Stickman Readers' Submissions October 12th, 2005

My Lady’s Tale

When I first met my fiancé she tells me she fell in love with me straight away. Sadly I cannot reciprocate as I was going through a bad period at the time and to me she was, then, just another bar girl. However she must have made an impression on
me as, when I left hospital in U.K., I still remembered her and wrote to her. It was only when I met up with her, by invitation, I realised she was something special. It was during that second period together that I learnt more about her and her
time in Pattaya. This, then, is part of what she told me.

Although she worked in a bar I learned she never went with men. Her job was to serve drinks, be pleasant to the customers, sing with the band and do the cleaning up when the bar closed for the night. Naturally at first I took that with a
pinch of salt, but every word turned out to be true.

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She knew, when she arrived in Pattaya, what would be expected of her and though she had grave doubts about her giving herself to strange men she, like so many others, needed the money and she could not earn as much at home. She had heard
of the stories of men wanting to go up a lady’s bum and expected ladies to take their cocks in their mouths. She had not really believed these tales, but speaking to the other ladies in the bar she soon found the things she had heard were
true. Luckily these were things she never was asked to do, but the fear that she may be alone in a man’s hotel room and he demanded such things was, to her, extremely frightening.

When I met my lady she had been working in the same bar for 3 years and over the next week or so she told me of the only 3 times, when she first arrived in Pattaya, she had gone with a man.

The first guy she went with was English. By all accounts he treated her quite well in the bar, buying drinks for her and her friends etc., and politely asked if she would go with him. So he paid the barfine and off to his hotel room they
went. When they were in the room he let her shower him, letting her keep her bra and panties on, and all he asked for was she gave him a hand shandy. Again not asking her to strip off. They slept side by side and he made no attempt to get ‘naughty’
and in the morning thanked her very much and gave her 3000 baht. (I said he must have been ting-tong but her reasoning was if he could afford to give her that much then it was o.k. for her to take it.)

The second man to barfine her was German. He said he wanted to go dancing so he took her to one of the discos down Walking Street. She was quite happy about this as, like all Thais, if you could turn a job into something with sanuk that was great. While in the disco he would keep putting his hands on her backside and on her breasts, and though she asked him not to his attitude seemed to be ‘I have paid so I get what I want!’ By the time they left she was most
unhappy with the situation she found herself in. She suggested to the man they take a taxi (not a baht bus) and talked to the driver in rapid Thai while the guy was getting in the back. Basically she told the driver she was unhappy and frightened
to go with this man and the driver agreed to drive off quickly if she shut the rear door. This they did and the German guy was left looking out the rear window wondering what the hell was going on.

Next night he returned to the bar and my lady gave him his barfine back. He told the boss he wanted her to go with him again, but the boss backed her wish not to do so and, as the boss pointed out, why worry about the one that got away when
there were thousands of willing girls he could still choose from.

It was after that event she told the boss she did not like going with men, but he persuaded her to keep working and try again as there were many nice guys around as well as a few not so nice.

The third, and last, man she went with was another Englishman. Again he was friendly and charming in the bar, buying drinks etc., and she felt fairly at ease about going with him when he asked if he could barfine her. Off they went to his
hotel and she was encouraged by the fact he did not want to start mauling her. She was, obviously, very nervous for she had never been with another man apart from her ex Thai husband. She tells me she had had more to drink than she normally would
to give her courage, but was still not sure if she was doing the right thing.

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The problems started when they went to the room. He wanted to ride bareback but my lady, having been warned by all the girls in the bar never to do this, refused point bland. ‘No condom no boom-boom’ she told him. He was getting
quite insistent, even offering her 5000 baht to do the deed. By now she was really frightened, fearing she was going to be raped. When he went to the bathroom to get rid of some of the beer he had drunk she grabbed up her things and bolted.

At the reception she asked for her ID and told them what had happened. By the time the man came downstairs to confront her he found himself surrounded by about a dozen Thais, men and women, telling what a bad man he was etc. She took the
chance to leg it. Next he, too, came to the bar and he was very angry. This time the boss again backed my Lady up, refusing to give the man his barfine back and telling him he was no longer welcome in his bar if he expected any of the ladies to
go with him bareback.

My Lady worked the rest of the night, not getting barfined by choice, and next day had a long talk with the boss. She was afraid he would sack her, but he is a reasonable guy and they came to an agreement. This was when she started only singing,
serving and cleaning. He paid her a little extra for working late and she found she could pick up another 2-3000 baht a month in tips and Lady drink commissions. Not the fortune she had dreamed of, but still a lot better than at home.

So, guys, (and I am sure I speak to the minority here) don’t think you own the lady just because you have paid a barfine. If they are happy and willing to do everything you ask, great. But if they say ‘No’ it means ‘No’.
Most of them may be poor ladies from poor families, but they still have feelings.

Stickman's thoughts:

It's a hard life for these girls.

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