Stickman Readers' Submissions September 2nd, 2005

Bargirls From An American Sailor’s Perspective


By Cuddly Huddley

I have been in the United States Navy for over 13 years. I spent most of that deploying to the Mediterranean, Baltic, Persian gulf, and Caribbean. I have only been in Asia for the last six months but my off duty experiences have been nothing short of
amazing. I spend most of my time here underway (at sea) on an amphibious warship home ported out of Sasebo, Japan on the southern island of Kyushu. In between I hit various ports of call. I have had many experiences both sexual and platonic with
bargirls and thought I would just share my perspective from the various places I have been:

Sasebo, Japan
You have basically two sides of town for nightlife, Sailortown and Saketown. Sailortown on one end of the shopping arcade is a series of narrow alleys filled with Filipina owned and managed bars that cater to
mostly you guessed it American Sailors. Saketown is on the opposite end of the Ginza and its bars and clubs cater mostly to Japanese businessmen and do not allow Geijins (foreigners) in without a Japanese escort (go figure). In Sailortown if you
are a new face they know right away and will give the routine inquisition:

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How long you here for?
Are you single?
What ship you on?

About 90% of them are Filipinas living in Japan some on temporary work permits and quite a few as permanent residents. Most of the permanent residents either own their establishments or were formerly married to an abusive cold Japanese husband
who they have offspring with. They are all looking for that American military man to hook up with. Those military members over 30 with a number of years of service are prime real estate for these ladies. Well I qualify for this title.

Within two weeks of being in Japan I met a bargirl named Virginia, a 4 foot 10 inch Filipina and very attractive. Come to find out she owns her own English School for Japanese children and only works at the bar 3 nights per week. She was
37 but looked 22. She had been married for several years to a well to do Japanese Concrete Company Proprietor and had one child by him. Being so vastly different in culture their marriage fell apart. Not to mention his being cold and abusive to
her. Again she tried a marriage with an American Navy Lieutenant. She refused to leave Japan when his time to go back to the states so the marriage dissolved. I accepted that she had baggage and frankly so did I being recently divorced. We went
out for ramen right after her shift at Bar Akina one night and have been together ever since. Within a short period of time we took weekend trips together followed by great sex. But she always said she was well mannered and wouldn’t talk
about the actual sex act or what she liked to do in bed. I found this to be odd but I accepted it. I gave her a pearl crucifix on a gold chain. That is when she said she loved me. Filipinas as a whole are extremely jealous and she said if I was
ever with some one else she would kill them and me. At that moment I knew this one was a tool to be reckoned with. I had a lengthy at sea period coming up so I told her I needed to get my personal affairs in order. She took this as an insult apparently
and slapped me. Miscommunication or just difference in culture? I’ll let you decide. I can say that I do love her but that does not stop me from having fun when I travel to other places in Asia.

Overall Synopsis: I want responsible GI to marry and raise my standard of living.

Singapore well what can I say. I always assumed Singapore must be like the Saudi Arabia of Southeast Asia. I believed this because of the highly publicized Michael Fay caning for vandalizing cars in 1993. Most Americans
that don’t travel abroad to Asia will tell you the same thing. Well I get here and I see a blend of Chinese, Malay, Indian, and Western cultures and the cleanest country in Asia I have seen.

After some shopping on Orchard Road we stumble upon Orchard Towers better known as the famous 4 Floors of Whores. I just want to have a beer so I sit down at a bar at the top floor and order a cold Tiger, the national favorite. Next thing
you know I have this Indonesian stunner come to me and ask me:

Where you from?
How long you stay?
Will you buy me lady drink?
You wanna make me…I go you hotel?

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OK with that last question I knew this was not just a bar hostess. Excuse me for being naïve but this is a strict country right? Surely they don’t allow prostitutes here. Yes the government in all their wisdom allows all these
women to come in on a two week visa or longer. If you are a white male you are targeted from the get go and assumed to have money and most girls start their price off high, usually at 200 Sing for one hour. Truth is the locals pay less half of
that, like 40 Sing right down in an area called Gaylang. It’s a matter of how well you negotiate. Another trick I learned was to find a girl whose visa has expired. 9 times out of 10 you can get her to go long time for the short time price
because she doesn’t want to be caught out after midnight by the immigration police. I have used this trick many times.

Another area not so many people know about is the Paramount Hotel adjacent to Changi Naval Base. This hotel is far away from Orchard Road and is the primary area where a lot of these working girls stay. My recommendation is to start off here
early as the girls are leaving and you can get a freshly showered one for around 50-60 Sing. Some will even let you boom boom in their room to make it interesting. I learned about this place from a cab driver. The choices range from Malaysian,
Indonesian, Thai, Hong Kong Chinese, or Indian if that is your cup of tea.

Essentially these girls are looking to get rich as stated in previous submissions. Most are amateurs and a small minority are professionals. Only the foolish pay the Orchard Road prices. Follow my advice and you will save money. Get in good
and you may get one for free.

Overall Synopsis: Girls looking to make some money and maybe have fun along the way.

OK nothing in my previous adventures could prepare me for this. There is no place I have ever been quite like this. A whole subculture of bar girls.

I learned from reading this website is to not let them know you are a newbie. Newbies seem to get high balled on prices and taken advantage of. Act as if you are a veteran to the scene.
Knowledge is power and this website has empowered
me. I am not going to waste your time with saying what has been said time and time again.

Overall Synopsis: Thai bargirls are their own entity and cannot be compared to anything else. An overall agenda cannot be disseminated as they are too vastly unique. Some want money, luxuries, sex, and I do believe some want love.

Back in Japan
As I write this I am back in Sasebo, Japan. My girl friend Virginia is all but oblivious to my antics while on deployment. They say a sailor should have a girl in every port.

Stickman's thoughts:

Write another report when you make it to Indonesia – we don't have much on what happens down there.

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