Stickman Readers' Submissions October 6th, 2005

Do They Despise Short Little Men?

By Little Man

This submission is a follow up to my previous article on the ill treatment of short farang men by Thai women in Thailand.

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Before I get to it though, I would like to thank Mr. Stickman for making this forum possible and I would like to thank everyone who sent me e-mail regarding my submission.

Actually, it is the feedback from these e-mails that will be at the core of this current submission.

At the end of my first article, I had asked other "short" farang men to tell me of their experiences in Thailand and since so many have been kind enough to do so–I thought it only fair to supply some of the results here.

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So what is the verdict? Do Thai women really despise short farang men? Well, I'm not certain that this article will come up with a definitive answer to that question…..But there does seem to be a growing body of evidence indicating
that it is so.

First off, I will mention that I did receive one or two e-mails from "short" men who did indicate that they themselves had no problem with Thai women. But what exactly these women looked like one can only wonder.

The vast majority of the many e-mails I received, on the other hand, did show a disturbing trend of other "short" farang men being ignored or treated poorly by Thai/Asian women/bar-girls.

Actually, I had a feeling that this would be the case. I knew I could not be the only one. Although, I am, apparently, one of the first to report this unhappy phenomenon. As the old saying goes: "Where there is smoke, there is fire!"

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I don't want to write a book, so I will limit, for the purposes of this article, to producing four of the e-mails that I received. I have edited them for the sake of protecting the e-mailers identities and for brevity/clarity. The meaning
of the messages remain intact, though.

E-MAIL # 1:

From: Mr. A.

To: Little Man

Subject: Stickman article about short men.

"Very interesting story. I recall an incident last year in a Jakarta bar, where the girls are on the prowl with a vengeance. I was hanging out with a co-worker who was on the older side, middle-aged, and a bit on the short side. He walked
up to one of the regulars and tried to chat her up. He came back to our table a moment later and told us: 'she said she has a boyfriend'. I knew for a fact that several other guys had shagged her just among my circle of friends.

After the bar closed, we went to an after-hours club (the last ditch place for the girls to snare a customer) and there she was still trolling. This guy would have paid her much more then the market price, but presumably she ended up with
nothing that night.

After that incident, I began observing the scene more closely, and I realized that most of these ho's were indeed very picky about whose money was greener. That surprised me."

E-MAIL # 2:

From: Mr. B.

To: Little Man

Subject: Stickman article about short men

"Man. When I read your posting I thought it finally happened…….

About me, I am a short farang. I thought I was the only guy in Indonesia/Thailand who experienced these things but it seems there is another one.

When I was in Thailand (I been there 4 times) I had exact and I mean thesame experiences as you did. I couldn't even get a girl in a beer-bar. When I walked on the street (soi 7, soi 8, walking street, etc) all the girls would ignore
me all the time. One night I met an Ozzie guy who stood 1.84 meters tall. He was 10 years older than me and bald. Suddenly all girls came out from all the bars when we were walking the sois and tried to drag him in; they were all over him. I was
ignored and like you it was as if I was invisible.

In Bangkok, I also never got a girl. No bar-girl ever wanted to come with me wherever I went. Nana Plaza, Beergarden, Soi Cowboy. I was ignored everywhere. In Pattaya I got 2 bargirls in all. So out of four visits to Thailand I got exactly
two bar-girls and they were fat and ugly. Even those two were not happy to go with me and it took great effort to take them. They behaved like starfish and were happy to go early in the morning.

I met many guys in Pattaya and Bangkok. Some were young and handsome and got girls like a drunk in a bar gets beers. I also met old and fat guys and I liked to make friends with them because I am younger (30's) and fit and thought I
would have a chance hanging with these old guys. Surely the girls would prefer me. But even with these taller older guys I did not stand a chance. The girls went for them and completely ignored me!

I use to go often to the Beergarden with a taller old and fat ugly guy with a nose like a red potato. This guy would score 5 girls a day (I'm not kidding) and sometimes he didn't even pay them!!

