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Thai Surprise 3: The Finale

Continued on and I'm no longer back in Australia and word has it my girl has an interview for her visa. It was quiet surprising, this quick, but then as I said before I'd taken a lot of time and made extra sure everything was spot on.

Anyway transfer the money into her bank for flight from Chiang Mai to Bangkok back. There goes another 5,000 baht. After the interview she tells me she can come much quicker if I will see the celebrant and rearrange the marriage forward in Susie's.
Off I go, re-arrange everything and fax the embassy. There's been no further request for money at this stage and as far as I'm concerned it's all forgotten about. WRONG!

billboard bangkok

After another 4 weeks and numerous emails, texts, etc. I have good news. She calls me to say everything is approved and she can arrive. I proceed to send her another 5,000 baht, this time for stamp for passport from Bangkok once again.

So begins the next sad sorry saga I arrange for flights to Chiang Mai and also by this stage my friend has become interested to come as well, in the hope to find a good girl just like me. Haha.

We both go to extensive trouble to get everything in place in the next 10 days. Before I arrive I sent email to say we can go ahead with the ceremony in Thailand as her mother wishes and I will offer 150,000 for her mother for sin sod.

butterflies bangkok

Well! Next 2 days she is Very Quiet. Then the email – I am sorry my mother not allow me to go anymore unless you agree to pay for family 1 million baht is sin sod.

Fuck! Here we go again. I tell here no way. So no communication from her and I'm meant to pay for our flight but am forced to cancel everything.

So commences weeks of getting nowhere and despite my increased offers and promise for the future is the same story 'ME AND MY FAMILY REQUEST 1 MILLION BAHT'.

Anyway now I have bad news with a staff member and cannot leave so I tell her I will give to her 500,000 baht and the remainder when she arrives to me. After so many days can you believe this she says yes I agree to come with my mother and only for few
days then I must return home and wait you to come back for ceremony. I tell her I only agree to provide this money if she will stay but it's useless. She will not agree to anything less.


Prior to my offer she would tell me that I disdain her family to make offers such as 300,000 baht.

This coming from a girl who works in a shophouse back at Chiang Mai. UNBELIEVABLE .

Anyway I held out for so long but in the past few weeks I reluctantly sent fax to embassy to cancel this visa.

Looking back, some things bothered me. Such As 1/ DIAMOND EMBEDDED IN FRONT EYE TOOTH. Tell me Stick, is this normal for good girls in my limited experience I never noticed another girl the same? 2/GOOD LEVEL OF ENGLISH WRITTEN AND SPOKEN

Would I contemplate this again? Maybe in another few years anything's possible, especially given my background, but I can't ignore all the warnings in these submissions and now my own experience.

If it wasn't for this Stickman site, God only knows how far I would have gone with this one.

Stickman's thoughts:

Good to hear that the nightmare is over.