Stickman Readers' Submissions July 21st, 2005

Life In The Good Old US Of A

I'm in my early forties and somehow never got married. I never wanted to I guess. My job took me to French Guiana for a few years, to God awful Saudi Arabia for three years, UAE for a couple, Alaska north slope for two cold ass winters, Exmouth,
Australia and that shit hole they call Norleans, USA (New Orleans) where you're a good bet to get your ass kicked because you're white or from the north. Y'all. Don't even go there for a look see. It ain't worth it. Yeah,
I'm in the oil/natural gas industry. Spend a month or so on an offshore platform rig in the Gulf of Mexico or off China or a gas rig off Western Australia to know what a shit life the oil business gives you. But the money is good and so is
the food. But, you have to have a sock to jack off into. It's a joke but true. I make over $250,000 a year on a good year. I'm making more these days with the BS inflated oil and gas prices. Thank OPEC and the greedy bastards in the
USA who pay me for this scam. It's all BS. Doesn't anyone know that oil and gas reserves in the world are good for nearly 100 years or more at the present and projected rate of consumption? By the time it runs out, other fuels will be
in play and oil and gas will be much the same as wood burning stoves. Such folley.

In 1996 I got assigned to Batam, Indonesia. That's a small island not too far from Singapore. Another shit hole unless you play golf. I did to keep the boredom in check. Not much happening there except the fat assed Singaporean men coming
over every weekend to play cheap golf and cheat on their fat, pampered Singapore wives. Give me a condo, cash, car, children, etc and you can do anything you want, my husband. I heard that from those leaches many times on the golf courses that
gave them the ticket to go cheat. Give the bitch what she wants and you can do anything as long as you don't rub it in her face. Face is big in Asia. Such in Asia. Get a wife for kids and a girlfriend for sex. It's the way it is.

mens clinic bangkok

Batam is about a 40 minute high speed ferry ride. From there it was an easy hop to Bangkok by air. Batam was ok. I mean, there were women there. But the AIDS threat was high. I commuted to Singapore for sexual release. There are some good
places to go in Singapore for a smorgasbord of whores. I used to stay at the Orchard Parade hotel and across the street was a joint called Orchard Towers. It had a lot of hookers in the bars. For about $70 US in those days you could get a Thai,
Filipino, Vietnamese or Indonesian whore for the night. Always use a rubber mind you. You never know. Some were good, some were bad. You can't tell until you try them out. Some of them BS you on how much fun you will have with them until
they play that game of not feeling well when you get them back to the room. Choose wisely. But you can't really tell up front. Some were good though.

So, I found Bangkok from there. Two hour flight. Easy hop. Fly Thai Airlines. They feed you a hot meal and all the booze you want. Then you are there. It cost less than $200 US to get there round trip from Singapore. Not a bad deal. Not sure
if it's the same now. I heard they have some no frills airlines operating now. You arrive ready for the street with a buzz on. Great deal. I always stayed at the Marriott on one of the main roads. There is a more user friendly hotel around
the corner called the Nana Hotel. A bit low rent, but ok. They don't give you any BS when you bring back a hooker so I was told. The Marriott does unless you know someone. That takes a few trips there. They have to know you. And, it's
a bit expensive for the cheapo. But, it's a short walk to the new sky train line. Around the corner is a road called Soi 4 with a lot of bars and girls ready to do the dirty deed for a price. Ask Stick about other hotels in the area that
are far cheaper and more user friendly. Also, from that area you can hop the sky train to Patpong. Just follow the signs. They're in Thai and English. More girls to choose from. The train is better than taking a taxi and a lot cheaper. Traffic
in Bangkok sucks. Why pay 250 baht for an hour in a taxi when you can pay 40 baht or so and get there in 15 minutes or less?

Go to Bangkok. It's a kick. Just read Stick a lot and don't fall for those girls. I read a lot of sad tales of guys who got screwed by those girls. Just screw them and leave them. It's all about money and nothing more. Do you
really think that in a two or three week vacation some Thai hook or even a nice Thai girl will fall in love with you regardless how nice you are? If you do, you need to see a shrink or to drink heavily.

I haven't been back that way in over 2 years and I miss it a lot. I'm a lot wiser from reading submissions to Stick. Keep it up. Keep it all in perspective. And, stay at a place on the sky train line. It's still new but it
is fun to ride. Maybe it's old now. A lot of eye candy on that train.

Now I live in Houston, Texas. I'm about as desirable to a young woman as a turd in her soup at a restaurant. I'm going bald and I dye my hair. So much for getting old. So, I don't get much action unless I head down south to
Costa Rica or Mexico which isn't often. I drive a 2004 Lexus, but that doesn't do much as well. I have called some call girl services and always ask for an Asian. It's all BS. Pay up front. A blow job with a rubber on. Get a nut.
Pay her $200 US. And off she goes to another client. In and out in less than 30 minutes. It ain't the same as Asia. I can jack off and get the same experience. Go to Bangkok guys. Don't go there to look for Miss Right. She doesn't
live there. Just go there to have fun and go home and make money for the future. Trust me on that.

Don’t be one of those bleeding heart, money poor guys who bought into Ms. Right from Asia or Thailand only to get screwed in the end. Life's too short to but into that. Trust me. I've been there.

Stickman's thoughts:

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So money can't buy love….just sex.

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