Stickman Readers' Submissions September 21st, 2005

Thailand Is A Girl’s Playground Too

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A Thai boyfriend of mine turned me on to the Stickman website so I’ve been reading it for about a year now. I never thought of writing because I’m not much of a writer but I figured why not after I read the thing by “Akasha”,
another enlightened woman like me who sent in hers. I’m just an average 33 year old woman from the US, medium in height, have a few extra pounds which Thai guys don’t seem to mind but picky stuck up guys in the USA give me so much
grief about. I’m not supposed to be in the sun too long because of a medical condition and this makes me very fair skinned. Yes I guess you could say my fleece is white as snow. My husband is back in the USA with our kids playing Mister
Mom while I’m on a temporary job transfer to Thailand for 3 years. Like, what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him. In the USA I’m considered pale but my fair skin has been a great asset for me in Thailand, as are my naturally
large breasts, “D” cup, with large areolas and nipples. Wait ‘til I get back home and my husband sees how I got one of them pierced, he’s going to have a goat, but the Thai guys like it. I have to admit I enjoy putting
myself on display when I go out by wearing suggestive clothing that highlights my natural gifts in this tropical climate of Thailand. Drives the hot Thai guys wild with their tight little tushies. Yee haaaaaa. Bring on the dark meat for me, the
DM Lover. If there are any hot, young Thai guys out there, only real men, please, because I insist on only the finest, maybe we can meat up.

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There are some like really interesting stories here, but mostly from guys who like can’t get any in their home countries. These are all about how they’re in love with Thai women and get screwed over. Duh, what a surprise, what
were you expecting boys? And some of you old geezers with these young women, what’s that all about? Yuck! Why don’t you just stay home and like take advantage of your granddaughter or something. But what did I hear one time, no brain
no pain. Well I have a news flash for all you love starved males in heat out there. Not only do white men like Thai women, you know. There are lots and lots of white girls who dig Thai guys with their hot, tight bodies and smooth dark skin and
dark eyes. They are such male hunks they drive me wild. And they have such good manners and know how to treat me like a lady, like holding the door for me and making me believe they care about me, even more than my sometimes pathetic husband,
God bless him I know he tries. I mean, he means well, but you know how it is. Being a woman with very white skin, its easy pickins for me touting my wares among the Thai guys I run into in Bangkok in the 18 months I’ve been here. First
I was scared to make the first move, but later I found out it only takes a smile and a wink, and then its like the lights come on and they realize I’m a Dark Meat Lover. Another thing I like really dig about Thai guys is they’re
not all like so cerebral and complicated like white guys who feel some urge to impress me with their dazzling wit. Woopdedeoo, wow, what am I supposed to do, melt? Gimme a break! Like, I really care. Duh? Thai guys know how to have a good time
and just live their lives without getting all uptight about things. Duh? We all might die tomorrow, so like don’t be so serious about things. Thai guys seem to know that, its like they’re born with it or something.

I have another news flash for you guys, you really go overboard with all that talk about how nasty the women are in the US. Well, finally I’m able to tell you even if its on a website that you are definitely not God’s gift to
mankind either. You’re a bunch of overweight and lazy bums for the most part. And what’s up with the double standards and the way you expect women to be slim and fit while you eat hamburgers and drink a 12-pack of Budweiser every
night in front of the TV. “Hey grab me a beer, bitch” seems to be your favorite sentence. Well, Thai guys have always treated me with much more respect than any of the guys in the USA and wait on me hand and foot, which is what a
guy should do for his lady if he really like cares for her. Duh, like that’s really hard to figure out? They really know how to treat a lady, you should watch, you might learn something. Some Thai guys are intimidated by white women at
first, but they usually get over it after a while when they realize what kind of action they can get with a fun girl like me whose not afraid to like experiment with things. Being so far away from home has given me the chance to make some of my
deepest fantasies come true. I’ve really let my hair down in Thailand and it made me into a different person, much more laid back and carefree. A girl can do things with a Thai guy that she could like never do with a white guy. And some
of these things would like really hurt, if you know what I mean. But Thai guys are perfect for that! Yeaaaaah baby, bring it home to mama! Who was it that said size matters? Oh, it matters but sometimes it matters in ways you never seem to understand.
Duh? Too big is not necessarily a good thing guys, unless you want to like snake out the toilet or something. Its not the meat its the motion. You know what I’m talking about. Duh?