One day him and I went to Lumpini park for a stroll. We met an absolute stunner there. Not a bargirl but a Hi-So girl. He started talking to her and she was drooling and wanted him. He got her phone number and that evening he met her and
they spent all night together in his room. He never paid her and she met him a few more times for more.

In Thailand it is easier for a tall guy who looks like a nightmare to score with women than a short guy who looks O.K.

Last year I went to Indonesia. I thought maybe there the girls might be nicer because I heard stories of how much they like western men. No way mate! It was even worse than Thailand. Indonesian girls absolutely only want Caucasian men who
are at least 6 foot tall. Every girl I chatted to didn't like me. When I asked why; they would not tell me.

Then one night a girl told me she would not go with me because I was too short. She said: 'Why you so short, I see bule (western men) guys are soooo tall; why not you?'

Then I knew that was the reason, before that I had not figured it out. It's the lack of height that turns them off."

E-MAIL # 3:

From: Mr. C.

To: Little Man

Subject: Stickman article about short men

"I am 5 foot 5 inches and have been going to LOS over 10 years. I think you have a point. It is definitely not something that works for you. Worse than being fat or bald IMHO. Many times I have gone to bars with a crowd and have almost
always been the last to find a girl, if at all.

Pattaya is certainly far worse than anywhere in my experience and I'd never go again. Bangkok is a little better but when you do hook up I'd say about 30% are a waste of time, 50% average, and 20% very good or interesting. Now I
feel it is just not worth the time, cost, or health risk……"

E_MAIL #4:

From: Mr. D.

To: Little Man

Subject: Article about short men.

"Hello, Your tale of woe you submitted to Stickman is certainly one of the more interesting and intriguing stories I have read…. you're one of the few people that have visited Thailand and not had a good time.

I have a Thai girlfriend and I was telling her your story. While she did get a good laugh out of it, it seems there is a certain truth when you say Thai women expect farang men to be big–at least bigger than the average Thai man.

However, she did say that a small man is still better than an old, fat guy that hasn't showered….

I've travelled to Thailand several times and always had fun. But having said that Pattaya is not my favourite place. There seems to be just a 'farang overload' there and a lot of the local people are jaded. I also find the
girls in the go-go bars far more stuck-up and hard-core than any other place in Thailand…."


I am not surprised to hear from others that Thai/Asian hookers are being "picky". Because in reality it is the Thai hooker that does the choosing—not the farang. I cringe whenever I hear that often quoted statement about Thai
go-gos: "It's like being a kid in a candy store" Pure nonsense IMHO. Unless you're young and handsome this is a pure myth in my experience. A myth that Thai gogo and bar owners have no interest in seeing dispelled I would guess.

I found that the vast majority of Pattaya beer-bar girls were down right unattractive. What this means is that the limited amount of pretty/beautiful bar/go-go girls are the ones in control. It is a sellers market for them and they can choose
who they go with. Do you really think they are going to choose the short unattractive male over the tall or handsome?

They wouldn't give me the time of day I found! And apparently others have had the same experiences.

As the psychiatrist who wrote a submission in response to my first article said: Women are evolutionarily disposed to not being attracted to short males.

The question now is of course is: Can a short farang man win over a Thai hooker with wit and charm and get a girl-friend experience? After a life time of rejection where is this wit, charm, and self-confidence to come from?

I would urge other short men (say under 5 foot 5 inches) to submit articles on their experiences in Thailand or at least write an e-mail to Stickman and let him know that there is more to this than he may think. It is a funny aspect of human
nature that the ones who does not suffer from a particular affliction are the ones who fail to "observe" a problem.

I will leave all with this thought: The tall man and short man may reside on the same planet….But we live in very, very different worlds.

Stickman's thoughts:

Interesting stuff. At the risk of sounding mean-spirited (and that is NOT my intention) I can't imagine what it would be like to be rejected by a hooker.

More submissions on the topic of small men would be very interesting.

nana plaza