Stickman Readers' Submissions September 3rd, 2005

Farang Women

Farang woman, I just read your submission, actually several times I might add. I think that you should get real and try to understand what the hell is going on in Farangland, but you probably won't get it anyway.

Most of my married American male friends are married and very unhappy. Some are single, some have married and divorced at least twice or three times. They have lost half of their life's savings, they are paying alimony and child support sometimes
to more than one woman. They have worked their asses off to keep these women happy only to have them leave them for the UPS man or some fantasy man they have met at work who looks and acts like someone that they saw on TV and once they hook up
with their fantasy man, guess what? Another Ricky Martin look alike comes along and then this process repeats itself over and over again.

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And then you have the very sweet and innocent acting Farang woman who only goes for the "Bad Boy". This "Bad Boy" fulfils her every fantasy, just like on TV or the romance novel that she has just finished reading. But then he starts
abusing her. He treats her like shit, he shows no interest in her and often beats her and she keeps going back for more abuse. She has ditched very many "Nice Guys" only to go back to a looser like this so called "Fantasy Guy"
like she saw on TV or that she read about in a Romance novel.

Then you have the controllers. I work with a girl who falls into this description. Actually, my friends tell me that I should hook up with her, but they just have no clue. She is American. She is very short and cute and she has a very sweet personality
(which is deceiving). Actually if you just happened to meet her, you would think that you had just met your dream girl (a very clever trap on her behalf). She will whine, cry and try every game possible to lead you to believe that you are not
doing your best to keep her happy. Actually, I am her supervisor and this game actually worked on me until I finally caught on to her game. Now when she tries to play this game with me, I tell her in a very legal way to f******k off! Believe it
or not, she has told me that she will never marry a man unless he can change the oil in her car! Un f*****king believable! So I guess that we male Farangs should look like Ricky Martin, beat you and treat you like shit and change the oil in your
car and react to your every whine? Not me! Then you have the very loud, screaming, fat abusive farang woman. My Father once told me that I should marry an ugly fat woman, but these ugly fat women are the most controlling "Winches of the west".
Enough said.

Last but not least, you have the "Hottie". She walks by you with her nose in the air. By her body language, she sends the message that if you don't look like Ricky Martin or if you are not a loser or some guy who isn't like some guy
that she has seen on TV or like some guy that she has read about in a Romance Novel, then don't bother trying to talk to her. I always tell this winch to "f****k off!" I tell her that she isn't as hot as she thinks she is and
she should come down to earth and get real. Actually, I try to make her lose face, but it just doesn't work. I try to take this "Barbie" down a notch or two, but it just doesn't work. She is so stuck on herself and the Soap
Operas and Romance novels that there is no hope for her. She is living in a dream land and she will never be satisfied. Turn away from these kind of winches my friends!

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So Farang woman, I would bet that you fall into one of these categories. If so, I wonder why you would question why we male Farangs go for these Thai or other Asian girls (hookers or good girls, doesn't matter), Actually, it's very simple, just
be nice to them, show them respect and you will get twice the respect in return. (you should learn this lesson) Yes, I visit a Korean hooker. We do our thing, she feeds me, pampers me and makes me feel like a man. I am nice to her, I treat her
with respect and she more than returns the favor. Yes, I pay her, but it's much better than paying alimony and child support to a disrespecting American winch who is looking for the next "Ricky Martin"

Am I going to Thailand? You bet your disrespecting ass! If you have a problem with that, just keep reading your romance novels and keep watching the Soaps on TV and continue living in dreamland. Just run off with the next UPS man. If he doesn't do
it for you, go for the DSL man, the cable guy or the mailman. If that doesn't do it for you, then you should try to find Ricky Martin. (bet you won't find him)

So Farang woman, do you get it?

Stickman's thoughts:

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Sounds like a shitty place you live in if all the women are like that.

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