Stickman Readers' Submissions September 16th, 2005

I Married A Thai

I lived in Bangkok back in 1982 on a one year assignment with the company I worked for. I now work for another company that's based in the USA. Stockton, California to be precise. Not a great place to live, but what the hell? You got to live where
the job is, right? Before I left Thailand in 1983 I married Meaw. A pretty bargirl I met while there. She was from Chang Rai. A cute little girl, 5 years my junior. She wasn't my first bargirl when I moved to Bangkok but she became my only
girl after we met and became lovers. I couldn't get enough of her and was quite content to pay her bar fine and tip for services rendered each day. When it came time to return to the USA I just had to take her with me. Don't leave home
without it. Just like the American Express card commercials. We got married in the traditional Thai manner in her home village about 5km outside Chang Rai. That was a trip. My advice to those thinking of marrying a Thai is be careful. Consult
Stick before you do it. I paid far more than I should have for her and the party that ensued as I later found out. Water under the bridge. Live and learn. Anyway, we settled in Seattle, Washington. Not my kind of town. Too much rain and dreary
compared to Thailand. Again, you live where there's a job. I had to eat and now feed a wife. Such is life.

Things went well for awhile. I'd go to work and Meaw would stay home tending to the house. She got into gardening to keep busy. That helped a lot. Kept her busy while I was at the office. When I would come home after a hectic day, Meaw
would be too tired to ask me to take her out and spend money on her. Thai wives in Farangland can spend money. Trust me on that. I'd take her to Thai restaurants so she could interact with Thais. That worked pretty well at first. She was
meeting Thais and connecting. The sex was still great. That's why we got married, right? The sex was just too good to give up.

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After a year, Meaw wanted to go home to visit her family. I understood that and sent her on her way along with a healthy amount of traveler's checks. She was away for four weeks. When she returned she was a changed woman. I couldn't
put my finger on it at first. She just didn't seem happy to be back. I didn't press the issue. Maybe she was just tired. When we got home from the airport, I made some Thai food for her (I got good at that) and suggested she shower and
get some rest. I was anxious to have my way with her but understood that she was tired from the long flight and needed her rest. The next night I made an overture to engage in sex but she was still "too tired". Okay. That's fair
enough. Well, this went on for several days. Finally, I asked her what was up? No response. Nothing. After three nights of denying me of my marriage rights, I demanded she tell me what was wrong. Then she dropped the bomb. I met another man and
I don't love you anymore. Damn, girl Kick me in the nuts! So what is it that you want, I asked? Divorce. I hit the roof. Who were you with? Who talked you into this? I was livid. I almost slapped her. I nearly did but didn't.

I poured a hefty shot of Jack Daniels and sat her down. What's going on, I asked? She then told me she met this American on the flight over to Thailand that she liked. They sat next to each other on the flight over. She had sex with
him and fell in love with him. She was crying. After all the "I'm sorrys" I just left the house. I didn't even hesitate or look back. I was disgusted. My blood was hot and I was ready to commit murder but I couldn't see
myself spending my life in prison over this girl.

I was lucky I guess in a way. We got divorced and she didn't ask for anything. The guy she met was wealthy and she didn't care what she could get from me. I had a mind to contact the guy and tell him that Meaw had a sixth grade
education at best but I didn't. I figured he'd find out himself.

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Well, I dealt with the depression of the loss of a wife that I loved. Life is full of twists and turns. I moved on. I got a new job with a good company but it's in the armpit of Stockton, California. I deal with it and the lack of quality
female companionship. About two years after Meaw divorced me I got news that she was dead. I got a letter via several friends from a Thai friend who knew us telling me that she divorced the guy she threw me over for. She returned to Thailand and
took up with her old trade. She tied up with farang of an untold origin who stabbed her. That's all I know aside from the fact that the guy's in the Bangkok Hilton now. That's the Bang Kwang maximum-security prison. There's
nothing I would do to end up in that hell hole. You don't want to go there.

Am I wiser from this experience? I don't know. I still think there's good Thai ladies out there. When I retire in 5 years time I may head back that way but I'm not so certain I'd let a Thai girl get under my skin like
Meaw did. Maybe. I'm not sure of that. Rest peaceably, Meaw. I would have given you a good life.

Stickman's thoughts:

Not nice. It is interesting that she should fall in love in such a fickle manner, essentially within 24 hours.

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