Stickman Readers' Submissions July 22nd, 2005

A Day In A Life

Pern was stretched out on top of the covers on the three quarter size bed next to mine. She was wearing a pair of lace knickers but nothing else. She was lying on her back with her arms stretched over her head. Her well rounded breasts were gently rising
and falling with the rhythm of her breathing and her nipples were erect. She was fast asleep.

I got up and sat in the chair just so that I could appreciate this tableau from a better vantage point. I surveyed her every inch, from her silky black mane to the tips of her neatly painted toes. She was indeed a handsome woman, no mistake.

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The deal had been that she had agreed to sleep in my room but there would be no sex because it was ‘that’ time of the month. At that particular moment in the early morning light, I thought sitting there just watching her sleep
was better than sex anyway. She was very pleasing on the eye.

The day before was a Saturday that had started out like most other Saturdays. I had met three of my friends as usual, around 10.00am and we had had a round of golf out near Chonburi. After the game, as usual we had a few beers at the golf
club before heading back to Bangkok.

On the way back my phone rang. It was my old mate George who was calling to tell me he had just arrived from Glasgow that morning and he had been trying to contact me all day. Was I free for a drink? George comes to Bangkok for a few days
every three or four months on business and knows his way around but we get on very well so I made myself available.

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Me and George are about the same age, mid forties and we even look similar. Slightly podgy, not much hair, we could even be brothers if it wasn’t for his ‘Porridge Oats’ accent.

After a steak dinner, George and I tucked into a bottle of Jack Daniels at a popular hostess bar on Sukhumvit and started to party. A few hours later we were ensconced in one of the better bars just up the road a bit and we were determined
to enjoy ourselves as only one can in the LOS.

The evening wore on and we carried on partying. I had sidled up next to a pretty little thing sat at the bar. She informed me her name was Pern.

George was getting to know another lady at the other end of the bar and the next time I looked for him, he and the lady had gone. Good for him.

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It turned out that Pern was good for a laugh. Her English was very good and she took the piss relentlessly out of my efforts to speak Thai. I, however was not deterred and continued to babble away convinced that my Thai was better than she
was giving me credit for. We continued to drink and talk and our rapport developed over the next couple of hours. I was certainly enjoying myself and I believe she was too. I must be honest, because of the location and her general demeanour, I
was not completely sure what I was dealing with here. No, she was certainly not a katoey but I just could not decide if she was a ‘working’ girl or not.

While we were talking and joking and taking the piss out of each other in English and in Thai, a very quaint thing happened. Upon hearing a snippet of our conversation a young English lad of about twenty butted in to tell me in no uncertain
terms that I had no right addressing a lady this way and I should watch my mouth and at the very least apologise for my insulting tone. I had to laugh. I hadn’t seen chivalry as displayed by this youngster, for years. I couldn’t
help telling him that I admired his valour but I had never seen anyone slapped across the face with a gauntlet in Bangkok before (figuratively speaking). Pern and I talked him down from his white charger and without humiliating the poor lad, we
let him know we were actually just having a bit of fun. He accepted the situation with good grace but declined the drink I offered him.

Small world really, next to me was sitting another charming Englishman who informed me that he had read about this particular bar on the Stickman website. I shook his hand and reminded him to look out for my submissions on said website. (Hi
there John, I hope you caught your flight back to the UK that morning OK).

So it must have now been heading towards 4.00am and I was having to make a serious effort to persuade Pern to spend the rest of the night with me in more private surroundings i.e. a hotel room. I took her reluctance as a sort of challenge
so I turned the charm on…. full. Eventually she agreed to come with me but explained that sex was not going to happen because of the rag thing.

I was kind of disappointed on two levels. First, I really fancied her and second my charm offensive would seem to have been employed for the wrong reason. Ah well!!

Anyway, I accepted the situation and we made off to a hotel. The receptionist informed me that the only room available had twin beds, no doubles left. Given how things were working out, I accepted the room.

Once in the room, Pern gave me a squeeze and discarded most of her clothing. In spite of my desire, my body did not respond due to the alcohol excess and in the circumstances this was probably just as well so we called it a day and flopped
onto our respective beds.

I woke up about 07.00 and quietly shifted to my vantage point in the chair.

Pern eventually stirred about an hour later and we talked for a while. She made no effort to cover herself up nor did she show any signs of self-consciousness. We just sat and talked, both in a general state of undress. I’m sure that
bit was more fun for me than her.

Eventually we showered and got dressed.

We left the hotel a little before 11.00 but before we went our separate ways I offered Pern some ‘taxi money’. She refused to accept it and then much to my amazement insisted I punch her phone number into my phone. How could
I refuse?

Just another Saturday night in Bangkok.

Union Hill

Stickman's thoughts:

Excellence from Union Hill, as we have come to expect.

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