Stickman Readers' Submissions August 11th, 2005

Inexpensive Gifts For Bargirls

Inexpensive Gifts for Bar Girls

Chocolate is a sure-fire gift for BGs and other P4P providers. But if you really want to make an impression, give them the cock and pussy shaped chocolates available online or in specialty stores (every big city has an erotic bakery or confectioner).
Do a Google for "teenie peenies" or "chocolate cocks* and you'll come up with dozens of suppliers. Erotic chocolates come in all sizes and shapes, from the 1/2-inch, bite-sized teenie peenies to 12-inch, life-like behemoths.
Same goes for chocolate pussies. You can also get suckers on a stick featuring chocolate teddy bears that are whacking off, male and female torsos, bunnies screwing and even hollow cocks filled with white cream.

Why go to the trouble and expense of buying chocolate cocks when you can get chocolate at $1.00 a bag at WalMart? Because the effect on the girls is extraordinary. Chocolate, while always appreciated and enjoyed, is not exactly something that's unknown
to TGs. They've seen and tasted it all, from gourmet Belgian varieties through plain old Hershey's or Cadbury's. But a chocolate cock will be something new for the vast majority of them. Anytime you give a TG a gift that's
new, funny and exciting, she'll love you for it. Also, it gives her face in front of colleagues (they'll wish they had gotten the same) and that's never a bad thing. Gifts like chocolate cocks are a cost-effective way of establishing
rapport that money alone can't buy you.

He Clinic Bangkok

One example- A few years ago I passed out some teenie peenies in a BKK go-go bar and they were a big hit with the girls. In January, I returned to the same bar and the mamasan recognized me immediately as the guy with the chocolate cocks. That perked
up the interest of all the girls and I got a lot of inquisitive looks. When I produced another box of teenie peenies and pussies, the effect was enormous. The girls mobbed me, all of them wanted a sample. At the time, there was only one other
farang in the bar and he'd apparently been buying lady drinks for the bar's top hottie all afternoon (hadn't spared himself either, the guy was sloshed). She immediately deserted him and ran over to partake of the chocolate.

The guy was pretty irritated about that, especially when another girl, on her way back to the stage, held the 1/2-inch chocolate cock close to his groin and said, "Same as you." He swatted at her in a not-very-friendly fashion, but she was the
veteran of dozens of such encounters and glided away from him with ease.

Whether it was the frustration of the afternoon or a lifetime, the guy decided to vent his anger on me. He yelled that I'd "ruined everything" for him with a cheap trick, Americans always want to dominate, etc, etc. I answered that it would
be impossible for me or chocolate cocks to ruin anything for him, his mother and father had done that decisively on the night he was conceived, an occasion that could truly be described as a cheap trick.

CBD bangkok

He failed to appreciate the humor in my comment. In fact, he roared with anger and looked ready to have a go at me. I wasn't too worried – we were about equally matched in size and age, plus I was stone sober and he was stumble drunk. I figured I
could take him down without even having to throw a punch. I slipped off the barstool and prepared to take countermeasures in case he entered my strike zone.

But then the amazing happened. The BGs and the mamasan all got between us. It wasn't a neutral peacekeeping mission, they were definitely on my side. That was a coalition of the willing of the best sort – me and Thai BGs. The drunk guy's recent
hottie companion more or less led the charge. Neither he nor I understood what she saying in Thai, but anyone could gather from the classic enraged BG performance she wasn't wishing him pleasant things. The guy got more aggressive, starting
throwing beer bottles and at that point, he encountered the bar's security personnel (that's not an official job classification, but you get the idea). I won't include scenes of gratuitous violence, but let's just say my afternoon
had a sweeter ending than his. I thought I was honor-bound to see that Miss Hottie didn't lose in the process and assumed personal responsibility for her well-being the rest of the afternoon and night. She was thankful in the appropriate
manner. I can't know for sure, but I doubt a box of those seashell chocolates you buy in-flight would have had the same effect.

