Stickman Readers' Submissions October 10th, 2005

Thai Girl Abandoned In New Zealand Part 2

Thai Girl Abandoned in New Zealand #2

A few weeks ago I posted a story on this web-site explaining how, a few years ago, my Thai girlfriend drove me insane and I was forced to abandon her in New Zealand. She had a job and a work visa but not a ticket to Thailand. Now, I want to impart some
more information about what happened after we parted company. I’m posting this because, even though it wasn’t me who got stung, the whole situation made me angry.

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I have to admit I was a bit frightened about what would happen after we split up. I was worried that she would somehow find me and either kill me or try to get back with me (which would be worse). She’s capable of anything and she’s the
personification of the devil! There’s no form of wickedness that she couldn’t do. So I was scared and I kept tabs on her. I kept tabs on what she was up to by occasionally looking at our joint on-line bank statement which, for a
while, she still used. I wasn’t going to steal her money, I just wanted to make sure she wasn’t in the same country as me.

And this is how I know about the $5000. Her visa was due to expire on, let’s say, 15th March and because she hadn’t been working enough, she hadn’t earned enough money for a ticket. She never had more than $200. I could see that she
had been working only about two days a week and spending her wages in bars so I guessed that she had been granted a new visa. She was making no attempts to save money. But then on 14th March, $5000 was deposited into her bank. Why would someone
deposit $5000 in her bank a day before her visa was to expire? It was too much of a coincidence so I deduced that she hadn’t been granted a new visa and that she had found a new man who had given her a $5000 leaving gift. She told me that
she would find a new man if I left her.

The $5000, however, went out of her bank as quickly as it went in. She went to a different town and withdrew it all on the same day. And then she didn’t leave New Zealand. I know that she was still in New Zealand a month later as she used her card
there. She never used her card again so I lost my source of information. This is what I know but, from long experience with her, this is what I think happened:

When I left, she made herself an object of pity. She certainly did this. She had been abandoned in a distant country with no money and no ticket home. New Zealanders are, in general, a little racist and anti-Asian migration. They think people should stay in the same place all their lives – like trees – and they don’t think that people from poorer countries should be allowed access to markets and wealth. Migration, they think, is most definitely a bad thing. Mixed-race relationships are also a very bad thing and reflect very badly on both parties. With all this in mind, New Zealanders would have been appalled that she could have been abandoned there like that. Her plight would have attracted enormous sympathy with them. They would have been shocked at her predicament and would have done anything to help her. <I would dispute this paragraph completely. New Zealanders on the whole are a decent bunch and will help someone in their moment of need. Given that New Zealand, Auckland especially, is very cosmopolitan, I don't think your comments are valid at allStick>

She cried and lied and they took her in. They gave her food, new clothes, sympathy, a place to stay. I know they did this. She is a harlot with no conscience at all and she gladly accepted their charity. She probably told them how I beat her and cheated
on her and didn’t feed her. The reality was that, despite me doing everything I could to be good to her, she cheated on me all the time. She also screamed at me and trashed rooms and made my life impossible. I asked her: if I could do something
better, what is it? She told me that that there was nothing I could have done better for her. We had to sleep in the car most of the time because, in regular wild fits of uncontrollable and completely unsubstantiated jealousy, she would trash
any rooms we stayed in. Thinking of lots of New Zealanders, who probably were thinking something bad about me after I had endured all that angers me like nothing else.

She found a new boyfriend. If they were close enough for him to give her $5000, she must have been faithful to him. And since I could see that they were often staying in hotels, I can deduce that he was either very young or married. Why not stay at his
place? He also felt sympathy for her and this was an essential element of his love for her. He expected that she would go to Thailand and return a few months later and they would marry and live happily ever after. But she, as I said, is the personification
of the devil. She took his money and then, in a visa-less state, she went around New Zealand causing mayhem. Her and $5000 is a terrifying combination! I can’t even imagine what she did. She certainly got drunk. She would have gone on a
rampage – one bar after another. She undoubtedly also worked on different men. And as she’s beautiful, she undoubtedly got them. There’s probably someone in New Zealand looking for me to kill me as I abandoned this beautiful,
lovely little girl. She would have stayed in New Zealand for as long as she could causing havoc.

She just does things which you wouldn’t think possible. I don’t know how she works out what to do. Once, she disappeared when we were in a nightclub. She had my phone number and she knew where my car was so she could have returned to me
if she wanted. But she didn’t. I stayed in the car in the same place for two days waiting for her to return. It was before she got her work visa and we were in a strange town so I had to look after her. A few days later, I received a bizarre
phone call from a devout Christian family asking me why I had brought this beautiful little girl here and then just left her with nothing – not even a jacket. She had been staying with them all weekend, being given food and new clothes
and money. I couldn’t believe it. When I went to collect her, the family hugged her goodbye and looked at me like I was a very stupid and decadent beast. And as we were walking away, my girlfriend laughed and said she’d had a very
sanuk weekend! Her + $5000 + lots of well-meaning New Zealanders = pandemonium! It’s quite probable that she caused several homicides.

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The irony of all this is that my girlfriend had a New Zealand boyfriend when she was twenty (with whom she subsequently lost contact) but she couldn’t go to New Zealand and live with him then because New Zealand kept denying her a visa. And so
her family persuaded her to embark upon a wicked career of prostitution instead. This is what corrupted her and made her a monster. ‘You can’t take the bar out of the girl.’ If she had been given a visa back then, she would
have lived happily and normally and nothing bad would have happened to New Zealand later. But instead, New Zealand cleverly denied her a visa and consequently, a few years later, New Zealand, having created a monster, was then tormented by it.

Stickman's thoughts:

It seems that she screwed over one guy, big time. You. New Zealanders, in fact most people in general, simply do not have the same tolerance for bullshit that you seem to and to suggest that others got screwed over by her is pure conjecture. You should start looking to the future and stop dwelling on the past.

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