Stickman Readers' Submissions September 27th, 2005

A Sri Lankan View

By Zorg Emmanuel

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I've been reading your submissions for a long long time but never wanted to get involved in farang affairs of the heart because being an Asian myself I never understood the farang man. However, I would like to finish the ranting of Nak Pa-Jon Pai
on: "Jettisoning a Thai Girl friend".

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Nak Pa-Jon Pai made one observation that "is" in fact the final solution: "…. I see Thais, bargirls and Thailand in general discussed as some alien species but I really don't see a lot of difference from here to there…"

Have you ever understood why we have a dick and they have a pussy?

What I'm saying is all the heartache, all the tears, all the pain appearing here in this site is the direct result of them being women and we being men. I will now reverse the biological clock a millennia to when our forefathers were hunting giant
Mammoth during the Ice age. The woman always stayed in the cave, cooked, fxxxed and reared children, while the men went hunting, gathered provisions and now and then pillaged other caveman communities, killed their opponents and the children and
dragged home their women for cooking and fxxxing. Women being the child bearing of the species, were vulnerable and always had a vested interest in their own survival and the survival of the off-spring. Thus, women always sought the male's
physical and emotional protection and therefore they had a "vested interest" in having the man with the biggest club and/or the biggest dick (more offspring to replace any killed or deceased before adulthood) in their cave. This state
of affairs always ensured theirs and their children's survival and that of the Homosapien species as a whole thus culminating in monogamy. The evolution of the woman into the partner that fxxxs, cooks, and cleans has endowed the female species
with the traits of illogically, unreasonableness and all the opposites of the word 'reason'. (gracious pardon of the anthropologists for the over simplification)

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This "vested interest" has been carried onto the 21st century where the same scenario still happens albeit, clothed in different forms from the West to the East. Nak Pa-Jon Pai 's experience with the girl he met at a bar in Canada and what
happens with cute angels from LOS is nothing different, Only the circumstances are different. We still bring home the bloody bacon and they still eat it! Yes this situation may vary slightly where both parties may be engaged in making and eating
bacon together but, most of the time it is we men who have the coolest jobs or professions (now compare this modern concept of a 'job' with the caveman's big club and dong!) which can buy the Ferraris, right? If the guy cannot buy
the Ferrari himself then generally, they stick together in a marriage (this word is a misnomer) of convenience so they can pool their resources for their benefit and those of the off spring.

Guilt: of the possibility of being dishonest; Jealousy: of thinking that other men/women might fuck their prized partner and finally the thing that differentiates the living from the inanimate, Altruism: cause a symptom called 'love'. No enough
of the analysis of this last concept.

Men have this tendency to seek adventure: because of testosterone. We have this bloody fascination with what is different than ourselves and the illogical psyche and the body of the female (ok ok I'll simplify it: tits and all) has intrigued us from
the time our forefathers were climbing trees. Men from the time of cave man have been fucking around much much more than the females, giving rise to a healthy human gene pool. The advent of Christianity institutionalized the monogamous state into
marriage. The monogamous social factor in all cultures has come to a state where it is drummed into the head of all men that they should quit fxxxing around and commit themselves to a single partner. This of course has practical results like:
the family unit being better off financially resulting in better education and employment in the monogamous unit as resources are concentrated. All men have inside them all the feelings that George Michael sings in 'Fast love'. Its suppressed
to varying degrees in various individuals.

You will find the concept of "face" in Asia from Afghanistan in the west, to Japan in the far east. This concept of 'face' seem to be the least understood by the farang Remember the dark ages, the reformation, the renaissance didn't
happen here. It happened in Europe and the West. We have a different social setup here where your social standing matters a lot in the communal hierarchy. We don't have a cut and dry way of life in Asia as you in the West do. Sure it affects
things like efficiency but, that is what makes we Asians. Try to understand and appreciate what is different than to scorn it. I may elaborate on that maybe later. The impersonalness of the western society/system (and that of western women) has
made Asian women a magnet for the farang (and the farang influenced societies) resulting in Asian cuties feeding off the emotional bankruptcy of such societies. Most countries in Asia which were colonized by the farang are also suffering from
this problem. The Kama Sutra was invented in India a long time ago. Kama sutra is not about cumming in your mouth in the 69 position or rimming the butt hole. Kama sutra is about how men should please and pleasure women and vice versa. It is about
being clean, learning the arts of music, dance, the pleasures of the senses, perfumes and massage to please each other, it is about falling in love and being in love for the rest of your life. The sex part of Kama sutra has been over-hyped in
the west. But the farang occupation of India and the rest of Asia destroyed that kind of culture. It was replaced by Victorian monogamy and all that jazz. The unfortunate thing is that those Victorian values which were imposed here in 1815 don't
exist in the UK now but they still exist here in Asia. The women in South Asia (including the author's homeland) are the most sexually conservative and stupid cave woman you can ever imagine. Of course she will cook, wash and raise your children
without much of a hiccup, but in bed she'll be a dead fish. Better to copulate with a sack of potatoes. That is what we have here.

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Yes, the exception is Thailand which was never colonized (directly) by Western powers. The old world Southeast Asian lax attitude to man-woman relationship still existed there when the Vietnam war began and the GIs started pouring in. Combined with the
grinding poverty of LOS at that time produced the Pong. LOS is a unique show on earth showcasing the unique beauty of Thai culture and the female form in all its glory. It's ironic that the women's lib and all that nonsense has destroyed
the femininity of the Western woman reducing her to a centerfold on a wank magazine. It is also ironic how 19th century farang values still shackle old colonies. Both of these resulting in these women losing the charm, beauty, tenderness, warmth
of the human female.

Is this not the reason why you and I still patronize Thai Airways on numerous trips to LOS?

To sum up:

(i) Women are all the same everywhere (evolutionary and genetic trait)- only your and their circumstances are different.

(ii) Irrespective of whether you have been happily married for 25 years or a regular sex tourist to LOS, you pay directly or indirectly for being with her. For modes of payment and recovery of payment consult your local banker or money lender.

(iii) In their mind you (actually, your wallet & the Visa and MasterCard) belong to them – leverage is the point here. Most of them understand the leverage of tits and pussy and how to keep you to themselves. For more details on how to use leverage,
see 'Battlefield Earth' starring John Travolta.

POST SCRIPT:- What prompted me to write all this was a de ja vu experience I had yesterday night that bought all my memories rolling back.

Stickman's thoughts:

I especially enjoyed the second half of this submission.

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