Stickman Readers' Submissions August 15th, 2005

Are Thai Girls Ugly Or Beautiful

I know that this issue has been raised, discussed, argued about, and debated over countless articles on the Stick site, but I am going to approach this question in a TOTALLY different way to what you have read before. I am going to use a much more scientific
approach, thereby dispensing of any pre-conceived notions that many of you male Stick readers might have regarding your definition of beauty.

It is interesting how people in Farangland always say that “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, although in my experience most people who say this are usually not that good looking, anyway. In fact, I don’t ever remember a hot
girl saying to me, “Everyone has a different idea of beauty.”

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These are the same idiotic girls who keep saying, “I just can’t figure why guys keep hitting on me 24 hours per day!”

However, over the years the scientific community has actually, methodically, and statistically proven this to be untrue. Beauty actually IS, something that can be quantified, measured, and rated and can be applied to races and cultures all over the world…and
it is most certainly NOT in the ‘eye of the beholder’ as you shall see very shortly.

Now, I don’t mean that this method works within each individual culture or country to determine who is beautiful and who is not in that particular race or country, but that the exact same beauty standards apply EQUALLY and UNIVERSALLY, to every
person in the world on the same specific rating scale!!!

Some of you are probably saying, “Yeah, right, that’s total bullshit. Everyone likes different things and different people are attracted to different types of beauty.”

To this, I say, yes, that is true to an extent, but generally ALL men in the world are attracted to the EXACT SAME features, proportions, and shapes on a woman, especially when it comes to the face.

Let me explain what I mean…

A few years ago, I was watching the Discovery Channel or Nature Channel or something like that when a show started that talked about the biology of beauty. Yes, that’s right, the biology of beauty.

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One of the interesting experiments that they did was to show pictures of many different women’s body shapes and faces in every size and proportion imaginable to men all over the world. The men were not only American men, but were from countries
on all 5 continents. They asked the men to choose the most beautiful woman. Now many of you are probably thinking that everyone would pick the pictures of beautiful women from their own race or culture, because many people seem to think their
own race is the most attractive, but that is not true.

Interestingly enough, within this experiment, that was not possible. It was not possible because the pictures weren’t really photographs, they were just plain pencil line-drawings of the outlines of women’s faces and bodies and there was
no indication as to what the race was. They almost looked like stickman drawings (no relation, Stick).

The result was the vast majority of men no matter what country, culture, or race that they were, seemed to pick the exact same women as being the most attractive. Then the scientists measured the proportions, measurements, and ratios of the most beautiful
women and they came up with some interesting results with specific numbers that were most certainly, quantifiable. An example of this is that men from all over the world picked the exact same WHR (Waist to Hip Ratio) of .7 as being the ideal.
There are many more ratios and proportions mentioned on the below sites, but I will not get into that here.

Here is one article that talks about the Golden Ratio as it applies to women as well as “Why is Barbie (the Barbie Doll) beautiful”:

This site shows woman and art from various places in the world and most men found ALL of them to be beautiful even though they had different skin color, eye colors and hair colors.

Here is an awesome site which shows morphing techniques being used on test subjects so that the scientists could
study attractiveness.

This site is terrific at explaining some of the findings of this research (click on the various topics on the left and the sub-topics as well: http://www.beautyanalysis.comindex2_mba.htm

And here is a very scientific explanation of specific body measurements that men found to be most attractive.

Or what about this article in Newsweek Magazine:

As you can see from browsing these sites, you will quickly realize that beauty really is NOT just in the eye of the beholder, it can be measured in nature (including in humans). I like the last link above, because it talks about the genetic reasons and
evolutionary driving forces between what males (and females) liked in order to best propagate the species…you know what I mean, SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST!!! Darwinian evolution at its finest! Plus that last site references tons of other scientific
studies on beauty that have been done over the years, all over the world.

One article that I read that studied women in the Netherlands found that for every 10% increase in the WHR (Waist to Hip Ratio), that the likelihood on conception via in-vitro fertilization dropped by 30%. This is natural selection at its finest! There
is a REASON why men are attracted to women with a 70% waist to hip ratio!!!! So, the bigger that a chick’s gut gets, the less likely that she is to conceive. Good thing, too!!!

In my years on this planet I have dated women from all over the world, and from all major race groups, including the ones mentioned above, but my personal taste is that I like olive-skinned women who are stunningly beautiful. It is that simple. I will
clarify that and say that I am not generally attracted to women who are very white or women who are very dark, but rather women with a little bit of color. Also, I do not like women who look too ‘ethnic’ as they say. Some guys would
refer to those girls as looking like monkeys, with flat faces, smashed faces, and flared nostrils, or whatever, but I think that term ‘ethnic’ is a little bit more politically correct! Awe, fuck being PC (politically correct)…some
of these girls really DO look a little ‘pre-historic or ape like’ kind of like baby gorillas as was mentioned in one of the above linked scientific studies!

Just for fun, I did an overlay of my teeruk’s face using that ‘facial mask’ referred to in the web site and her facial features are virtually dead-on, fitting the mask almost perfectly. I always thought that she
was extremely beautiful, but now I guess that I KNOW that it is true because it was proven scientifically! I feel very lucky.

Hmmm…maybe she’s a keeper. ; )

Side Note: If some of you guys want to email me pics of your teeruk (they must be straight on with her eyes and face looking directly at the camera), I can overlay this mask for you then I can show you how closely that she fits this theoretical ideal.
All photos will be kept strictly confidential. However, I cannot guarantee to do this for everyone, if I get too swamped!

OK, Stick students…now what have we learned from all of this talk about measuring beauty? We have learned that there are hot chicks and there are ugly chicks and that men, for the most part, ALL use the same standards to judge them by! And why some
men date (or choose to bang) ugly chicks in Thailand, many with ugly bodies as well, is beyond comprehension to me!

So the big unanswered question here is WHY??? Why do these farangs take up with these Thai creatures (and I mean that literally, NOT figuratively) of the night?

Well, actually, I do not really care why they do that…but I do know the reason why they do it…

You see, the big counter-balancing effect going on here is affection and attention. Oh, yes…you ALL know what I am talking about, “Mista, you so hansum!” or “I take care you good!” or “I love you too much!”
and other similar comments heard all day and night long as even the lowliest farang roams even within 200 feet of any major adult nightlife area. It seems that many of these ugly and/or Isaan girls (as other readers have stated) seem to just want
to work harder to convince a man that she ‘loves’ him, and I use that term very loosely.

So, in actuality, perhaps these guys who take these butt-ugly girls to be their girlfriends are just suckers and the women who snag them are good salespeople.

But, I think that this is not necessarily a bad thing…because every time that I walk down Sukhumvit and see some old, fat, hairy, smelly farang walking with some pre-historic looking girl who is uglier than sin, I know…that he has just increased my
odds of bagging one of his hot ass leftovers waiting for me at the beerbar has just increased by maybe 5 to 10%.

And now, from this smaller subset of girls that has been purged of yet another cave girl, the remaining girls are statistically even hotter than before and they are also getting even more desperate after having actually been ignored by that old, fat,
hairy, balding Mr. Handsum who just left a few minutes ago after he got sold a bill of goods by the ugly girl.

Gee, it’s my lucky day in paradise!!!

So, to answer the subject of this submission 'Are Thai girls UGLY or BEAUTIFUL?', I say…who cares? Because, I only bang the hot ones!!!!

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Good stuff!

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