Stickman Readers' Submissions July 6th, 2005

My Real Thai Experience

By Dicko

Last submission was My Thai Experience by DICKO. Briefly explained about never having been to Thailand but learned a lot from Stickman’s site and all you guys. I have been talking on MSN messenger to a 32 year old Thai lady for about 6 months.

Well here I am on my way to Heathrow for a night flight to BKK, hopefully meeting my little Angel for the first night in BKK followed by 3 nights in Pattaya and a final night at BKK.

On the plane, Air Eva, was not the most comfortable, watched a few films. Had a few drinks and a sleep, now only 1 hour to go before I meet my Angel in the Promised Land. I have a discreet look at computer printed photos to remind myself what she looked

AS plane touches down in BKK fear overtakes excitement" Would we recognise each other ““Would she be there at all“. Through customs nothing to declare (Except a few packs of Viagra) I start walking sheepishly towards crowd gathered
at exit. She said she would be in sky blue. Looked across at two Thai ladies, one in sky blue with the biggest smile in the world on her face, all of a sudden I am receiving a massive hug and a face full of kisses, my luggage removed and a
single red rose in my hand. I now had a chance to look at her and little sister, some resemblance of pics but nowhere near as attractive, young sister very pretty, both very slim my girl fantastic figure (I am not mentioning any names).

She seemed so warm and happy and I felt happy, off she went to get the car, left me with little sister who I had also spoken to on messenger, sister told me how excited my girl had been wanting to finally meet me. Car arrives, nice Mitsubishi Saloon Auto with Leather and Air, fairly new. I did not like BKK traffic, an hour's drive to town in traffic to Siam Square and Patumwan Princess Hotel. Car parking a nightmare, Hotel staff polite and friendly, stunning room overlooking BKK.

All checked in, my case emptied, and everything hung up for me, little sister still with us. I enquired whether she would be having dinner with us that night. Yes! Down to bar for a drink then off to Givanni's (after I showered). Best Italian restaurant I have been to outside Italy, try mushroom soup and finish with Tiramisu, very expensive restaurant but neither of these two ladies seem out of their depth. I enquired to whether young sister was working next day. Yes and able to establish she was going home later. She lives with my lady in her 2 bed apartment somewhere in BKK near end of Skytrain route. I did forget to mention they spoke very little English but we all seemed to communicate quite well and they had an electronic translator as well.

Get back to hotel and arranged for taxi to take young sister home, went into bar where they have live music, despite not being beautiful she is still attractive and I am really warming to her. I explain to my Angel, that maybe we should not make love
that night out of respect to her, she asked if we could wait until we were married (we won't go there). Off we go to bed ,she has a shower and comes to bed with shorts and a top on. I thought I won’t push it at this stage. Hugs,
cuddles and kisses all night, both of us horny in the morning, lots of touching but resist going further, especially as breakfast finishing soon. Breakfast spread and choice exceptional at Patumwan Princess. Back to room to pack or rather
watch her pack for me. Again hell of a drive out of BKK, motorway to Pattaya OK but drive into Pattaya another nightmare. End up paying a scooter rider to show us the way to The Asia Hotel, slightly out of town on cliff top with a wonderful
pool and Sea View Room. Again I don’t have to worry about unpacking, another nice touch my toothbrush always had toothpaste on it ready for me. I am really warming to this lady and I now have a nick name for her "Baby Angel".
We get a taxi to Walking Street only 100 baht away, have a look round and a few beers. I have really got the vibes for the place already, then it rains like you would not believe, but we manage to stay dry in the bar and saw no more rain for
rest of trip, at least in Thailand. When rain died down we take taxi back to hotel after booking a table for dinner at The Lobster Pot.

