Stickman Readers' Submissions July 14th, 2005

Thai Girls In Kentucky Part 1

Thai Girls In Kentucky – Part I

Mad Max

First of all, I have to admit that I have never been to Thailand nor have I dated any Thai girls and I don't claim to be an expert on Thai culture. I have dated Taiwanese, Filipina and Korean girls (all of whom I met here in Kentucky) but never a
Thai girl.

To start this story off, I feel it is important to explain what I do for a living. I work in retail management in a small college town in Kentucky. This job gives me the opportunity to meet these girls. From my conversation with Asian students, I find
that there are 50 students here from the following Asian countries – China, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea and yes, Thailand! We are also very close to a US Army base which brings a lot of Koreans and Japanese here. Also, the massage business brings
some of these girls here. Also, there are a lot of Chinese restaurants here.

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Now it's time to get to the meat of this story. I had noticed this girl (whom I thought was Hawaiian) shopping in my store. She had very dark skin, black hair and brown eyes. She was not pretty by no means, but she was cute and she had a smile like
I had never seen before. She was also very short, maybe 4'10"at the most. She seemed to be a nice girl, so I tried to break the ice and talk to her. I would ask her if she needed help finding something, I would say "Hi, how are
you doing?" I even held the door open for her as she left the store, but I could never get her to talk to me. When I tried, she would just say "Thank you" and scurry away.

Then one day I was feeling very stressed out and bored if that makes sense, so I decided to book a massage. I called several places and I only got their answering services. Then I finally got a call back from this one girl. She said that I could come
for a massage in 10 minutes. She told me her name (which I will not use) and I had never heard a name like that before. So I booked the massage and when I got to her place, there stood this dark skinned exotic creature that I had tried to talk
to in my store. She was smiling from ear to ear or as we say in Kentucky, "Grinning like a possum". She had a smile like I have never seen! I asked her where she was from. She smiled and said, "I'm from Thailand".

Now I am sure that people who read Stickman's website know where this is going. She then told me to get undressed and ring the buzzer when I'm ready for the massage and then she will return.

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She started massaging my back, my legs and she ran her fingers through my hair. Keep in mind that at this point I had a towel covering my privates. She would hold my hand and move my arms to different positions during the massage. Actually, the massage
was more like a pampering. She then started working on my legs again. At this point I was very sexually aroused! I told her that I was aroused and I asked her if that was a problem for her. She said, "No problem, it's just natural".

She then told me to roll over onto my back. I asked her if I could take the towel off. She said, "yes". Then she started working on my legs again. Then she has my testicles in her hand. She started working on the vein that goes from my testicals
to my member. Then she had her hand around the base of my member. I then said, "You might as well go ahead and stroke it". At this point I was aroused like I had never been before, I was about to explode all over the place! She then
said, "Oh no, I can't do that, but you can do that yourself". I was so excited at this point that I had to do it. As I was stroking my member, she was passionately working on my legs. Eventually, I exploded all over the place! This
was actually better than any actual sex that I had ever had! I asked her if she was married. She said that she was married to an American that she met here on an internet dating service (I feel sorry for that guy).

I left his massage session very relaxed but on an emotional high like I had never experienced! I was completely consumed by this girl! After this, I started booking massages with her on a regular basis and these things happened each time. I would call
her at times just to talk and she would always talk to me. I finally got the courage to ask her out for lunch and believe it or not, she agreed, but I gave her too much time to think about it and she eventually backed out (which is a good thing).
I actually thought that she was attracted to me. During one massage, she came into the room before I rang the buzzer and while I was getting undressed. This led me to believe that she was attracted to me, but now I know different.

After further thought I came to this conclusion.

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#1 She wouldn't talk to me in my store.

#2 She was happy to see me when I had $50 in my hand for her

#3 If I had offered her a tip she probably would have had sex with me.

#4 There is no way that I would marry a girl like this, I feel sorry for her husband. Maybe she is a nice girl, but maybe she isn't. I will never know, but I would not want to be married to a girl who puts her hand at the base of another guy's

Actually, I was infatuated with this girl before I knew what was going on. My experience with her has changed my life forever, but I have learned from it and this will never happen to me again. I now can see how so many guys can fall for bar girls in
Bangkok. They can consume you so fast that you don't know what the fuck is happening until it's way too late! I haven't been to Bangkok, but these things can happen to westerners in their own countries. I only hope that someone
reading this will benefit from this. I have more to write about another experience with a Thai girl here in Kentucky. This will be in my next post titled "Thai girls in Kentucky-Part II" I have nothing against Thai people. Their culture
is just different from ours from my limited experience with them. They do what they do out of need just as the Koreans started eating dogs and cats because they had nothing else to eat. My Dad spent some time in Korea and Japan. His thoughts are
this, they think differently than we do and they do what they have to do to survive.

I have nothing against this Thai girl, she was just doing what she had to do to survive and make a living if that makes any sense. Life is hard, we all have to eat, bargirls as well. It's sad that our world has come down to this, but that's
just the way it is.

Stickman's thoughts:

As I was reading the first half of this I thought you might have been a contributor to Penthouse forum.

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