Stickman Readers' Submissions September 13th, 2005

Reality Vs Fantasy

Like many readers of this site, I have ambivalent feelings about Thailand. However, behind the friendly smiles all too often is a mercenary intent which tends to spoil the illusion. The women, in my opinion, are beautiful. They possess a unique quality of soft sexiness (at least until you marry them) that is absolutely hypnotic. I think this is the reason punters return again and again. If it was just the abundance of available sex they could go to many other places on the globe. For a sex starved guy like me, just walking around a place like Nana Plaza or Soi Cowboy, seeing tons of smiling women in short skirts and high heels makes my head explode. Unfortunately, I am married to a middle-aged Thai lady so the closest I've come to actually experiencing what it's all about is on this website, even though I've been to the LOS several times. I know it's an illusion, but it's a damned good one.

There are a number of things about LOS that I have trouble accepting. The ruthless way the privileged class flaunt their wealth while systematically holding the majority of the population out of any opportunity to advance themselves is disturbing. They drive as if the road belongs to them and the hell with everybody else. As has been mentioned on this site several times before, the outright stupid short-sighted way they tend to do business is truly irritating. They often will try to extract as much from the falang as much as possible while giving questionable service, thus eliminating any possibility of a repeat customer. It just makes no sense, at least to my western way of thinking.

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The saving of face at any cost is also a mystery to me. Incompetence is acceptable in order to save face. Getting a Thai to admit that they are wrong is impossible as they must save face. Don't even think of getting a refund for poor service, they would lose face. Despite the negativity of all that I have said so far, I still love the place. I am giving serious thought to living in Thailand at some point, so I guess I'll have to make my peace with the way it is. At least they smile as you're getting ripped off. In America, you could go weeks or even months and never see a smile.

On a recent long awaited trip to LOS and was looking forward to visiting a famous or perhaps infamous place in Bangkok. I had looked up their web site and fantasized for months about my visit there. According to the site, the ladies would be arranged so that those who would do a@#l would be on the left and those willing to do conventional sex on the right. When I entered about 8:00 PM on a Friday night, the ladies were indeed divided into two groups. After waiting so long for this visit and anticipating some real exotic sex, I could hardly contain my excitement as I am married to a good woman who has no sexual imagination who thinks anything other than conventional sex is completely out of the question.

I sat down and was quickly greeted my the mamasan. I bought her a drink and told her what I wanted. As it turned out, all was not as advertised. The ladies on my left were considerably older than those on the right. I was informed that those on the right would cost more. I didn't care about the cost. I wanted my fantasy and was looking forward to a special experience. The mamasan convinced me to take two ladies on the left as they had more experience. I trusted her smiling face and took her advise. The ladies had the nerve to tell me that they had only been in the business for a year. (Yeah, right) Ten years would have been more accurate. Although they were not that attractive, experience has its virtues. We went upstairs and they bathed me and gave me a soapy massage. At least I think it's called a massage. It really got me in the mood as they chatted away in Thai as they did their job with what seemed to be a genuine sense of fun. They were extremely pleasant and eager to please. So far things were going well. I had sex with both of them, but when I told them what I wanted, they flat out refused and looked at me like I was completely crazy. At that point I felt cheated. I told them that the mamasan had guaranteed me the requested service and convinced me to take them for that reason. Still they refused. I have to say that really hurt their tip.

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I can't say that I was totally unsatisfied with the experience, but I left disappointed and disillusioned after fantasizing about the trip to this club for so long. I told the mamasan how I felt and what had transpired. She smiled as she hustled me out into the Bangkok heat as she said, "next time." There will not be a next time! It is my understanding that this club guarantees satisfaction. The owner of the club was nowhere in sight and I didn't have the time or the energy to pursue the matter further. I left feeling like I had been SCREWED Thai style. I probably would have been happier taking a girl out of one of the numerous bars in the area. I guess you live and learn.

I guess I should have been prepared for the disappointment as fantasy often does not line up with reality even in the land of smiles. I'm old enough to know that.

Stickman's thoughts:

Prostitution is prostitution the world over and it is a sad fact that you cannot expect things to always work out as you had hoped. No, things doesn't make things right, but it is life.

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