Stickman Readers' Submissions August 5th, 2005

What The Thai Do Not Get About Farang

What The Thai Do Not Get About The Farang

This statement: But the good Thai woman and the good farang man will eventually show thru.

My wife is Chinese. She married me because she knew American men for the most part treat women very very well. Unlike many Asian men who often look down on women as a second class citizen. She knows this and so do I. Even Asian men born and raised in
America often treat women as a lower grade and with disrespect.

He Clinic Bangkok

was obviously made by a Racist Caucasian who has a lot of resentment for Asian men in general, and needs to post an anonymous message to vent his pitiful frustrations. To give into stereotypes clearly shows how ignorant this "punter" really
is. Yes, there are probably some, hell, many Asian men who treat their wives with disrespect and lower grade, just walking through a local Thai mall I have noticed many a time, Thai women with gauze patches over their eyes to cover wounds inflicted
by domestic partners. Still, there are plenty of men, Asian included, who would give their life for their spouse and children. You need a visual example? Check out Dith Pran in "The Killing Fields".

…but living here on the west coast (United States) I have also seen quite a few Caucasian Americans who have treated women with much disrespect.. visit your local battered women's shelter and you will see how many women with Caucasian husbands/ex-husbands
there that were being treated "very very good"…

….Take a stroll down Soi Cowboy or Nana, and you can see plenty of drunk American men slapping Thai girls in the back of the head and laughing. Or the American men who push down Thai women just for being a little too forward..

CBD bangkok

…I remember when I was at a Topps marketplace one time and a Caucasian guy (with an American accent) walks in and starts yelling at the old lady preparing Som Tum. "Give me some fried rice you bitch." I guess this guy treats
women "very very good" and much "respect"? Maybe Caucasian women, but not Thai….

…or how about the Caucasian man who buys and grabs the 5 year old little girl from her mother at midnight on Sukhumvit, is he treating women "very very good"? or how about the Caucasian man fondling 2 pre-teen hookers at the Riverfront Residence
Restaurant while the Thais look and gawk, is he treating women "very very good"?

Being an Asian American myself without any problem with AF/WM relationships, I still have heard/seen plenty of stories from my AF friends about domestic abuse and superiority problems with their WM boyfriends. Hey, just pop in the true-to-life story video
of "Heaven & Earth" and see for yourself… the women in that movie had WM husbands who treated them "very very good" (sarcasm)

Look, I only mention these observations because I have to convey that "treating women with disrespect" occurs just as frequently in American culture as Asian culture, perhaps a little more in Asian countries because the social restrictions (law)
and women's suffrage is just not there, and to say that Asians that are born in America "often" treat women as second class citizens is outright BS. His Chinese wife had some bad experiences with Asian men, so he decides to use
her statements as the full and foremost truth against ALL or MOST Asian men. Stereotyping Ignorance! This guy most likely does not know *many* Asian American men personally, nor the women who love them. The ones he does know are probably assholes
just like him. Birds of the same feather flock together right? Personality and class still differentiate between each person, even in different cultures, and it is not defined by race.

wonderland clinic

There are plenty of men.. Asian, Caucasian, American, Black, European, etc. alike who treat their women with respect and worship the ground they walk on. Opening the door for their women, buying their women bouquets of roses, showering their girlfriends/wives
with kisses, and could never, ever think of laying a single hand on their woman. Basically, putting their woman on a pedestal. There are also plenty of men from all races who treat women with high disrespect.

To make these stereotypical statements only shows how ignorant, racist, and boxed-in this guy really is.


Stickman's thoughts:

Of course everyone should be treated with basic respect and manners, but as for worshipping women, that's something I've never understood. That Sex And The City shit has got a lot to answer for, elevating many women's expectations to unrealistically levels.

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