Stickman Readers' Submissions August 9th, 2005

Love. Life And Sex In Patong

Be careful with Humans Papilloma VIRUS HPV!

Who is with who in sexual contact in Patong?

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Sa and Roger had played a beautiful game of intensive sexual affairs during my absence (for maximum 8 days) from February to end of September 2004 before we moved from Patong to Pattaya.

In April we fell in love with each other and stayed together all the time in a Hotel before moving to our own apartment in July 2004. With uncountable painful events seeing some of her 500 or more past customers, (she used to tell me, I did not have many
customers) we moved to Pattaya.

Unbelievable, Sa could not get off from such porky relation with Roger, the Italian guy who is one of the most sexually active man in Patong. Roger lives in a rented house near Kalim or Kamala beach. He works as a partner of one construction company that
dealt with building luxury villas, apartments and other real-estate projects.

I have told her 100 times, (from my understanding “for Thai ladies, your words are gone with the wind and they are proud to hear and DO as what you say)? DO NOT have SEX with another man, DO NOT play any games with me as you did before with other
guys, stay with me with your heart and your body which does not mean only what I want for myself, it also means to keep being healthy without taking a risk to get AIDS, HIV, HPV 6 “ 68 etc., because of the responsibility for a 6-year-old
son. ?

A beautiful solution – one man for her heart and another man for good sexuality of her desire. It is very easy and very nice to do so instead of being patient and keep waiting for each other for some days! 1000 times of more lies in everything.

It is very well known in Thailand for these scenes and clienteles that “you can bring out the lady from the bar but not the bar out of the lady. So true words.

After a long time of fever attacks and examinations done in Bumrungrad Hospital and Bangkok-Pattaya Hospital, they detected a seldom-found body virus in me. The virus of which is easily transferable by mean of sexual contact BUT NOT transferable by other
ways to direct family members. It is Humanes Papilloma Virus which is developed from the HPV family (HVP 6 “ 68, low-high risk virus, DNA double strings defects etc.). Its incubation time is known to be between 3 up to 12 months and possibly
up to 2 years or even longer. In 2001 I got the low-risk HPV virus in Indonesia which is now in a certain risky range. Since last year SA “Phannisa “ had the same HPV symptoms with several fever attacks and other effects.?

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NOW there is a Russian roulette rotation between Roger and all other ladies in Patong. Congratulations for that and much more!

Sa and Roger have NO RESPECT for REAL LOVE and children. I come with my 6 year-old son every year to Thailand and work so hard (It does not make any sense that a million of people have to work very hard and their girlfriends as well, wait for FAITHFULNESS)
with travelling time of the tied relationship! These base subjects of LIFE have no any value in such a place in Thailand! What a big mountain of human bullshit in such a nice and natural place as Patong.

After all: our love and relation story is written as one among a million and more stories between a Farang and a Thai lady. Everything that you can do and that you are doing, with real good will of TWO persons, will end up for nothing but only damage.
Such a pity in this nice country.

Here is the MESSAGE to all Farangs and Thai ladies in Patong, Pattaya and Bangkok: play no games with other people, keep always personal RESPECT and as well, for LOVE, children and family. When the truth is revealed “sooner or later, it destroys
GOOD parts and good intention of two persons to live their normal lives and it raises family tragedies in Thailand. For foreigners too, their dignity gets hurt and Thai people lose faces from their destroyed reputation and much more for those
people who trigger that porky game. It is even worse for bar ladies and other sexual related business.?

The aim, task and MESSAGE is: transfer this LOVE story, its danger and porky content to all people in Patong and elsewhere as what I did with the original Thai version which received a positive feedbacks from Bar Ladies. They do NOT understand if a lady
really wants to get off from that kind of life, to have a REAL LOVE, a GOOD and NORMAL man to BUILD UP a NORMAL LIFE “why she can be so porky Sang-Jai “unfaithful! Certainly, many of them really want to get off from that scene seriously
but in doing that, it requires TWO PERSONS to have good thinking and good acting.

Beware to come across with those persons and others because of HPV infection danger or has it already happened with someone?

Or for more information through Internet: http://www.aidsmeds.comOIs/HPV1.htm

Stickman's thoughts:

Just another reason why one should be very careful who they get involved with. AIDS isn't the only nasty out there.

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