Baby Angel invites me to have a shower with her, strange having a shower with her pants on, I eventually coaxed them off of her, and there was the most fabulous body I have ever seen in my life, breasts, bum and nipples all perfect. I am in Heaven with
My Angel, after all I am 50 odd (definitely don’t feel it now) she is 30 odd and appears as happy with me as I am with her. Back to Walking Street and dinner at The Lobster Pot, nice bottle of wine, Thai seafood pancakes a massive disappointment
(like rubber), chicken satay OK, Tiger Prawn Thermador fantastic with wine £30 for 2. Few beers in Rock Bar, fantastic Group singing in English, beer good too. Time for bed, usual night attire on but as I go to brush my teeth she starts
either praying or asking Buddha for forgiveness. She comes to bed with usual livery on but this time it comes off without too much trouble. Then I really found Heaven—I am not going to talk about sex with this lady as I do not think it is
right but Heaven is the right word and this is not just sex this is Making Love (Believe me if she was a BG I would tell you ). After this night we made love many times a day and night.

Next day down to Pattaya Beach, get a speed boat to Island, did not really appreciate ride over with a hangover and little sleep, but was continually comforted by my Baby Angel. On the island found some shade and a sun bed, and slept most of the day as
did she, never letting go of my hand. The only thing bugging me now is I have a hard on aftermath of the Viagra I have taken, run into the sea which is warm, made no difference, now need another towel to cover myself (LOL). Boat picks us up
when we are ready and back to Pattaya Beach to get my toe nails cut and manicured, a job I hate doing because of my poor eye sight close up, the girl on the beach does it so well I let her do my hands too.

Back to hotel for another shower together where I tell her she must come to bed naked in future. She is now ok with this; she looks really beautiful when she is asleep. Back to Walking Street and the restaurant down the bottom opposite fish market owned
by same people I think. Tiger Prawn Thermador again with wine, better and cheaper than Lobster Pot. A lot of Europeans walking in with their new Thai girlfriends, the age gap between some of them a bit laughable but there again guys, who am
I to knock it, if I was on my own I would probably be right up there with them. But I am really happy the way I have planned this trip. I say trip because it is not a holiday, it is becoming an Emotional Roller Coaster Ride.

The feelings between us are now very strong and not just for the sex, she is charming, affectionate, warm and lovely, every night she wears something new which with her figure is always stunning and she looks pure class. As we leave the restaurant she
whispers she would like me to go to gogo Bar with her, find one, totally boring, have a drink and leave. I ring my mate Dave in UK and ask where he recommends "The Beach Club "just off of Walking Street. In we go, escorted to a seat,
I look up, sure enough gogo Girls with little white ra ra skirts, with nothing underneath but shaven pussy, you look up and you can’t miss it, every one a stunner too. I ask for another table where it wasn't in your face, 2 hostesses
there as well, I told them not to leave, had a chat with them both been dumped by their husbands and left with kids, bought them a drink each, a third arrives puts her hands round my girl from behind. Yes! It did cross my mind but could not
bring myself to suggest it, I'll keep this one for fantasies only and not do anything to make my Lady feel uneasy. Stayed for about 30 mins and really enjoyed it. Perhaps not as much as the guy opposite me getting his cock stroked, good
luck to him, at least I wasn’t paying–well in theory only, But we all pay in the end. When I first arrived I had a ring on my wedding finger, it did not hold any significance as I have never been married, also I thought it might make
her feel belonging to me, it did not so I stopped wearing it. Well now I was feeling a bit committed to this lady and wanted her to know it, so we looked in a few Jewelers and eventually found her a 3 band 3 colour gold wedding ring I would
call it a Russian wedding ring myself with alterations it would be ready the next day.

