Stickman Readers' Submissions October 28th, 2005

Why Do We All Try To Justify Out Actions?

Why Do We All Try To Justify Our Actions In LOS?

In 2005 I have been to LOS 3 times, the last one in October. I read subs from men explaining why they go there, the answer is easy because we love it….and why shouldn’t we, Stickman has saved me a fortune. I read a lot before I went, my first
visit I left Oz with an ozzie girlfriend at home and was a tad guilty of my goings on there. But I got over it because she up and went off for a better option anyway in the end. Like most do, if you don’t offer to move in with them, there
is no such thing as boyfriend..girlfriend here when you're middle aged, you got to offer more in oz.. in fact more than in LOS in the long run!!

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If you are half decent looking or fit over in LOS the girls I think are plentiful in mainstream Thailand (not the bars). Forget them, screw them and walk maybe a dinner but no more that I have learnt before I went there… Ok that brings us back to familiarity
with a girl we all like that it’s the essence of fun. I met a bargirl on my first visit I liked but it was more to have some connection with the same girl for a while so I kept her around but when I got back to oz…. You guessed it my
grandmother sick, she need operation NO NO NO..thank you! I ain't a stooge, if I thought for one minute it was true, I would have helped her with the 12 thousand baht. Anyway I kept in contact, gave her a few minor bits of money just in case
I wanted company and a familiar face when I got off at Bangkok.. Next time? Well the Oz relationship went sour eventually and I was a bit down hearted… quite a lot really. I couldn’t seem to work or sleep properly, really screwed me in
the head. They are good at it here! My true love died (mother of my children 5 years ago) and all the good ones are married, trust me I know! The rest have loads of baggage and broken past relationships that affect you…end of story!!!

By this time I had already given the Thai girl the marching orders on the phone from oz.. I said to myself stuff it, I am going back to Pattaya to heal this head problem about the Oz girl who was now trying to get back with me and I said if I didn’t
get out of here I would weaken!! Because I knew she would be a repeat offender had my fill.

So I rang Pattaya lets call her tee ok, she started crying that I was coming back to spend time with her 21 days…In actual fact I was using her to cure my head… How good I felt when I arrived in Bangkok, the warmth on a Saturday night in bangers all
the pain went within a couple of hours I was having dinner with a girl who I knew well…24 years younger than me and was happy, I was there…And really I couldn’t afford to be there so soon after being there just 3 months before! Because
those little baht become quite big if you don’t watch it but my head fxxx had to be cured so dam it.

When we left Bangers and headed to Pattaya for the remaining 17 days to stay at my hotel there I found she had left the bar scene and was a caddy, but when I arrived I noticed a ring on her finger a diamond one but I really didn’t care… I got
the usual mother gave me for birthday all that stuff but who cares I said well remove it.

She wasn’t really a stunner… oh shit hot by western standards yes! but Thai standards a 7…I would say.

While in the hotel tee had to work everyday as a caddy so I hired her a bike to get to work because I told her I am on a budget… best she works. I didn’t really get any demands of money bcoz she knew I had the shits from the email… But mama
came down with papa and her son then it started to come of course. I feel sorry for these girls the mamas make them go after the money out of us & it isn't always their idea. I really think Thai girls can love you but the rules are simple
you must send money back to family… we look after your son get the money fact…They must know they sell themselves!!!

I actually really think this girl loved me but the Thai rules for family are unchangeable and she was almost embarrassed when she asked me for money for her sons schooling it wasn’t a lot and she was helping my head so I gave it to her.. Plus all
the other things I don’t care to add up!

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Of course she washed my clothes and all the rest and nagged me about smoking and maybe a little too much drinking at night. Thai girls have hearts don’t be to cynical fellas! and they have feelings, it's the family pressure to supply money
that puts them in the position, of maybe 2 sponsors the bloodsuckers don’t let up trust me!!! If you can't pick how a girl is with you, well you ain't experienced enough.. It may be a kiss on the forehead while you're half
asleep or a stare while you're dosing, a smile or a comb with the fingers through your hair while relaxing with them. It's just the way they have to survive… accept it. If you choose a bar girl or ex bar girl.. they may love you but
they can't live on love alone in Thailand, the family wants results ok!!

While I was having breakfast one morning a petite little princess caught my attention just a smile at first, I thought nothing of it. But I know a crush when I see it.. She was a trainee at the hotel my heart melted but I chose not to get chatty for a
while ,my head was still in overload. One minute I am thinking of a lost love in Oz then an ex bar girl I was staying with there, doing all the right things…

And now the change in my life and the cure is about to unfold…..

