Stickman Readers' Submissions July 27th, 2005

The Mexican / Chinese / Thai Connection

Another Thai Story And The Chinese / Mexican Connection

This article is going to begin with the Chinese / Mexican connection but it will end with another encounter with a Thai girl that I just recently met here in Kentucky.

America is a mixture of many different cultures, Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Mexican, Native American, Cajun, French, Hispanic and then throw in African Americans and Anglo Americans and then America becomes a melting pot of very many different
cultures. But then again, that is what started our country anyway.

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Now let us get to the Chinese / Mexican connection. Actually in theory, this Chinese / Mexican connection makes no logical sense at all. There can't be any two cultures on this beautiful planet that are more opposite from each other. The Chinese
culture is based on "face" and more tradition than probably any nation on this earth has. The Mexican culture is probably the most extreme western culture on Earth. From what my Mexican Amigos have told me and from some research on the
internet, the Mexican culture is strongly based on the Catholic religion and also mixed with whatever Native Tribe they are cross-bred from (Mexicans are a mix between Spanish people and Native American people).

As far as I am concerned, the Mexican people are by far the warmest and most honest people that I have ever met! I have lunch at their restaurant daily. They treat me as if I were a King! They won't even change the channel on their big screen TV
without asking for my permission! On Sunday, they bring all of their children and family to the restaurant for lunch. This is a very, very festive event for the Mexicans. If you want to see some of the most beautiful children on this planet, then
go to a Mexican restaurant on Saturday or Sunday. They have these big brown eyes, cold black hair and a smile that will melt your heart! You will want to hold them in your arms and hug them! Believe me!

OK now let's get to the Chinese / Mexican connection. If you go to a Chinese restaurant here in America, you will notice that there are Mexican cooks in most of the Chinese restaurants. If you go to a Mexican restaurant in America, you will not see
Chinese cooks in the kitchen. Pretty fxxxxd up hugh? Now I will explain (don't lose interest, there is a Thai story coming). The local police have a 16 year old boy in custody. He escaped from a Chinese restaurant and he got caught steeling
food from a local food store. He is from South America. When he crossed the Rio Grande river, he said there are many Chinese people there. He said that here are many ads from the Chinese saying "Come work for us, free food and a free apartment.
But when he made his way to the Chinese restaurant, he had to work 14 hours per day. Actually, he never got a pay check. He did get to eat free from the Chinese buffet and he lived in a small apartment with very many Chinese and Hispanic people
living in inhumane conditions. They don't get paid. Free room and board. This is slavery, don't you think? Slavery was abolished here in America in 1865. Chinese and all people should be free here.

Now I have met a new Thai friend. I was standing out in front of my store and I noticed a very cute Asian girl riding by me on her bicycle. She looked at me and smiled as she rode by. She then parked her bicycle and walked by me, again looking me directly
in the eye and smiling at me. Then I decided to go back into my store and try to find this girl. I found her and asked her if I could help her. She said no. I then asked her for her name. When she pronounced her name, I asked her what what country
she was from. She said with a smile that I can't explain "I'm from Thailand."

I then said "Thailand, Land of Smiles."

She said, 'Yes, how you know this?' She was impressed that I knew of the Land of Smiles. I asked her if she had a boyfriend and she said no. I then asked for her phone number. She said she has no phone, but I got her e-mail address. I have e-mailed
her with no reply. Then one night, she and I chat briefly on MSN but she cut that short. Now I am thinking that I have no chance with this Thai girl, however yesterday, she comes into the store with another Thai girl and a Thai guy. I decided
to ignore her, but I did look over my shoulder and she was talking to this other Thai girl. This other Thai girl was looking at me and smiling with that trademark Thai smile. But I don't know if the Thai girl that I first met likes me or
if the other Thai girl likes me. The first Thai girl seems to be very shy, maybe a good girl. But on this day when I encountered both of these girls, the other Thai girl was behind me for every move that I made in the store. Thai girl#1 is dressed
in a very long and beautiful dress with her very long cold black hair draping down her shoulders, very innocent looking. Thai girl#2 also has very long black hair draping down her shoulders, but she is dressed in a very hot mini skirt. I think
that Thai girl#1 is my best choice, shy, dressed in a very conservative manner, but hard to talk to. I just can't seem to break through her wall. Maybe it will take some time. Thai girl#2 would probably be a quick lay, she probably wants
to "boom boom farang man" and probably has with many farangs here. However, I really like Thai girl#1, but I just can't seem to break through her shyness, maybe it will just take some time and patience?

Thai vs Mexicans?

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As far as hospitality goes, the advantage has to go to the Mexicans! My Mexican Amigos will help me out of a jam and they have done just that. The Mexicans take love to a level that we Americans should learn from and actually, we don't understand
that kind of love, it's much deeper than we will ever know.

As far as women go, the advantage goes to the Thai! Yes, there are many Thai girls who will take advantage of a farang, but I know an American man who has been married to a Thai lady for 32 years and they are still very happy!

Also, there seems to be very many single Thai ladies in Thailand. Just go to an internet dating site and you will see. Here in America, if you do a local search, you will see that there are about 6 males to every female, not good odds. Do a search on
Bangkok and your eyes will grow tried from reading the profiles of ladies there / The odds have to be much better there. But what do I know? I have never been outside of the US. All of these beautiful people are right here in the good old USA.
If I don't find a girl here, guess where I'm going? I'm going to Thailand! The Thai girl from "Thai girls in Kentucky part2" has now returned to Bangkok. Her visa finally expired, she broke up with her loser boyfriend
here. I let her get off the hook. Keep in mind that her boyfriend was a loser. Maybe I should go to Bangkok!

Stickman's thoughts:

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