Stickman Readers' Submissions September 9th, 2005

Do They Despise Short Little Men

Do They Despise Short Little Farang Men?

By Little Man

I have read countless stories on the internet of how many men, regardless of age or looks, can find beautiful young Thai women who would be more than happy to give them a girlfriend experience and great sex. A land where beautiful available women outnumber
farang men 100 to 1. A place where an unattractive farang is suddenly transformed into a "movie star" with women pursuing HIM!

It sounded too good to be true. And for some of us….it is.

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Beautiful women and me are not a common combination. The fate of the unappealing male in Farangland.

What would it be like to be sought after by beautiful women? What would it be like to have great sex?!

While in Farangland, I would never know.

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So off to Thailand I go!

My time in Thailand was a total disaster.

It was about noon when I arrived in Pattaya. The first hint I had that something might be wrong was when I left my hotel to do some quick shopping for supplies for my room. I noticed, whether walking through Royal Garden Plaza or down a small soi – none
of the Thai women paid me much attention. None returned my smiles or eye contact. Even shop lady cashiers were all business. No smiles anywhere. I thought this was the Land Of Smiles. So where are the smiles?!

Even the loitering ladies on the beach side of Beach Road ignored me! But yet they did not seem to have any problem smiling at or chatting up other farang men.

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Hmmm, not quite the welcome I was expecting. But, basically, at first I did not think much of it. I figured things would improve at the beer bars tonight.

Back at the hotel, I prepared myself for the hopeful night of sanuk. I shaved, showered, used cologne, wore a nice clean shirt and slacks, etc. I also made sure to wear my best smile and best behavior to the bars.

That night and many others I found myself walking around the major beer bar haunts. I would notice that when men walked by the beer bars the bargirls would call or grab them to sit for a drink. But when I walked by….silence! Nothing. I was basically

At one beer bar, I saw a pretty young bargirl and approached her. When she saw me coming her way I noticed she rolled up her eyes and turned away from me. The mamasan noticed my interest and told the bargirl to sit with me. She did, but was not happy
about it. She kept completely quiet and did not ask me any questions. She just stared straight ahead with a pissed off look on her face. When I briefly turned by attention away…she made her escape!

Late one night I came across another beer bar cutie. Again, as I approached, this bargirl also frowned and made no attempt whatsoever to disguise her dislike for me. The mamasan asked me to barfine the girl. I pointed out that the bargirl obviously did
not want to go with me. But mama insisted that she did. I said O.K. When the bargirl heard this she walked away and took a seat. The mamasan went to talk to her and then returned and told me the bargirl would not be going with me.

At a different beer bar I was stopped by some unattractive bargirls and their mamasan. To be friendly, I had a drink with them. I did notice that there was one cute young bar girl amongst them. But she was the only one of them that was avoiding any eye
contact with me and she kept very quiet. I finally asked the mamasan if this bargirl could speak English. She said yes and pushed the bargirl towards me. It was very obvious by the surprised and unhappy expression on the lady's face that
she did not want anything to do with me. When I saw this I just said: "It's O.K. just let her be". The cute bargirl just ran away!

On Second Road, I came across a beer bar with two bargirls. One was pretty, young, and had big noms. The other bargirl was 50 y/o (but was in good shape for her age I will admit.) As I walked toward the young bargirl with the big ones
she shook her head no and pointed me towards the 50 y/o instead. The pretty young bargirl wouldn't give me the time of day.

I then decided to give the gogos a try. It was no better.

I walked into a gogo on Walking Street. The pretty dancers were on a rotating stage. As I sat with my drink I smiled at each of the dancers as they rotated into position. Each and every one of them would quickly avert their eyes and not one would return
my smile. I was one of only two customers in the place. Not one girl approached me.

Another day, I visited a very busy gogo on Beach Road. When I entered the waitress ignored me. But eventually they did seat me and bring me a drink. The bar was packed and very active with men seated with two or three girls each. Many dancers were on
stage. I sat there smiling at the dancers. Again, not one would return my smile. They flirted with other men from the stages….but I was ignored! Like I was an invisible ghost or something!

At another gogo on Pattayaland it was the same thing. No one would return
my smiles. No one would speak to me.

I did eventually barfine a couple of beer bar girls. I would take them to dinner, movies, and even buy them presents. What did I get in return? Each and every lady was a total STARFISH with me. Most of them even reneged on long-time (turning it into short-time)
All in all, I was treated very poorly by these Thai bargirls.

During my time in Pattaya I noticed many men, all ages and looks, drawing the attention of some of the young and pretty bargirls and enjoying themselves.

So the question is: Why were the bargirls treating them so well and me so poorly? Like many of the other male tourists I am a white farang. I admit I am not attractive to the opposite sex but neither were some of these other guys.

I observed all the "rules". I was clean, and polite, and generous, and smiling. I talked politely and softly and treated them like ladies.

So what the hell is it that turned these Thai women off to me? What on earth would cause them to ignore me and to be rude to me based only on my appearance? Many times they rejected me even before I could get close enough to talk to them! So, in what
way did I differ from the other male farang that would cause this vile reaction from Thai women?

Only one difference. I stand less than 5 feet 4 inches and weigh 125 pounds soaking wet. It is no secret that women the world over despise short men.

Easily 95% of the farang men visiting Thailand are probably of average to tall height and build. This is what Thai women expect a farang man to look like. It gives a Thai girl "face" to be seen with a big farang. Big is rich and secure and good.
Small is weak and poor and no good.

As a small man I found pretty young Thai women to act as if I were a non-entity. They did not even feel it necessary to show me phoney politeness but quite openly treated me rudely; as if I were of no importance.

I would be very interested in hearing from other short farang men about their experiences, both good or bad, in Thailand. Especially Pattaya.

Stickman's thoughts:

There is a major contributor to this site who is not a giant and he seems to do very well with the women in Thailand. I would speculate that perhaps there was something else about you that the women didn't like, though just what that was, I have no idea.

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