Stickman Readers' Submissions September 28th, 2005

How To Meet A Decent Girl Like Me

How To Meet A Decent Thai Girl Like Me

By A Decent Thai Girl

I have been reading Stickman for a while. It is quite interesting and amusing to read stories about my home country while I am studying in Farangland. I have got to know more about the dark sides of Thailand through some of the submissions. Since I am
not an expert in the Thai bar scenes, I am not going to write about them. But for those of you who are interested to meet a decent Thai girl, read on.

He Clinic Bangkok

I do not like to categorize people into good and bad, because everyone has both good and bad traits. These are not necessarily related to one's background or education level. No one is perfect. So I decide to use the term 'decent
Thai girl' instead of 'good Thai girl'.

I was born into a middle class family from Bangkok (not Thai-Chinese), attended a private all-girl school and graduated from Chulalongkorn. I may not know how it is like to be dirt poor and have nothing to eat. I may not know how it feels
like to sacrifice myself for the family by working as a bargirl. However, I believe no one would choose to be a prostitute if there is another better option in life. I do not look down on those Thai bargirls, but I have a pity for them instead.
Most of those girls become mentally damaged afterwards and eventually want to extract money from their walking ATM as much as they can.

I met my Farang boyfriend here in Farangland. He is older than me but not old enough to be my dad. I am not crazy about having a Farang boyfriend. Basically, I think guys are almost the same regardless of nationalities. We met each other
at the right time and in the right place. Although we have different interests and different values in life, we are well-educated, which makes it easier for us to communicate with each other. Despite being Thai, I do not care much about face issue.
I can accept other people's criticism towards me if it is the truth. I can talk openly with my boyfriend about everything, except my field of studies and his field of studies, because they do not have anything in common. I enjoy debating
and discussing matters with him. Unfortunately, with my illogical arguments according to the Western logic, I have never won. He does not support me financially, and I have never asked for any expensive gift. A nice meal in any restaurant in town
is enough. Begging for money from someone outside my family would be the last thing in my life that I would do.

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If you want to get to know a nice and respectable Thai girl like me (Sorry, I'm not available any more), stop visiting the bars. Some guys may say their bargirl girlfriend is different. Wait… Chances are, her true color will show,
sooner or later. Moreover, if a decent Thai girl knows that you enjoy visiting the red light area, she will not even consider dating you. A decent Thai girl will not sleep with you after she met you just a few times. You will have to wait, maybe
months, maybe a year, or maybe more.

Where can you meet a decent Thai girl if you are still in your Farangland?

Search for any Thai organization in your hometown or a town nearby. It can be a Thai students organization or a Thai community association. Contact them and tell them you are interested to learn more about Thai culture and Thai language. Be polite and
sincere, because people can sense it if you pretend. Attend a Thai cooking course or a Thai language course at an adult education center or a Thai temple in your hometown. Make a connection to the instructors of those courses who mostly are a
Thai native. If you know a Thai, she/he will introduce you to their friends. This way you will have a chance to get to know a nice Thai girl of your dream.

There are decent Thai girls almost everywhere in Thailand. If you look clean, dress properly and are polite, you will have a good chance getting to know one of us. Do not forget to smile, and do not assume that she will be like the bargirls.
It can be your advantage if you can speak a little bit Thai, especially if you meet a nice girl in a small town or a village where no one speaks English. There is a Thai proverb which says white elephants (a rare kind of elephants) are born in
the forest. You may be a lucky guy to discover that white elephant.

wonderland clinic

The world is getting smaller because of internet and e-mail. You may meet a decent Thai girl through the internet. However, be careful, because some internet girls are not good as they appear to be.

It takes time and patience to court a respectable Thai girl. That is one of the reasons why Farang tourists prefer a girlfriend experience in the bars. If you only want to be sanuk and have a good time, visiting the bars or being with a Thai
girl who wants the same thing as you is fine. However, remember, money cannot buy love. Furthermore, do not lead a decent Thai girl on if you do not intend to have a relationship with her. If her dad, brothers or other relatives are a police or
military officer or a politician, you may get yourself into troubles.

So, I wish you all have a happy relationship like mine. Remember guys, if you want to have fun, go to the bars, but do not expect anything else from there. You are not going to find a real diamond or an angel out there.

Stickman's thoughts:

Great advice, and right from the horse's mouth, so to speak. And I think the last sentence of the second to last paragraph is one many should take note of!

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