Stickman Readers' Submissions September 10th, 2005

My Story

By A 25 Year Old Thai Woman

At first I would like to introduce myself, I am 25 years old Thai lady (hope you understand my English) who not a bar girl and have farang boyfriend, I think you don’t need to know my name. O.K. let I explain why I write this mail to you. I read
many story at your website and I would like to write some story from my opinion and my experience to share to another one else. I understand farang when they think why Thai girl have to send money to their family or their parent. I am the one
who send money to my parent. I not start send money when I have farang boyfriend but I do send money home when I graduated and start to earn money because I think who have gratitude (good turn) to their parent will successful in their life, not
only this reason many Buddhists or many Thais think parents are the persons who give your life (give birth) and take care of you, love you more than anyone else. You will more understand how much they love you and concern about you when you have
your own children, so Thais think that the best human should have gratitude to the person who showed kindness and was good to you. Yes you don’t need to give only money to them, you can take care them when you can do (especially when they
old) but most of people not stay in their home town, have to go to work far away. One way and good way that they can do is send money to them and see them when they can do. Usually Thai people who work far away will go back to their hometown in
Thai New Year (on 12th-15th April every year). You can see this time of the year bus station, train station and airport will have many people waiting to go back home.

For me in my life I get many good things back and sometime when my life nearly zero point, will have someone to help. You know why? Because I believe that I do good deeds and good to my family. I tell you one of my experience that I won’t forget
in my life. It was happen in 19 December 2002 I was a student for work training at one tour company in Chiang Mai, in that morning I was very sick, can’t go to work my roommate took me to hospital. I know in my mind I don’t have
money to pay for the hospital bill because my family is poor and I had insurance only my hometown hospital. You know it was unfortunately to me I had inflamed appendix so I had to have operation on that night. I try to tell doctor that I don’t
have money to pay and I ask them how much for the operation, they said about 5,000-8,000 baht. I didn’t have much money like that but they said they will try to help me by asking my home town hospital that my case is emergency case because
they can’t send me to my hospital, if they send me I will die before I arrive to my hospital.

He Clinic Bangkok

So when my family know that I am in the hospital they quickly come to see me (my home town is Lampang about 100 kilometre from Chiang Mai) when I see my mom I cry and I told her ‘I am sorry I don’t want to be like this, I know we don’t
have money to pay for the bill’ my mom said no problem she will ask her friend for borrow money. After I operated I pray that the good thing that I did all my life please help me this time, You know I can’t believe on the next day
my mom called to me that she won the lottery (not the top price) but quite a big money for us and you know the number that my mom won it from my hospital patient room number and another good luck for me doctor told me that my home town hospital
accept my case was emergency case I can use my insurance so it mean I not pay anything. Now I believe that if you do good thing and have gratitude to parent, you will get good thing back (same like when you grow apple tree, you will get apple)
I don’t care what people think why I give so much to my family. I think that if they die I don’t want to cry and say why I didn’t do this why I didn’t do that to them. When they still alive now I will give them that
I can do.

In this world everywhere have good people and bad people. Bar girl or not bar girl have good and bad mixed. Some bar girl that I knew they don’t want to work there but not much choice for them because not graduate, not have much money. I don’t
say that you should to believe them but not everybody is bad. Somebody send money to help their family but somebody just said but don’t do that. Use your brain to think about people, don’t listen to another part of your body to order
yourself. Don’t love or trust someone 100% in short time. Time will help you understand someone. Good luck for everybody.

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