Stickman Readers' Submissions August 15th, 2005

A Nice Bargirl

By Miki

I'd just like to share a positive story about Thailand and ultimately a Bargirl.

Small Intro: I’m 37, 6’4”. I weigh about 16 stone but I’m in a great shape from weights and Taekwondo. I also do Thai Boxing. I look after myself – I dress nicely, groom, etc. I’m not great looking
but have a lot of confidence and never had a problem with dates. I don’t hate western women and I don’t have any hang-ups. I split with my last girlfriend a year ago and choose to be single for a while.

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I booked a flight to Thailand for ten days in May. It was a toss of a coin between Thailand and Cuba. Both places sounded interesting. Mates had raved about both so wasn't fussed which holiday I took. The coin landed heads and it was
Thailand. Holiday decided I checked the net for places of interest, etc. I discovered this site from searching and read several articles. Fore warned is fore armed they say. To be honest compared to places I’ve been in Africa, the Thailand
warnings seemed mild by compare so I wasn't worried about a thing. I booked a couple of days in Bangkok and then planned to head out to Koh Samui for the rest of time. I never really set a true agenda though, it's more fun that way.

Flight was good, Thai Airlines seating is so much better than British Airways for the taller traveller! I took the cab from the taxi rank to the hotel that last minute had recommend. Welcomed and booked in, I enjoyed the rest of the day wandering
around downtown Bangkok taking in the sights and smells. The following day I did the usual tourist thing of the palaces, river boat ride, etc and that evening settled in the bar for a few drinks and planned to return to airport the following day
and book a flight to the island.

In the bar was another guy, didn't really sound English because he spoke with broken tones and spaced words to a stunning looking Thai girl. I asked where he was from and it turned out the same town as me! The broken English was for
talking to his Thai girl. We had a few drinks together and his girl turned in for the night. To cut out the detail, he offered to show me some of the legendary nightlife that is in Thailand. We ended up wandering down to what I later learnt was
Soi Cowboy.

Reading about it is one thing but seeing it is another. We wandered in and out of a few bars, politely turning down the offers to come in here or there from hordes of, to me, stunning women, we was just enjoying the sights and the sounds
and, of course, the attention. One girl did grab my arm though, and she made me laugh with her persistence – she also looked gorgeous to me. I followed her into the bar and we spent the rest of the evening drinking and laughing. After the
bar closed, she wanted to come back to the hotel and I wasn't going to say no. The other guy made his excuses and went home to his girl.

Back at the hotel we just had a laugh, I found myself speaking like the other guy, and just really had a nice couple of hours. Teaching me Thai then laughing and clapping as this guy with thick east end tones, tried to talk with those musical
tones they produce. Frank Butcher eat your heart out! Too drunk for sex (well I was!) we just fell to sleep. I woke up and after that awkward moment when you realise that you’re beside someone, we started talking. I explained I was going
to Samui for a few days and she asked if I’d like her to come with me. It actually didn’t seem such a bad idea, she was nice company, and lovely to look at and it would be nice to have someone around who knew the lingo.

She went home, packed and come back, a cab ride to the airport and I booked two flights to the island. On the way to the airport she did something that made me realise women all over the world are the same no matter how culturally different
they seem! She wanted to play with my Ipod and the first thing she did, once she see the back was mirrored, was check her reflection to arrange her hair! 🙂

Anyway, once there I booked into one of the hotels and we settled in. We spend the next several days doing some amazing stuff. I learnt to ride a motorbike, she rode a jet ski for the first time, we drove around the island exploring villages,
we swam in the hotel pool in the evening, we watched Thai boxing, we ate at street stalls and I feel in love with the food. We went to local karaoke bars and she would sing for me. During my time there I never met a single person that wanted to
rip me off, do me any harm or anything. I only met smiles and polite people.

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(One of my best memories is playing football with a group of local kids in on a school football pitch as the sun set on a warm evening. Being 6’4” I was the proud goalkeeper of my team. We finished the game and presented them
with fruit and cakes that we had bought earlier.)

The sex got better and better – the first time we did it she used KY jelly and it did seem somewhat played out but then she seemed to let her guard down and everything become natural. The noises went from the false porn moans to actual
soft moans. More than that it was lovely waking up and feeling someone cuddle up to me and just lying there in each others' arms. Maybe being single wasn’t so much fun after all.

I then got my Koh Samui tattoo, one of the bikes stalled on a hill and as I pushed down on the ground to push it up the hill my sandal come off and I pushed off on hot concrete – leaving behind part of the sole of my foot! Not wanting
to have to pay for the bike I kept pushing until it was safe! Then the pain kicked in! Stopping at a local hotel, we checked my foot and I had pulled away the skin on the ball of my foot. Some anti-septic cream and a bandage latter we were back
at the hotel.

She then went out and come back with more bandages, medicines and cream. For the rest of the week, twice a day she dressed my foot. That was the sweetest thing anyone has done for me – especially given I don’t think it smelled too good sometimes!
I also found it amusing when she tried to chastise me because I would walk on it!

We returned to Bangkok and spent the remaining days going to the pictures, playing pool, table tennis, eating – boy was I addicted to the food by then! On the last day we went back to her bar, I settled the bar fine for her missing
time. We had a couple of drinks and then went back to the hotel. We spent one last night in together and the following day she waved me good bye to the airport after the biggest hug ever!

During our time she never once asked for any money – though when I left I gave her the remaining 5,000 baht I had because I knew she had lost earnings. Whilst I paid for the hotels, flights and most of the eating out food, she bought
drinks, the medical supplies, a picture of us, food at supermarket. She was honest in what she did for a living, she worked because it paid well and was putting her sisters through school so they didn’t have to do it, she was supporting
her mum and dad – it was a fact of life to her.

We still talk and text regularly – she is still teaching me Thai over the phone and clapping and laughing at my attempts. I’m teaching her to talk like a cockney which is amusing when she gets the tones right! She hasn’t
mentioned sending money, sick water buffaloes – though her mum was ill and she went home to clean and look after her dad for a few days – I must admit that I thought she might ask then but she never did.

I am going back in September though and we are going to meet up for two weeks and explore other parts of Thailand. She is so excited as am I. I can't wait.

Stickman's thoughts:

I wonder how she will have changed since the first time you saw her. I don't want to sound overly negative, but stories like this are often very different the second time around. The girls tend to become harder from their time in the industry and the influences of some less than pleasant "friends" as well as possible substance addiction, broken dreams etc.

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