One of my boyfriends here in Thailand works at a bank in downtown Bangkok and is married to a woman he hates, so we’re together a lot. He’s 33 and has been married for 13 years, has 6 kids and when I first saw him I knew immediately
that he was the action type. He just like melted in my hands and fell for my seduction after only about a week, and we never looked back. We have had some like wild and crazy times, that’s for sure. I really liked it when we were making
love one time in his apartment when his family was away and the phone rang. OK, so he’s like on the phone with God knows who and I’m laying there wondering like what’s going on here because we were right in the middle of it.
When he hung up and I asked him like who he was on the phone with and why did he answer it, he told me it was his wife and he told her how much he loves her and misses her. Like what a gas, lets get back down to business! Then he like pleased
me in ways that most guys can only dream of doing. He’s not poor like many other Thai guys, but since I have more money, I usually pay for our dinners when we go out, but it’s worth it to me because lets just say he always pays me
back later like only a real Thai man knows how. Thai men are so sensual unlike white guys who treat a woman too rough. He says Thai women like his wife don’t really like sex, its more like they put up with it just to please their man. I’m
the only white woman he’s ever had sex with and he is really head over heels in love with me. He tried to talk me into getting a divorce and moving here to Bangkok with him. Its tempting sometimes, but what would I do with my children?
I can’t leave them alone forever. Or could I?

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Another guy I used to date worked at a bar and was a real playboy. He had his pick of like any woman he wanted but it just made me want him even more. He told me I was the only white woman he had ever been with and the best woman he had ever
been with because he liked my big tah-tahs. Unfortunately, he got killed in a horrible motorcycle accident. That was a real shame because like the sex like world class. What a waste of talent.

The most intriguing relationship I had with a Thai guy was with a policeman who I’m kind of still seeing. Guys in uniform, yeah, I’ve always had a thing for guys in uniform, but mostly they’re fun to take off later, yeah.
And those Thailand police uniforms fit so tight on their slim and fit bodies, it like drives me wild. Those Thai policemen can give me a ticket any day of the week. One day I was walking down the street and like just flicked a cigarette butt on
the pavement, like, big deal. Then all the sudden this police guy comes up to me shaking his tight tushy and like tries to give me a ticket or something. Well using my natural assets I just asked him if there was like anything I could do to talk
him out of it, and flashed him a little bit of chest action, you know, in a casual way but made it seem natural like it was just the heat getting to me, if you know what I mean. Like, it’s all in how you do it. Well that was like the first
time I ever saw a brown face turn red. The rest is history guys because now he’s my boyfriend or maybe I should say he’s one of them. He’s single or at least that’s what he told me. For some reason he can only see me
once in a while, but this only makes me want him more. He speaks really good English, too, which is like pretty cool because most of them can’t speak English that good. But they all seem to know the universal language. And this guy has
some cash stash. He like never lets me pay for anything and has a special gift for me every time he sees me. Lets just say I always return the favor, and in ways he will never forget. Who ever said Thais don’t know how to appreciate things?
He’s a man with power that’s not afraid to use it. The craziest thing we did was when we did it in his patrol car. Wow, like it was really like freaky doing it with a real Thai policeman in uniform. It was like a fantasy come true,
and all in a dark alleyway of a Bangkok soi in the middle of the night.

My suggestion for you ladies out there is to try it, you’ll like it. Thai guys are the real deal. Thai me up any day!

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So Western women are little different from Western men.

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