Stickman Readers' Submissions August 31st, 2005

What About Japanese

This letter may bore many, because it is not a trip report, but it is a letter that I'm sure is representative of the situations of many Stick readers in the sense of longing for the fun life and also in having a bad marriage with an SE Asian or SE/USA Asian woman.

I have been following the Stick website for 2 years now, dreaming, preparing, and guiding my life into a direction where I would someday be able to regularly experience "the good stuff," as opposed to what I call the "cows with attitude" that are in America.

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I wrote in a long time ago about being unhappily married to a Laos woman who is 31, me 40. We have a 3 year old and although my wife is pretty and the sex is good, it has been a horrible 3 years of stress and high blood pressure with all of the insane Asian crap she has continuously pulled. One thing I can warn Stick readers about: You think these bar girls are trouble, beware of Asians like my wife who have grown up in America, since 12 in her case. From what I have seen and experienced, they pick up all of the bad traits of American women (attitude, not easy or fun to get in the sack), and you still have to deal with all of the Asian BS family crap. For example, when it is to their advantage, they want to be Asian and traditional, (like me paying for the wedding and giving gold ), but when it is also to their advantage, they want to be American (like acting like a bossy American women with no respect to their husbands). Notice the similarity in the two previous statements; "to their advantage."

In American culture, money is supposed to flow down from the parents to the children, not the other way around. I made a lot of mistakes in getting married by "being the easy going guy I am." By being the nice guy and going along, I went against my better judgement and heart, and I have paid heavily. But I can at least say I have the courage to end it and start over no matter what. Just remember when kids are involved it is a challenge. One thing I would tell anyone marrying an Asian girl is: DO NOT HAVE KIDS FAST! Wait and see if you can take it. If there are no kids it is so much easier to get out.

In my situation, we were allowed to live together after our engagement ceremony, and we also had gotten legally married, so my wife was pregnant at our wedding 6 months later, with no loss of face because our engagement ceremonies were done to their satisfaction. Heck, I think our engagement was a traditional wedding, they just didn't tell me! I know it seemed like the same ceremony as the traditional wedding ceremony we had on our wedding day.

Anyway, my wife has made me so unhappy I have finally steered it to divorce . The goal is to be co-operative and civil and just split the profits from the house and go our separate ways having joint custody of our daughter, and no lawyers involved.

Anyway, I promised myself not to be a loser and bore you all with this. I just want Stickworld's feedback on an observation that I have been seeing for the past few years.

I happen to be involved with college education, and so I am around a lot of attractive women in the US. A lot of these women are Asian, and I have noticed something very distinct about the different types, having worked and known all of them.

What is funny is that while married I most definitely wanted to go to Thailand, and now that I am getting divorced, I have some reservations. For me now, I don't know if I ever want to have anything to do with Thai or Laos girls. I have spent 3 years watching Thai soap operas with my wife, and for all of you that have done this, you get the pattern pretty quick about the Thai female archetypes.

Since lists look easy to read on Stick's site here are my conclusions:

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Generalizations and Knee-jerk Opinions of Different Asian Races of Women

1. Thai women only really care about family and food. They are greedy in their obsession with family and food. They are busy bees always having something going, (in-the-works). Key word: Bossy.

2. Laos are the same as Thai women, except Thai think they are better. This comment is void if they are raised in USA, where they all think they are better, Laos or Thais. I have a PhD in mathematics, but my soon-to-be-ex-wife gives me no respect and acts as if she is smarter than me. (Sometimes I must agree since I was stupid enough to jump into marriage with her, all to her rushing. But that makes sense, she had to rush, because as I found out, when anyone got to know her and found out how bossy she was, they did not want her, that's why the rush!)

3. Korean women seem rude. I have not dated one, but after being around a lot of them and getting to know them, I don't feel I would be safe getting involved with one. The ones I know are really bossy and they don't seem to put out for their husbands.

4. I had a Phillipina girlfriend before I got married and she was gentle natured, could hang out with me, and was pretty sexual. Its hard to judge though, since she had been obese at one time, and had lost a lot of weight, so she had these hang-ups about being treated bad all her life about being fat, which is a no-no for Asians. So she might have been gentle natured and cool due to low self-esteem brainwashing that families are so good at. I have heard some bad stories about Phillipinas, but they were probably mail-order situations.

5. Chinese are pretty close knit, have not had much interaction with them. They don't seem to mix as much.

6. Vietnamese seem really cool. I get an uplifted feeling in my heart when I am around Vietnamese woman. I am considering taking a chance on a Vietnamese girl if the opportunity presents itself.

7. This brings me to the topic of the article. In all of my interactions my entire life, I can't think of anything negative ever happening with a Japanese girl. I have been around them closely at school, I have seen how they treat their boyfriends as well as other men. They seem to be the politest and most respectful women on earth. I have heard on the Stickman site that they are easy to get in bed in Japan. They have a cultural history of learning to please a man in bed. So I am putting the question on the table, exactly what about Japanese girls?

Why put up with all of these problems with SE Asians. Is it about supply and demand? Can we do the LOS thing in Japan. Would it cost a fortune?

And to all of you experienced Stick people like Dana, are there a lot of Japanese girls available for enjoyment in Thailand? Are the prices still reasonable? Does Thailand change their character and make them just as bad as the Thais?

Anyway, I know a lot of people are going to put me down for generalizing. Whatever,…. of course there are exceptions to the rules, but I no longer make important life decisions based on exceptions. I consider exceptions when I encounter exceptions, which is seeming rare these days.

But I do apologize for people with girl friends, wives, or lovers who do not fit my raw stereotypes above. I just leave all of you with the question,

What about Japanese girls?

Stickman's thoughts:

Japanese girls can be met on Khao Sarn Road, but I imagine they would be horrified if you tried to buy them.

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