Stickman Readers' Submissions August 18th, 2005

That Hurt

By Beanflicker

In answer to the “from a Farang female”. Well ‘Stick’ this did strike a nerve. It sounds a bit fishy to me, as she sounds a little bit to much like the comments my ex might make, if she could see me now, she too would say,
you sad man, but she took my £££ and got hitched last year and bought a nice house with it, (good luck to her) and as “miss farang” as I will call her, has complete freedom in what she says, is stepping in to world
of the unknown. I’m sure she thinks like so many women do “men are so easy to work out”. Not all of us are that easy.

I would like to take this opportunity and have free speech myself. I myself loved the woman I was with, we got on very well, we shared everything, I met her in the same work as I currently do, in the public sector, it was love at first sight, she had
charm, enthusiasm and loads of energy I was even willing to give up my friends for her, and nearly did because we moved to another part of town, it was a chore to see them everyday.

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I spent every penny I had decorating the house we lived in, we had our ups and downs as with any relationship, we did eventually split after five years purely and simply because she decided to go and find another bloke, then had the cheek to ask me for
my hand in marriage “leap year” I know this to be true about her dishonesty, because it was a friend who she went off with who later informed me, because she packed him in because he turned out, so to speak, not as settled as me,
she eventually found someone as I’m sure I might do one day “and I hope she’s Thai”.

Just read ‘Stick’ for the success stories, as there are many, as I think Miss Farang has clearly not read enough of these stories to get a clear picture, I’m not going to apologize for the things I’m going to say in this submission
although it takes a lot for me to react in this way.

I agree with her about the lack of confidence on the male point of view i.e. Me but as many men will know dating the Farang women from my point of view can be filled with all sorts of problems if a serious relationship is what you are looking for, that’s
your choice, I myself am not looking for a “I can’t even say the word” r………then good luck to you.

I myself have just discovered travel, as the early part of my life I was not able to, now I have a sound career, an employer who is willing to give me the time off to travel, I’m still young enough to enjoy my life and I love slim Asian women because
that’s my choice, (Farang women the world over are gonna hate me for this, but hey, I’m a roll now, your getting fat, god I’ve wanted to say that from the publicly for years now, and it felt good)

Asian women look beautiful, they don’t eat crap (burgers) only the one’s who hit Farangland and look what happens to them, they get spotty, then fat, sounds like one of my westernisation rants.

I work in a place surrounded by women, I might as well just say it, an Airport, so you can get an idea what kind of women I’m surrounded by.

I don’t find it that easy to chat to the girls, although where I work you have plenty of choice. I have been on a couple of dates but if I’ve got to spend a shit load of money then I’d rather save that money, stay in, and travel 12,000
miles and enjoy it and I get a tan to boot, and at the moment I haven’t got a lot to say. I now they ain’t gonna want to hear my ramblings about Thailand as so many have said, they just draw the same conclusion “you into shagging
Lady boys then, bla bla bla”. If I was to start dating now, I would always feel I was starting at the beginning again and could I even trust that person not to cheat on me.

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I’m not in the mood for being dumped and loose everything that has taken me so long to build up after what I went through with her, I’m aware that men cheat, and women seem to think its ok to do the same thing, but I don’t believe
in cheating, it ain’t right, but I shouldn’t have to pay for the mistakes made by men who like to go behind there women’s backs, so I remain single, that way I can’t get hurt.

So this is why I go to Thailand, to get away from the real World, knowing that after my time there, I can leave knowing although I may pay for it they ain’t gonna take everything I own, as well as my soul. The women where I live walk around with
their heads so far up, they don’t care who they hurt in the process, they are someway like the women in the land of smiles but a least they tell you they are only in it for the money, unlike British women who take yer money then tell you
they did it “maybe”.

Your comment; Farang meeting Thai woman, she asks for money, man gives her money, she asks for more, man is still blind enough to give more. Yes, well more fool them, but isn’t that what women the world over B/G or not do, I understand women in
the 21st century, want a career, have a good life but as usual greed gets in the way, and when things don’t go there way, they get a divorce get half or more and move onto the next. “Deny it.”

And your statement ‘I’ve heard those stories and I’ve had enough of it’ and “how sick must it be controlling a woman by giving her money but forbidding to let her to see other women” wow you should see how the
‘Thai’ men treat 'em then, these and other cultures, like I have said in previous subs have existed for thousands of years in different forms, its like me saying to the tax man I’m sorry but I’m not going to give
you anymore money because ‘I’ve had enough of it.


I find women of all nationalities to be amazing creatures, complex, “and can bleed for sometimes 8 days and still not die” sorry I couldn’t resist that.

I hope that there will be more submissions on this topic, as ‘Stick’ says “see if it hit a nerve”.

I don’t claim to be clever as some will agree with my other submissions, but I’M HAVING THE TIME OF MY LIFE, just say the word “Thai” sends shivers down my spine, I haven’t had that feeling for years, and if I have to
travel to get it, then so be it, but please don’t make it sound like I’m sad, I’m happy for the first time in 15 years, (as I spent the first 10 pissed) “it's what I want.”



Stickman's thoughts:

Women are much the same the world over. Farang women are easier to understand, quite possibly more faithful and absolutely positively much less likely to "feed the ducks".

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