Teddy Bares

Teddy bears are a tried and true inexpensive gift for TGs. Forget other stuffed animals, it’s teddy bears that count. Miniature bears, about 2” tall, are the favorites, but all smaller bears, up to 5” or 6” are appreciated.
Larger than that and TGs tend to think of them as toys for children rather than collectibles befitting sexy girls. TGs will certainly accept a larger bear as a present, but will pass it on to the baby or child of a friend/relative, rather than
keep it themselves.

wonderland clinic

You can get the miniature bears for a buck or so in WalMart and similar discount stores, even cheaper just after Valentine’s Day. Because the bears have proved so popular with TGs inside and outside P4P, I usually carry 20 to 40 with me to LOS,
depending on how active I plan to be and how much space I have in my suitcase. Doesn’t really matter how many I take with me, I could give away many more, they’re in such high demand. If I run across an appealing 5” bear,
I usually get it as well as a present for a special girl.

It’s astounding the effect teddy bears can have on some BGs. One cute 20-something literally bounced with joy on my bed after getting a nice 5” bear. When it was time to sleep after a session of particularly enthusiastic sex, she grabbed
the bear again and slept all night hugging it. When she awoke the next morning, she continued to make a fuss over the bear. I had ordered a room service breakfast and she carried the bear to the table, then even pretended to feed it.

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry – at least I was relieved we weren’t having breakfast in the Executive Lounge. It amused me that a girl who was expert at more advanced activities could find so much joy in such a simple thing.
On the other hand, I found it vaguely disturbing she related to a teddy bear in the same way as my three-year-old niece.

About 10 years ago, while I was working a 36-month stint in Beijing, I returned to the U.S. during February on home leave. A colleague had asked me bring her back some miniature bears, heart-shaped chocolates and hair baubles – the kind girls use to hold
pony tails in place. She planned to give them as favors to the guests at a combination birthday/Valentine’s Day party for her six-year-old daughter. I figured those three categories- bears, chocolate and hair baubles, would make good gifts
for the BGs in LOS I planned to see on my way back from the States before returning to Beijing. So I bought the 10 of each my colleague had requested, then 20 of each for my own purposes.

I had anticipated my gifts would prove popular at the bar, but wasn’t prepared for quite the reaction that occurred. The girls shrieked with delight and some almost fought over bears or baubles that were deemed particularly desirable. Pink, sparkly
hair baubles and female teddy bears with skirts were the most sought after.

A few days later, in Beijing, I had anticipated the favors would prove popular at the party for my colleague’s daughter, but wasn’t prepared for quite the reaction that occurred. The girls shrieked with delight and some almost fought over
bears or baubles that were deemed particularly desirable. Pink, sparkly hair baubles and female teddy bears were the most sought after.

Did I just write something profoundly revealing?

Everything Else, Including the Kitchen Sink

Besides chocolate and teddy bears, perfume makes up the standard trinity of presents for Thai girls. However, it’s best to know what scent your girl prefers. Not all perfumes that are appreciated in Europe or North America appeal to Thai girls.
Designer perfumes from Jennifer Lopez or Brittney Spears are big favorites, more because of the name than the scent, I suspect. Outside the trinity, there are still a lot of inexpensive options for gifts. In my work, I used to go to a lot of trade
shows and collected shopping bags of every conceivable sample. Some of these items were worth real money, up to hundreds of dollars, others were cheap give-aways. Mostly I passed them on to the maids at the hotel or P4P providers and bar girls.
I figured they could sell them if they didn’t want them. But it never ceased to amaze me what appealed to some girls. They’d shun a genuine leather handbag that retails for $250 in the U.S. but go crazy over a shiny necklace worth
about $10.00. TGs love sparkly stuff – any bauble that shined or sparkled was a big hit. But many of the girls have a practical side as well. One became ecstatic over an ergonomically designed vegetable peeler! She said you couldn’t
get peelers like that in BKK and it would save her mother so much time and effort.

Also the manner in which they accept gifts was impressive. I gave one girl two shopping bags filled with an assortment of items, truly a mixed bag – cosmetics, jewelry, household items, toys, small electronic items, pens, baubles galore and even
some food items. She selected a few for herself and her family, then spent the next hour dividing the rest up to be given to the girls at her establishment. She opened every package, every little box and thought hard about who should get what.
She then wrote the name of the recipient on scraps of paper she taped to each item. The next day, when I went back to see her again, the other girls all hugged and thanked me for the presents.

It’s just one of those little details that makes P4P in Thailand so much more satisfying for me than anywhere else.

Evil Penivel

Stickman's thoughts:

Whenever I see guys in bars handing out gifts, it is them who get all of the attention….but it doesn't usually last long. Still, if it brings happiness to the girls, it can't be a bad thing.

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