Back to rock bar for a night cap and finally hotel, let her use bathroom first, go to bed and feel that beautiful body and I mean beautiful. Get up late next day, miss breakfast again for obvious reasons, stroll down to cafe outside hotel for breakfast
next door to the new Cabbages and Condoms Resort. Start to walk to Pattaya, Baby Angel struggling in her shoes so we stop and get a taxi. Buy her suitable sandals, a hat and over to Jewelers for her ring. It looked fantastic on her, she was
a little unsure about the style of it the night before, now it fits she loves it and I believe has not taken it off since. Few more beers in regular bar, now always served by Resident Ladyboy, he was OK spoke English and looked after us. Back
to hotel for customary shower, followed by another shower if you know what I mean. Tonight is last night in Pattaya; we go to Cabbages and Condoms Restaurant. Guys if you want to impress go here, to get to restaurant you go through a miniature
rain forest with lots of ponds full of coy fish, then wooden walkways to restaurant itself on cliff with waves breaking beneath you___fantastic as was the food and service, chose traditional Thai here cost £20 for 2 with wine. On way
out or whenever make a trip to rest rooms __amazing!

Going to bed with this Lady gets better and better, we get up in morning in our own time, once again missing breakfast, she packs and we make our way back to BKK. We arrive back at Patumwan Princess to find they have double booked our room but with no
hesitation upgrade us to a Junior Suite (Very Nice)

We go to Cabbages and Condoms Restaurant BKK, it was OK but not a patch on Pattaya Resort, over rated doubt if I would go again, smaller wine list and everything far more expensive.

This is where things go a little bit pear shaped, I thought I would like to see Patpong, taxi gives me a price of 150 baht, he said it was a long way away. When we get there it was less distance than our first taxi of the evening which cost less than
100 baht, not a lot of money I know, but it is the principle, (up to now I have always given my Angel the money to pay for everything, well after she bollocked me the first night for leaving 400 baht tip in Givanni's), anyway I give her
160 baht for taxi and tell her to get the change, but she lets him keep the lot, like I said purely a matter of principle. I foolishly gave her a bit of stick and she is now in a sulk. Patpong a dump and live music rubbish too. I ask her to
sort bill out in music bar, she refuses, so I left BG a good tip so she could see. Taxi back to hotel, I suggest we go to Hard Rock Cafe for final hour, but would like to take my jacket to the room. "Would you like to stay here and wait?"
"Or do you want to come to the room with me?" Answer YES! Which one—funny they don’t understand when they don’t want to. She follows me to the room. I am thinking don’t spoil it for something so petty, go to
hold her hand on way out, she puts both hands behind her and follows me out of hotel to Hard Rock Cafe. We get seated at bar, fabulous group with a good female singer, buy a beer and a cocktail she liked, a little chink of the glasses and
I give her a kiss on the cheek and a cuddle with another kiss on the cheek. My punishment is over. I don’t blame her I suppose; I was getting a little restless as I had not had a proper conversation in English for 6 days. I guess this
is to her what is called saving face. We went back to Suite in hotel everything forgiven and forgotten.

Next morning I wake up at 7.00am wake Baby Angel up, make love and go back to sleep, wake up again at 09.45 and make love I hope not for the last time. My god 10.20am needed to be at airport by 12.00 for 12. 55 flight. We get out of hotel to the car at
11.45am and I am in a panic. Arrive at Terminal 2 at 12.00 can only give her a quick kiss and a hug. Believe me she deserved more than that! Check in at 12.35, they only let me through because flight 1/2 hour late.

Boring flight home, had a chat with 2 lads who had been in LOS for 3 months, sounded good fun if you could afford it. Landed at LHR in a horrendous storm and no coat.

Not exactly withdrawal symptoms but I definitely miss my Baby Angel (Real Name Withheld) very much, some other friends of mine never been to Thailand, want me to go back to Pattaya with them. I feel I would like a long weekend with the guys for a good
laugh as much as anything (and feel guilty), but then maybe all my trips will be to see My Angel and see the real Thailand.

What is interesting is sure she would like to get married, sure she would like to come and see the UK, but she does not appear to want to give her business up and would prefer me to stay in Thailand with her. At least I know she isn’t after a UK passport but what would I do in Thailand? I certainly can not afford to retire yet, so it looks like permanent residence in Thailand is a day or two away yet . But returning is not DICKO

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Stickman's thoughts:

Sounds like you had a great time.

I loved this quote – "don’t spoil it for something so petty"

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