Stickman Readers' Submissions September 14th, 2005

What Jason Doesn’t Get About Thai Girls (I’m A Thai Girl)

By A Thai Girl


I read Mr. Jason's first article with a lot of interest. The first time I read it (I read it twice) I agreed with it. The second time I read it however I found few things I didn't (fully) agree with. I still agree with most of it though.

Here are the three statements:

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1. Western guys don't have access to the same type of woman that Thai men have even when these white guys are good-looking.

2. Thai girls are conservative by nature.

3. It's almost pointless to be a good looking farang guy in Thailand

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First bit about me. I'm 28 year old Thai girl from BKK. I have been married for 3 years and live in Holland with my husband. I studied to be a dentist and (even though I had to study a bit extra in Holland to meet Dutch requirements) I work as a full time dentist in Holland now.

back to the statements.

1. Western guys don't have access to the same type of woman that Thai man have.

This was I think quite true until 10 years ago. But especially with advent of internet many decent girls (I don't like the word good girl, sounds as if we are little kiddies) now find it very easy to "meet" people from other countries. Many use apps like msg, I'm, email, dating sites etc. This doesn't mean that all the girls online are decent but big proportion is.

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For me it was like this: until 10 years ago I never thought about meeting and marrying farang men. My future would be marrying a Thai. Then I discovered internet and chatting etc. I soon met farang guys on the net and when I got to know some of them better I found out they really are different from Thai guys. More about that later.

The reason I started chatting and emailing with the farang was that I wanted to improve my English. I thought it a fun and good way to get better in English.

When I got to know some farang guys a bit better (through email and chat) I found out that I could talk about everything with these guys. This was big change for me who was only used to talking to Thai guys. Thai or most Thai guys still have traditional view towards girls. Girls are a commodity for them and are below them. It is very hard to talk to (most) Thai guys about everything. Most are not really open and will hide/not talk about certain things with girls. I found the farang guys very open, liberal, it was really a difference.

A few years later I met my husband on the net, and the rest is history.

2. Thai girls are conservative by nature.

This is true and not true. The true part is that a decent girl will not be easy to get, not for farang and not for a Thai guy. But this doesn't mean that we will never choose a farang. If a farang guy is nice, polite and understanding of us, we might prefer the farang over a Thai guy.

Why do many decent Thai girls still choose a Thai guy?

This is because we are a little bit lazy. Most Thai girls like the easy way, and the easy way is marrying a Thai guy. The Thai guy knows our language, culture, etc. And also he is not likely to take us to another country. Also our family will not (or most of the time not) have problems with it.

When we marry a farang guy, we have to do a big effort to make it succeed, all decent Thai girls know t hat. And maybe we will have to go to his country, which we don't need to cos we have our own money, career, family etc. It's a big sacrifice.

3. It's almost pointless for farang to be handsome in Thailand

Mr. Jason also states in his article that farangs never have access to the same kind of girls that Thai guys have. It doesn't matter if farang is smelly, fat and old or if he's young and very handsome, every farang fishes from the same pond. Further he states that farang always date non-typical Thai girls meaning only poor Isaan girls who are dark etc.

This statement is sure not true. Even though I said previously that many (nice) Thai girls don't date farang, cos they choose the easy way so to say, it still happens very often (and more often in recent years) that also Thai girls from middle or high class background are actually considering or already dating western guys.

Now about farang being young and handsome in Thailand. I can guarantee Mr. Jason that many if not most what he calls "typical Thai girl" or nice girls if they see a young and handsome farang would like him to become her boyfriend. If that happens depends on her (not lazy, wanna make an effort etc) and on him. (polite, friendly looking, not shy etc) On the other hand, if a nice girl sees an old and smelly farang, of course she would not dream of him to become her boyfriend, I think that is normal.

So it's not pointless for a farang to be young and handsome in Thailand he will have many changes to date nice Thai girls but he has to look for them not in the bars but in the good places.

One other thing. It can still be hard for a young farang to find a nice girl in Thailand when he's alone, because, and here Jason is right many Thai girls are shy and traditional when it comes to western men. They also don't tend to trust the farang guy very easily. If however the farang has nice and good Thai male friends also from the higher middle class or middle class, they can introduce him to the nice girls. If those Thai male friends are honest and good, the farang doesn't has to be too afraid that they will introduce him to bad girls cos the Thai guy would lose terrible face if something bad happened to the farang because of the girl. Of course it can still happen not every Thai guy knows his female friends 100% but it is not likely.

Thai girls will be more comfortable and confident when they are introduced to a farang by a Thai guy (a Thai guy the girl already knows and respects) and then it might be very easy for the farang to date her.

Stickman's thoughts:

That very last a bit about introductions from a Thai male is SO TRUE!

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