Stickman Readers' Submissions October 27th, 2005

My Trip To Thailand

I’ve been to Thailand just 2 weeks ago, I’ve got a hell of a time but that’s just my little problem. I didn’t want to go home and to make it worse a girl I was with got hold of my business card (you can give them one thing,
these girls are very… how do you call it, crafty?), she keeps calling me on my handy. That isn’t good because I use it for my business, well here’s my story.

A buddy of mine went to Thailand for a couple of months; he called me that he will not stay long anymore so if I wanted to go to Thailand I should come within a few weeks. So I got to the travel agent I used for years and I went to Thailand. My friend
arranged a cab from the airport straight away to Pattaya, not the way I wanted it (because I wanted to go around Bangkok first) but alright. When I got to Pattaya (after a hell of a ride, no good cab) he was standing at the hotel. It was nice
to see him because it was a long time ago. After we talked a little bit we went on to the beach and we got drunk.

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That night I can’t remember how many times the girls came up to me and say I was a sexy man. Well I know that they only want the money (because I was never a success with women and I know I’m not that good looking), but it felt nice to be
noticed. That was the first night in Pattaya I slept alone and it was the last one.

The second day I got a massive hang over. It took hours until I finally had the energy to get out of my bed and go downstairs to get my breakfast. I got breakfast and before I lit my first cigarette there where already 2 girls sitting next to me (these
girls will just do anything for money). I didn’t complain because I never had this much attention back home. After breakfast I went to the beach again to swim for a small hour (I really like to swim), I got a call from my friend and he
came to the beach as well. We talked a little bit and he explained some of the things you can and cannot do in Thailand.

That night we went to (Tim bar) a gogo bar, I looked at the shows they put on and really I wasn’t impressed (I’ve been around the world for some time now and I’ve seen and done things some people only dream about). But after a few
whiskeys I got into the right mood and within a few minutes there where 3 ladies around. I must say they really have timing. You don’t need much imagination to know what happened that night.

Well after a week of going from one girl to the other paying barfines all over Pattaya, I went thinking well I it looks like I’m just a sex tourist. I always thought it wouldn’t happen to me, I think rational you know. I always said to myself
I won’t pay for sex and I didn’t go with anyone. But it is amazing how Thailand and especially these cities change you and your opinions.

The remaining part of my vacation I was with one girl (I really recommend men who go there not to walk alone at night in the different Sois if they don’t like to have blue balls). This girl was nice not very good looking, but she understood me
and she could speak English. We went sightseeing and I asked more and more questions about the way the Thais lived. After a while I asked how they live and we went to her house, it was the middle of the day and there were 5 guys drinking whisky
and looking at a small TV. She said that they were her brothers (probably one of them was her boyfriend or husband) and they don’t work. The girls work and most of the guys don’t work. I found it a little bit strange.

I’ve got an annoying habit to want to learn about a culture and these girls are open to tell you a lot, but you never know if they tell you the truth. I talked to my friend and he suggested I read “Private Dancer”. Of course I was
a little bit sceptical about reading a book for entertainment. But after I read it, I must admit it that I got a different look at these girls. I didn’t look at them anymore like I did before; of course they're still hookers but still.
You must understand I don’t feel petty for them because they still have a choice of how they live. But they don’t know any other life.

But back to my story, I went on with this girl and really she knew what I wanted and what I liked. But I just made one mistake -I was beginning to like her. That is something you should never do!! You think that it will never happen to me and that is
a big mistake. It looks like these girls are trained to play with you. Before you know it you will buy them a gold necklace and give her money, not just for her but for her family as well. Yes that was what happened to me. I don't know how
you can do something like that. Never fall for one of these girls.

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She got hold of my business card and of course my mobile phone. I found out after I went home. She called me the night after I got home. I was really surprised but I must admit that it felt good.

But at this moment it’s getting annoying, I’m back at my reality. I’ve got to work from 7:00 till 18:00 and take care of my employees. Then she calls me at you know what time and she just gets me off balance. I must admit I do miss
her company, but I know she already went with other farangs (my friend told me). There is really no place for her or a girl like her in my life but still I don’t hang up on her (why is it so difficult to let go??).

No matter what people think or say, I had a good time. If anyone asks if Thailand is a good place to be I will say yes, but first think where and why you want to go. Always treat them with respect no matter what occupation they have. But never, never
take your business cards with you and never begin to like a bargirl.

Will I go back?? Yeah I think I will!!

Stickman's thoughts:

Addictive, isn't it?

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