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Males Bashing By Western Women

Male Bashing By Western Women

By Falang Dude

Women say that western men who have sex in Thailand can’t get it at home.

The reason why women rarely write in web forums is that women generally are too lazy to learn how to talk. The want to be seen as contributing more than competing, and this deadens their critical instincts.

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It isn't that men are a rough and tumble bunch. It is that women use words as if they were similar to make-up. When in the course of conversation the make-up is forcefully removed, the woman, unused to the indignity of being publicly
exposed, forgets that she is supposed to have a there something to actually say, something to actually be. Women generally only post a few times on any web forum. They prefer chat rooms.

Perhaps you've heard that women are meant to be linguistically and socially superior. Like young teens are superior at filling up the vacuum in their life with skill at video games. Skill at gossip is only useful to sell a product or
to win an election. It isn’t a useful life skill.

Gossip is the skill of manipulating opinion. Gossip is a political TV commercial. Conversation is the skill of tearing down ideas that are inconsistent with experience and building up new ideas and ways to see the world. Conversation requires
seeing behind what you want other’s to agree with to see if there is a there there, and that requires being publicly wrong and having commitment to truth more that to image. Substance and novelty over feeling good about oneself. Conversation
loves the beauty of argument and competition; it comes from the feelings in the heart of longing for truth, and the thrill of the search for it. Being wrong feels good, showing someone else as wrong feels good, as both are the same movement towards
uncovering something real. Gossip loves the beauty of someone being better than someone else.

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The Philippines is to gossip as China is to manufacture. It is the point and purpose of the country. Women forever lying to each other, trying to gain some social position over each other by tearing each other down. It is not a culture ready
for self examination, because anything you say can and will be used against you.

—"Perhaps someone can answer me without resorting to all the "fat, white, demanding western women" clichés? Face it guys, you aren't exactly "Brad Pitt meets Mahatma Gandhi" yourselves you know!! Chances
are if you're a sad old git at home, you'll be a sad old git in Thailand."

Why must every woman, when faced with the fact of men having sex in Thailand, view the whole group as unattractive? It's like thinking that motorcycles are loud, because the only motorcycles you notice are the ones that annoy you. There
are many attractive men having sex in Thailand. All ages and all ranges of attractiveness are represented. There are many more young, fit, and attractive westerners having sex in Thailand than there are the old and ugly.

But so what? Are the old and ugly supposed to hide indoors, unfit to be publicly exposed as having the same sexual interests as the attractive? What, exactly, is the argument against the fat and ugly having attractive dates? Is it wrong?
Does it hurt your sensibilities?

wonderland clinic

To women who have a problem with men having sex in Thailand, please don't berate them for being old or balding. Like the many sight gags in movies of men being hit in the balls, the reference to being ugly is not humorous, it is in bad
taste. Like making fun of a woman's big feet. Choose something specific to hate that is worth hating. Ugliness is a poor cause.

Yes, it is easier for westerners to find sex partners in Asia. Don't feel left out, many older western women go to Bali for the same reason. Although many of us can and do find women to date in the west, we still have sex in Asia. But
what if someone who can't find a date in the west comes here for intimacy? I do know one fat loser who is so socially inept that he has to pay for sex. Although many would gladly marry a fat man, and he wants a relationship, he can't
maintain a woman's interest. So he pays. So what. He knows he is paying, why bother "informing" the losers that they are losers? They know it as well as you. Painting all men who have sex in Asia as having smelly armpits is mean
spirited. Ugly losers know how to bathe, and they are aware that they are paying for sex.

The young guys scoring with new women every night are a different story.

I met a thirty-two year old fellow last night at the local disco in Cebu, Philippines who had the poor judgment to have thinning hair. In three weeks he had gathered 120 phone numbers and who knows how many bed partners. He seemed enthused,
but listening to him made me feel empty and sad inside. Sex if fun partly because it brings people closer. If he is having fun getting close, why doesn't he follow through and spend more time with someone? I can understand 10 or 20 flings
as fun, but eventually most of us want a more meaty connection. He told me that he had spent 4 hours that day having sex. Good on him! A man after my own heart! Then I heard he had used Viagra. Wow. He's only thirty two. I had sex for more
than four hours a day with my girlfriend for the first three months of our connection, because of passion and sexual chemistry. To use drugs to keep a hard-on seems like raising the dead into the un-dead. Why bother? In one breath he let out how
great it was that he could get so many women, in the next he told me that he was by now sick of pussy and needed a break. Serious disconnect between speech and heart, and I think also between dick and heart. What is he looking for, and is he finding
it if he has to use Viagra? Viagra isn't a performance enhancer, it just makes your dick hard. He said the women love it, but I can't see how that could be. If he isn't naturally passionate, but has a hard dick, that is only superficially
sex. Superficial sex, isn't passionate sex. Next please! Why? I can't believe he is as enthused as he was claiming. I became sad listening to his happiness.

