Stickman Readers' Submissions September 6th, 2005

Bargirls, Are They Really That Bad?

By An Observer

I wrote this submission after I finished reading a reader submission called – You Farang Who Fall For Bargirl Disgust Me – by Educated Thai Woman. My first impression to this submission was that I was about to read some funny stuff about
how stupid some farangs can be. Unfortunately, I can not help feeling that the writer really looks down on bargirls which I could not agree with.

I am not a bargirl. Firstly, I do not think for the fact that someone was born in a wealthy family makes is better than other who were not. I would say, lucky you as it is beyond my knowledge to know how their family condition is actually like. Unfortunately,
95% of Thai population is not that lucky. So many people are struggling to get on with their life daily. Before I lose my point by sounding like I am writing this to attack the writer of the above mentioned submission, I will get back to the main
issue. I just want to tell that I think bargirls are not deserved to be look down on, especially from Thai people.

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I have had chances to get to talk to a few bargirls on social occasions as they date my boyfriend’s friends. You know what, they are actually normal!!! They are not crazy or going to give you any diseases or kill you. It is just only they work
in bar and well… maybe they do have sex with guys for money, but does that make them a bad person that deserve to be treated like they are lower than you. Some are very generous and polite. They take good care of their boyfriends that even I
am ashamed because I do not think I treat my boyfriend that well. They inspire me to be more sweet to my boyfriend (I am actually trying gradually). And to make it clear their boyfriends are not over 50s or fat guys. They are all in their 30s
with a good job. I do not know why they go out with bargirls when plenty of non-bargirls are willing to have western boyfriends, but I am sure they will not do it if they are not happy.

Why do we, so called normal Thai girls, should not think they are as good as us?? Well, it is up to you really. For me I just do not see the point of setting myself so high up than certain people. I believe that nobody wants to sell their body or be with
old and fat guys for money if there is another choice that will let them live their life comfortably. Who would not like to earn 1.5 million a year! But considering not even finishing primary school and having to work to support family since a
very young age, they suddenly found the way to get that sort of money by getting into this business, I think you can’t really blame them. They get to sacrifice something for that life. I think they deserve an understanding. You might think
they just chose the easy way. So what? It’s their right and if they are happy to do what they do, let they do it. At least they can build house and support their family. As long as there are guys who are happy to offer to support them financially.
It is those farangs’ decision & luck.

I never get a “she is a bargirl” looking from other people. Well, maybe because I am lucky that my boyfriend is a half-blood so he has an Asian look mix. We just look like a normal couple. Even that I never have to try so hard to be distinctive from bargirls. Who cares! Everybody I know knows who I am and that’s all that matters. The way one dresses doesn’t make her a good/bad person. For your knowledge there are so many girls in school or office uniform or pretty dress that sell their bodies for money. It’s just under cover. So do not judge people if you don’t know really know them. Or even if you know them, better mind your own business.

For me bargirls are better than those rich Thai who use their power to rob from majority people of Thailand who are poor. Funny enough those poor people respect the rich and only blame their karma from the past life to be born poor in this life. I think the corrupted rich people deserve to be looked down on more than bargirls who somehow generate income for people upcountry that the government doesn’t give a shit about.

And for you farang guys who are thinking about living with Thai women. To be honest with you, do not judge the book by its cover. I am going to tell you what you already know (but might forget) that there are good/bad people everywhere. Please think carefully before jump into relationship with anyone (not just Thai girls). If finally you are fooled by someone, it’s yourself to blame. There are good/bad bargirls and non-bargirls.

Stickman's thoughts:

Wow, very nice thoughts indeed!

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