean a small village that has a quasi-decent concrete road), Hey, isn’t nice to feel powerful and mighty over those uneducated, primitive and hopeless kids? Damn now I feel great!

I do not hate white people, most of my friends are white and so is my boyfriend. I am not a racist; my hatred is purely for those who criticised my country without any solid foundation, without any clue of Thai history, background or the
lack of understanding Thai costume/culture. Hey, I don’t get up and start yelling at something for no good reason, I’m not a socialist.

Okay, the morals of the day:

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1) If you are in Thailand for cheap sex, then you better realize that the only reason she’s in bed with you is because of your money (easy money, who doesn’t like it?) that’s how things work and don’t act all surprised coz
you’ve already passed 45 (spare us your bitching and moaning). Of course you are her meal ticket and there is nothing wrong with that! Its call reciprocity!

2) Sorry, she’s poor and has no scruples. Deal with that if you want cheap and easy sex during your 2 weeks vacation in Thailand. Otherwise take you big obese ass home and start Internet dating with someone from your own region (and your own age).

3) Don’t treat all Thai women like hookers. For those of you who have daughters, how would you like it if some man thought she was a hooker just because she was English, German, Italian, etc.?

4) Stop expecting to find a new true love after your marriage failure; the new love of your life doesn’t have to be Thai. Write that down: love is blind and stop pretending that you can only find that in Thailand coz your money buys you some ass
(stop lying to yourself about love, you are now old and want to have sex with young women, nothing more to it. Buy yourself a fast car and get over your middle age crisis like the rest of the world).

5) Before criticising other people, take a good look at yourself in the mirror, take a deep breath and tell me that you can’t find a single flaw in the person you are looking at (I have tons of flaws and I admit them all…what do u do? Deal with
them or ignore them? Not so perfect after all huh?)

6) Be more compassionate towards less fortunate people and learn to be realistic, you are 55 and she’s only 22…she can be your daughter…SHAME ON YOU! (I’d never accept an invitation from a 55 years old man… not to be rude grandpa,
but I know you don’t think of me as JUST a niece).

7) Stop assuming that Thai girls are ALL the same! And if the relationship didn’t work out between you and your bargirl (surprise, surprise), maybe you should stop blaming it on how Thai girls are immoral and have no what so ever remorse for lying,
cheating and scamming (read too many submissions with this attitude of simplifying everything about Thai people, did you really meet every 66 million Thai citizens?) and look up at the reasons # 1,2,3,4,5 and 6. It does really bother me. I have
weird friends from many nationalities and I have never ever assumed that the people from where my friends are from have to be the same as my friends in good and bad (if the girls in your country are so much better, why can't you get one?)

8) I can go on forever but I’ll stop here…otherwise its going to be too long and not effective. Thai folks are weird (trust me, said by a Thai girl) they have weird habits and attitudes (sometimes their attitudes annoy the hell out of me too).
Life down there is hectic and peaceful at the same time, so learn in small doses everyday how to deal with these little smiling people if you have time, don’t look down on them and enjoy the best part of us like we do when we live/travel
abroad…. you don’t want me to start what white people can say/do to a little Asian girl (lots of westerners are racists, but prefer to not declare it, coz racism doesn’t go well with wine). Anyway, hope that now those who have
read the whole thing acknowledge the presence of Thai girls who are not ‘typical’ in your opinion and give them more conversation time when you talk about Thailand

Prostitution might be the oldest career in the world, but it is at the same time the most atrocious act of violation of human rights. She might be Thai and you might not care, but she’s a human being. Is that a valid reason to be considered

Stickman's thoughts:

While you make some valid points, your generalisation about guys including all Thai women in words that you infer would only be relevant about the said bargirls is quite frankly, grating, and inaccurate. There are a heap of submissions on this site that clearly show Westerners being duped by women who were not bargirls. One cannot rule out that these men will harbour feelings of resentment which are entirely based on their experiences.

And while you do not like it that some guys complain about things in Thailand, you might just find that many of these very people are not shy in criticising many aspects of life in their own countries…

Let me tell you a story about my wife. An educated Thai woman she may claim to be, she was hugely ignorant about some of what happens in Thailand, and now, she is ASHAMED of a lot of what she sees in Thailand. Let's take last Saturday night for example. We went to what is supposed to be a classy bar in a 5 star hotel and her words were "I think I'm the only Thai woman in here who is not a hooker."

Then, a little later when we were in a taxi going past Lumphini, the street was lined with what were obviously young hookers. They weren't hiding in the shadows but right out on the street. The point here is not that there are hookers to be found in Bangkok, because you can find such in any city, but that my Mrs. had never noticed them before. She had somehow either blocked it out, or really had never noticed them before.

The AVAILABILITY and VISIBILITY of prostitutes in not just Bangkok, but all over Thailand, and the way that Westerners have them shoved in their faces means that sex workers and prostitution will always be on the agenda when Westerners talk about Thailand.

If you take exception to what people say about Thailand and the reputation of its women, then perhaps someone should start talking to all of the taxi drivers, hotel staff, touts, massage parlour staff, restaurant staff, tourist guides and everyone else who pushes hookers on to Westerners.

Yes, many people come here for sex, and I understand and sympathise with your contention of this issue. Do you know that many people do not come here for that, but have it pushed on them, day in, day out….. What are they supposed to think?

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