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Party Time

  • Written by Mombotombo
  • July 2nd, 2005
  • 5 min read

I'll be the first to admit that I'm a sex slut. I've always been that way. In high school I was screwing girls from my school and other schools in the area and then dumping them like they had the plague. I'm no Tom Cruise by any means
and I don't have the equipment for a porno movie. I just had some innate knowledge that all girls want sex just like I did. All I had to do was chat them up a bit, take them out, fool around a bit with making out and soon the panties were
off and I was in the saddle. I wasn't always successful mind you. But, I was batting better than 500 most the time while in high school. In college I was really on the prowl. I went to a big school with thousands of students. Hitting the
mark, so to speak, was easy. Many of them were not stunners. But, then again, the average looking babe is generally the best bet for sex without too much investment of time and effort. I did get some stunners as well. It's funny how good
looking hammers usually don't have that many dates. Guys are afraid of rejection. Not me. I went straight for the target. If I got turned down, I just went for another target.

I'm pushing 40 now and never once bought into that bullshit about love, marriage and living happily ever after. I have friends who did and who are now divorced, broke, lost homes, paying child support, etc. Screw that. Take my cousin.
He got married to the girl of his dreams when he was in his late 20s, kicked out two kids, and took a job he hates but can't quit due to the financial burden he has. He's the most miserable guy I know. His wife is a fat lazy pig who
won't cook or even clean the frigging house. She rules the roost. Poor bastard can't even take a piss without permission. And you know what? She's Thai. She came over to the USA to go to college. He fell for her and chased her until
he caught her. Well, who caught who I wonder? I'll admit that when he married her she was a looker. But, looks fade in time. You know, it costs that dork over $5,000 every year to make the annual pilgrimage back to Thailand with the family
to visit her family. He's so in debt with credit cards that he'll be broke all his life. She keeps him broke with buying crap he doesn't need like a new car every two years, a house full of Thai furniture, private school for his
smart ass kids, clothes, trips, ad infinitum. All the while she has a business degree from a good school but won't work to help pay the rice bill. That slug can't even boil rice.

billboard bangkok

I've been to Asia a few times over the years. I'm no expert by any means. I have no country that I like better than the other. When I went to Bangkok Thailand last year I did a bit of homework before I went (Lonely Planet, Stickman)
and being the sewer rat that I am I stayed at the world famous Nana Hotel. I didn't do much the first day and night in town. I spent most of the first day and night chatting it up with some of the old timers in the lobby restaurant and the
outdoor bars on the street. Armed with the knowledge they passed my way, I got active with the girls. I had a great time screwing my time away with delight. I never paid more than 1000 baht for a piece. If the bar girl complained or pulled that
crying crap I would pick up the phone and made a fake call for security. They're a blur going out the door. So funny. In a few I'd be off for another, then another and another. I sometimes took two at a pop. You can talk those empty
headed girls into anything when it goes for sex. When it's over, I would stiff them with no tip, no taxi fare, no food, no nothing. If there really is a cheap charlie I must be him. Maybe I was getting even for my cousin who was dumb enough
to marry one of them but can't get even without going to the poor house in the process.

I went down to Pattaya and it was even better than Bangkok for Thai snatch. The outdoor bars have girls hanging off the rafters. I could easily get a hooker to go with me for 500 baht short time. Sometimes even for all night at that price.
All you have to do is be a cheap charlie and don't fall for the BS these girls give most neophyte customers. There's an old saying where if you want to have fun with a girl, treat a whore like a queen and a queen like a whore. Well,
I treat a whore like a whore. Screw them. Pay them. Get rid of them. I stay clear of queens. They are just too much trouble and are always a lousy piece of tail anyway.

I left back to the US with an over-worked dick and a smile on my face. The only bummer I had during the entire trip was at the airport where I saw foreigners saying goodbye to their bargirl friend while slipping her a wad of baht. It was
disgusting. I really wanted to go over to them and slap them around to get some sense into them. You dumb shit. She'll be back at the bar where you found her tonight and screw some other guy while you cry your way back home missing her. If
I was staying another day it would be me!

butterflies bangkok

As the Terminator would says, "I'll be back". In a few months I'll be heading back over to do the deed with as many of those female airheads as I can in the time allotted. I might be remembered by some of the girls. Probably
not. All foreigners look the same to them. I'll be party time in the city.

Whether you agree with me or not, I don't care. For these girls it's all only business. I mean, they're out there to get as much from you as they can and then forget you. Life's too short to spend your life like my cousin.
I say, have fun but be careful out there and keep your head about you. The head on your shoulders that is.

Stickman's thoughts:

The final paragraph contains a lot of sense.