I with a lot of language difficulty, I arranged a rendezvous near Jomtien with Nok the trainee when I asked what she would like to drink. She said co co nut…. What a darling!!! We walked… we tried to talk… but there was a big connection.. I really
wanted to get to know a girl who wasn’t for sale just a normal girl..

Not a hard fast Thai!!!a middle of the road girl not a bar girl.. Don’t get me wrong the bar girls I think are great girls but they have a job to do and a monster family to supply with money which makes it impossible to have a clear relationship
with one..

Well I explained with great problems the girl at the hotel was just company and worked hard and was only with me as a friend (what a load of shit) but I really wanted to get this girl… Well one morning I missed breakfast and ordered room service Tees
young boy was staying over as mama had come down with the bookie bag to see me.. I didn’t think that they would be short staffed that day and my prospective princess at the hotel would knock on the door with the order.. She looked very
embarrassed to be serving my girlfriend and her son and I was looking for a fire escape!! needless to say my princess who I will call Nok was just not interested anymore seeing me and Tee in towels only in the room!! And a nipper to boot!!

I tried to explain he wasn’t mine but with the lingo problem and the time Tee was and wasn't there I thought, well it’s the one that will get way.. I managed to give her my email even though she couldn’t read it I knew with some
luck she would have a friend who might and set up an email I hoped anyway well I went back to Oz and still the bullshit back there Tee really didn’t cure me of the bullshit heart break. it was a band aid fix I knew it when I was back a

Well my mate left the day after I got back for 35 days and had booked the same hotel on my recommendation.. and of course I wanted him to work on Nok for me.Keep plugging the email and saying I was wanting to come back to see only her. He tried hard he
said "I think she has the shits" she says "he have girl no no no" then one day I rang him while he was at hotel. He said she is listening because she heard me say your name… I said put her on.. oh that lovely sweet voice
as soon as she said when you come Thailand I said "soon soon"… Pete had to go to a new part of Pattaya the next day a different hotel but I said call in and work on her for me mate. He did do a lot of work for me but said "I think
she ain't going to come to the party" I said yes she will, if she has the shits that means she is jealous anyway he came home and I gave up hope.. then the email arrived… It is raining all the time in Pattaya etc etc… things blossomed
from there. I rang her every day and then I went back in October. I have only been home a week, she was allowed a week off only I got off the plane and there she was in street clothes… it was all worth it.. I had the best 15 days with a girl
I cared about. We haven't started the love shit yet and I am happy about that. Her friends seem all quite decent.. and a bit of class, different to bar girl friends. Her mother was down for a week from up country. She is quite old never asked
for zilch or what your intentions are.. So I have gone for the none bar girl well lets see what eventuates… but it took 3 trips to cure my head.. AND NOW I FEEL GREAT NO MORE HEADFxxxED>>thank you LOS even if it doesn’t work out…I
will only go for non bar girls, I find them a little better of class wise.. I love the bar girls and still have many has friends

Also I have told Tee in an email we do not suit each other I am too old to take on a son plus she was a Bargirl, in which she cant get away from that fact. But I will always have fond memories of her.. she cant help the way things are, she wants to love
only one but cant ,I understand it.. not that they will ever admit they have more farangs on the go…. don’t think because you have a plain Jane you've got sole rights…WRONG.. I know a bar girl great fun but a head like a barsted
pig!! She never gets out of the internet café 3 sponsors… I couldn’t even kiss that one I mean it!!!

Just think how many farangs go through that place in a year and divide the girls in Pattaya into it?? So I will keep to the shop girls.. if it doesn’t work… I may go back to freelancers or try another girl who hasn’t got the bar mentality, but at the moment I am happy! Thai girls are the best and I do not have to justify why I go. It helped me and stabilised my life again. I am back in Oz ready to push my work hard without worrying what some farang woman cunt is doing. And I will be back in 3 months for a 60 day stay to see if Nok is the girl I think she is with the fun and connection in Thailand I want. I love seeing the little dolls on the scooters zipping around. They piss all over our bitches here.. bar girls or not… long live LOS. But over here I tell everyone it’s a shit of a place and the food is awful the woman are ugly and fat… then we can keep this place to ourselves!!! Also, we do not have to justify our being there, it's all a matter of choice! You can sit with your whale in Melbourne or caress the smooth skin of an Isaan princess & eat dinner under a blood red sky……… UP TO YOU…

Stickman's thoughts:

Thailand has well and truly been discovered already.

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