Stickman Readers' Submissions August 3rd, 2005

What the Thai Do Not Get About….

What The Thai Do Not Get About The Farang That Do Not Get About Thai Women

Ok, 4:00 AM and trying to kick start my brain to up and running. I sent the Jayson post to several of my Thai women friends, (none of whom are hookers, bargirls, or freelancers) and they all agreed about what he said. Of course it did take a lot of convincing
to read the entire post. Reading and thinking is not one of the favorite pastimes of even the educated Thai. I use this term educated Thai very loosely.

I have many personal thoughts and will shoot them at you in a totally random sample, more like the shotgun approach.

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First. To get a Thai woman hi so, low so, or so so to spend time to read and think is quite an accomplishment in and of itself. Which made me come to think. Which is better – to be a thinker in Thailand or to remain what I call Blissfully Ignorant. I
think it is the latter, because this is the land of the Blissfully Ignorant. And this is only one of the many reasons why there are so many smiles. People who tend to think too much very seldom smile. If you do not believe me, go to Singapore.
On this vein where would you rather be. Singapore with its over organized, sanitized, and everything over damn correct. Or the Land of Smiles where often nothing is really as it seems. Ahhh.. land of the Blissfully Ignorant.

On first approach to Thailand everything is amazing and mind blowing. Even if you choose not to go to the titty bars and find the whores. Thailand has many gifts and the best is out of the red light districts.

Thailand is a lot like Disneyland. Lots of amazing adventures and fun. However if you visit often or live there, most farangs being thinkers by nature start to wonder. Just how does Fantasy Land really operate. This is when the icing on the cake starts
to melt in the heat of the land and reality steps in.

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Now, you have a choice. Either embrace Thailand for all the wonderful things it provides. Or, get out of town and live back home in your world of being undervalued.

It you tend to do too much thinking, the magic of the Magic Kingdom starts to lose its shine.

But, for me this is when Thailand really opens its doors. I am different than most of the Farangs on here and this does not make me right / wrong or good / bad. There are many gifts that can be opened in Thailand and it does not always have to be about
opened legs.

Ok back to the real subject at hand. One of the things that the farangs do get about the Thai women is peace. Yes, not piece. but. Peace. The women of Thailand try to get you to shovel out all the garbage. You know the "noise" that is constantly
occupying your brain.
For the Thai, brain noise is not an option. Most do live in a mai pen rai state of mind. And for the most part this is a good thing. For the overworked, overstressed, and undervalued male of a developing
society, this is a wonderful thing. Beyond the best and most expensive shrinks.

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Yes. Thailand can be an amazing escape, but this escape is mostly provided by the Thai women.

Because they live in this world of escape almost everyday. If you were them, born and raised in Thailand, you would too. I am speaking of the common Thai female that most farang meet on the street and in the communities. Let's say the girl who is
working behind the counter of the above average to 5 star hotel. For most Farangs visiting Thailand, this is about as close as they will get to the true Thai girl. Most other women they meet and interplay with are just victims of their society.
So to make the statement "What most Farangs do not get about Thai Women" is really a non qualifier since most farang that visit Thailand never get to meet her anyway. Most Farang who visit Thailand only get to meet the whores.

Now let me come to the defence of most farangs who are succumbed by the female pleasures of Thailand. I can tell you for a fact that most men in America (speaking only for America) are overworked and undervalued by the American female species. Many times
the list of honey doos is so big, he never gets the chance to go fishing with his buddies. And if he pisses and moans about it, not only does he not get any pussy from this "Orca", but takes the chance of her doing a walk and him losing
everything he has worked for all his life, including his kids.

Ok so you take this poor guy, who after his 2nd or 3rd divorce and bankrupt in every way possible, financially, mentally, and emotionally. And he somehow wanders into the Land of Smiles.

Here is a guy who probably has very seldom ever got a pretty smile from a young pretty woman or has maybe never felt appreciated or respected by any female, let alone someone very slender, shapely, pretty, and half his age. BANG! He is dead. And dead
on the first young hard body that flashes that famous Thai smile his way. Why, because all his life he has been set up for this day in time. Thailand was just sitting back waiting for it to happen.

So, please try not to be too hard on this guy. In most cases he is a damn good guy and just never got what he deserved in life. So, let him be happy irregardless of whether he can figure out the magic of the magic kingdom. I think… Best if he does not.
That is my first point. And this is why you see him walk hand in hand with a bar whore or a freelance gold digger. He is happy that someone in his life made him feel appreciated. Unlike the Thai, he really does not give a shit about what other
people think about him with this undervalued woman on his arm.

He is smiling, she is smiling and that is enough. Ah.. thankfully all the mental noise is gone.

And by the way. I have traveled all over Thailand including the islands. And I have met regular Thais from all parts of Thailand. And the Isaan people who are normally looked down on by most of the so -so and hi -so class of Thailand, are some of the
most wonderful, loving people I have met.

Now, how they behave with a banana Thai man or amongst themselves would be another thing I am sure. But, really I do not care. I give them respect and they do like wise for me.

And they are not all short and dark and have 6th grade educations. Many are doctors, teachers, business owners and wonderful people of the community and of the heart. So, please lets not put down someone just because they happen to be born in a certain

In regards to a Thai woman would naturally feel that being seen with a Farang is going to make every Thai in her country think she is a Whore.

And about the money end of it. Thai women only marry farangs for money.

Let's face Facts. Many Thai women are very attracted to farangs. But, many do not feel they have a chance to be with them. And most are too shy and reserved to try, or too scared.

Because it is true.. most of the farang who do visit Thailand are there for sex. And they do not want to be associated with that thinking.

But the good Thai woman and the good farang man will eventually show thru. My wife is Chinese. She married me because she knew American men for the most part treat the women very very good. Unlike many Asian men who often look down on women as a second
class citizen. She knows this and so do I. Even Asian men born and raised in America often treat women as a lower grade and with disrespect.

For the most part, I do agree with Jayson and feel it was a good post. However the following post by Thai Wanderer was just as good and spot on.

Stickman's thoughts:

When you describe America as being like that, then yes, it explains everything. But then, I just do not think America is that bad….

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