He was recently divorced. I guess he'll figure out his bodies needs eventually. But with Viagra in him, I can't see how he can be sensitive to his own feelings. Treating himself like a machine. Push this button for fun, this one
for sleep, this one for sex. I would guess that such a lifestyle would tend to deaden his sexual responses more than free them.

That kind of attitude is worth demeaning men, and women for. Being ugly is not. Being fat, maybe.

—"One last thing guys; there's a VERY fine line between bedding a 19 year old bargirl (whoremonger) and bedding a 13 year old girl (pedophile). Let's hope most of you are the former because there most definitely is something
awry with a 60 year old banging a 20 year old, and that goes for both sexes. "

When I was in my early twenties I tended to date women over 40. There was not anything definitely awry. Now that I am pushing forty I tend to date women in their early twenties. There is still not anything definitely awry. People choose their
priorities, consciously or not. At my age a very attractive sexpot holds more interest than an older woman with something to say. So? Do you resemble that remark? Does the sight of an older unattractive man with a sexpot somehow slight you? Some
of us choose youth, and some of us choose age. No one is holding a gun to anyone’s head. You might be surprised at how various the sexual inclinations of both men and women are. Plenty of young women also enjoy the attentions of an older
man, just as plenty of young men also enjoy the attentions of an older woman. My poor neighbors, having to put up with screams of "Daddy, oh Daddy" from my Thai girlfriends. When in Thailand I dated a 19 year old for about eight months,
up until I left. She had been a virgin when we met. It was a great loving relationship, a treasure. There was never any money involved, nor expectation of any kind of long term return such as marriage. My head is balding. Any objections? A dirty
old man is just a guy who is getting more youthful sex than you are. I'm proud to maintain a high sex drive into this age, and will do so as long as I can.

There are many reasons that westerners find it easy to find sex partners and life partners in Asia. The Hollywood effect and infatuation with western features, novelty, the allure of an experienced and traveled male, the chance to be entertained,
we have bigger dicks and are better lovers, money. Rich Asians will date poor westerners, just for kicks, and a motivated man can easily have one or more girlfriends of any class to whom he never gives a dime. Anything is possible, and everything
happens. To constantly bring up the image of the fat smelly German at the beer bar who thinks he’s all that is propaganda that dehumanizes.

Men get conned in Thailand. We get conned in the west too, only there it is invisible to us until after the divorce settlement. Unless you travel, it’s hard to even notice all the little expectations that are placed on us that we take
on, in order to be a “real” man. In Asia a man has a chance to try to re-define himself. Say no. No, no thanks, no marriage. No kids. No monogamy. Or to say yes. Getting conned is part of the game, and just because a man hasn’t
learned the game, doesn’t mean he doesn’t know what he’s doing.

How else to learn? Stay at home? Smacking up against a different culture is a great way to smack up against yourself. One of my girlfriends, Sa, conned me for a year, saying she had only ever had one other lover, all the while stringing on
several. I still miss her sometimes. I know myself, women, and the world better for how we mis-treated each other, and now my priorities are just that little bit more refined. We come here and dive right into the deep end. What other choice is
there? Getting fucked over, hit on the head, crapped on, for some of us, it’s the only way to get through our thick heads. We learn to see more clearly, penetrate into the heart of things that much deeper, and even to love people better,
through experience.

Mature women who see men choose young Asian hotties might feel unwanted and insecure, passed over, but don’t let that emotion cloud your thinking. Men have sex in Asia. All sorts and for all reasons. Not just fat German losers, but
even the fat German losers are here for a reason. Maybe, we just might live a decent life through our decadence and learn something. It’s not a bad option to try. Not bad at all.

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