Stickman Readers' Submissions October 1st, 2005

What LOS Has Done To Me Part 2

Carrying on from my last submission, as I stated, I had all but abandoned the NEP after a fortnight or so of heavy drinking and shagging. Even I, an accomplished drinker can only take so much. Umpteen beers and shots of tequila will take their toll. I’d
still hang out at Big Dogs for some people watching on occasion as I know of no better place on earth to do so. Also mentioned in my last submission, love would soon come knocking.

I had slipped into a more sublime routine of spending my nights in the Blue Wave downing Singhas and playing pool. My definition of “sublime routine” would qualify as “partying your ass off” by most mortals. Twenty
years of biz traveling around the world will turn most livers into the Rock of Gibraltar. When the mood struck, or a girl fell into my lap, I’d have my shag for the night. If the scraps of paper with phone numbers given to me from wanting
lasses were 1000 baht bills, I could have bought the JW Marriott and made it my personal residence. The availability and ease of pussy in LOS is mind boggling. But then, readers here already know that.

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A friend of mine who lives in Angeles City, P.I., told me years ago that once you get Asia in your blood, there’s no getting rid of it. So true. I made my first trip to the Philippines in 1994. I knew after about 2 minutes of being
in my first Asian gogo bar that yes, I’m going to love Asia. I’ve been enthralled with Asian women since that first night in an Asian gogo some 11 years ago. The silky smooth skin, air tight snatches……..back in a sec, I need
a wank.

Back to Thailand. After a couple of months of shagging countless different women, I was growing a bit tired of that, if that’s possible. I was thinking how it would be nice to have a steady for my duration here. One quick note, I had
steadies before in the Philippines but I always left myself an escape route. I’m no dummy.

One Saturday afternoon in March, a co-worker and I are playing a few games of pool and having some beers. There were two girls playing at the table next to ours. More savvy readers can see where this is heading. I quickly notice one of the
girls is eyeing me. I give her a quick look and smile and continue with my pool game. She’s continuing the eyeing my way. I’m flattered by it all but at the moment, I’m really not interested. I had sized the both of them up
as a couple of freelancers. (I was wrong on that count) Aren’t they all too some degree. Doh! The girl doing the eyeing was my kind of girl in the looks department. This will sound pompous on my part but I only went with girls with supermodel
looks or close. Why not? This is Thailand where girls like that are a dime a dozen. The cashier girls at the Blue Wave would always rag on about my only going with beautiful Thai girls. Yeah, so.

My friend and I finish playing pool and head to the cashier to settle up. My friend heads back to the hotel and I order up another beer and chat away with the cashier girls. A minute or so later, the girl eyeing me is standing next to me
drinking a beer. She’s standing there nonchalantly minding her own business. Uh huh, right. I decide I’ll play along and see where this goes. I say hello and ask what kind of beer she is drinking. It was a legit question as her beer
was some cloudy concoction. She tells me and the conversation begins to flow. We have a few beers together when finally I tell her I need to go but will be back later if she’s still there. We say our good-byes. At the moment, I thought
nothing of the interlude.

As was my usual routine, I’m back in the Blue Wave later that evening around 9pm. The waitresses all giggle at me and give me that pointing with their lips thing. Sure enough, Nut was still in the bar along the rail facing the band
stage. She didn’t see me walk in. My mind begins racing as I am really attracted to this gal. I order up a beer and stand near the cashier drinking it and eyeing Nut trying to decide what to do. On one hand, I kind of wanted a steady but
on the other, freedom in Bangkok is priceless. I can’t stand it any longer (damn Singha) and wonder over to Nut and say hello. We carry further on our conversation from earlier in the afternoon. For some strange reason, I found myself being
reasonably honest with Nut. Hmmmm…never did that honesty thing much with a girl in Asia before. Turns out, she’s from Chiang Mai visiting her cousin in BKK for the weekend. “Sweet” I’m thinking in the back of mind.
Escape route.

We’re getting pretty buzzed together having a great time. Later that evening, her cousin shows up and we all decide to head for the Nana Disco for some dancing etc. Nut and I were dancing together when I tire of that and go chat with
her cousin. Nut continues to dance alone. I’m there chatting with Porn (cousin's name) and I innocently have my hand on Porn’s leg. Nut sees this and comes over and hisses at me “I don’t want you anymore.”
Yeah Ok, whatever. This is Thailand. Lots more where you came from. Ironically, I was telling Porn how much I really like Nut and want to know her more. I explain all this to Nut and she calms down. After the Nana Disco closes the three of us
head for the restaurant right there for a bite to eat.

I’ve been with Nut for just a few hours and already, warning bells are going off. She drinks like a fish, speaks English well and is already jealous. No bother I tell myself, I’m a master at pushing the envelope with these girls.
After having a bite to eat, it’s time to head back to my hotel. Nut decides she wants to come stay with me. Right on, let’s go. We get to the room and Nut wants to take a bath. She’s in the bathtub when I walk in. Oh my freaking
God!!! She’s there in the tub with her hair up in a bun, head rested back totally relaxed in the tub. I have never seen anything so beautiful in my life!! That vision is burned into my memory forever. I think right then and there, this
girl is for me. At the moment, I’m falling in beer love. Warning bells? What warning bells?

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We hit the sack together. Of the, I don’t know how many Asian girls I’ve shagged throughout Asia; it was like Nut and I were sexually made for each other. No matter the position, the fit and finish was perfect and I would hit
the vaginal backboard every time. I was putting her hair in my mouth, whispering sweet nothings in her ear, the works. She did this one position where she would be on top of me in a push-up position with her legs and feet together and buck her
hips up and down. Never had that done before. I called her move “The Clamper” and drove both her and I absolutely wild.

The next morning, another round in bed and Nut is off to her cousin’s house. We trade phone numbers and she’s off. No real hint of sorts of a budding relationship here, yet. Really wasn’t sure If I would see Nut again
as she was heading back to Chiang Mai later that afternoon.

Later that Sunday afternoon, I’m back in the Blue Wave to kill some time. Again, the waitresses giggle and lip point (I love that little lip pointing thing) over to Nut. Uh oh! What’s she doing here? I walk over to Nut and say
hello. She tells me she came back to Blue Wave with the hopes of seeing me again before she goes back to Chiang Mai. My heart skips a beat, my palms go sweaty. Normally, I have no problems telling girls to piss off (in more polite terms of course)
and that I’m a butterfly. I stutter and stammer a bit because Nut has my full on attention. She’s not some giggly university twit or a skanky bargirl. Nut is an ultra independent 33 year old beautiful woman with a good job in Chiang

We spend the afternoon together and I take her to the airport when it is time. We kiss good-bye and that’s that. For a while anyway.

Next up, Part III – The Relationship

Stickman's thoughts:

These girls were so lucky to meet such a great guy like you.

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