Stickman Readers' Submissions July 12th, 2005

A Catalan In Bangkok

By A Catalan

Hi Stickman readers and contributors, I am a Catalan guy from Barcelona, as many others I’ve been reading the stories for almost 2 years before writing, finally it's time to do it.

I've been in Bangkok 5 times in the last 4 years, the first visit was after a period of 8 months in Nepal without sex, so I was really female hungry, at that time I visited different websites such as Joker’s and others and was pretty well
informed about how to deal with ladies of the night.

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I always travel with my backpack but this doesn’t mean that I like Khao San Road, in fact I chose Sukhumvit soi 20 for my 1st trip to stay.

My first evening started at the soi 7 Beergarden following instructions from internet sites, I didn’t wait for more than half an hour to pick up a girl and back to my hotel, after 8 months without sexual relations I didn’t waste time to
breathe again!

It was a short time story but I enjoyed her company not only because of the sex we had, she was quite good in English and we had some conversation.

I paid a visit to Nana entertainment complex, enjoyed beer Chang, my choice in Thailand with Kloster. I don’t like Singha, too soft for my taste. I was on the top floor at Carnival and I was watching carefully a short girl dancing on the stage,
there were more attractive and sexy girls around but she was my choice, after sitting with her for a while I paid the barfine and experienced the GFE for my 1st time in Thailand. The next day in the morning we did the usual visit to the malls
at Siam Square and watched a movie, she needs now to go back to work, Bye Bye…

Well my mind was thinking that evening what to do, either heading back to the Carnival at Nana or following regular instructions to barfine another lady, never repeat, you could fall in love…

Finally I decided to visit Thermae and Soi Cowboy, I didn’t barfine any lady, but to my surprise while walking Sukhumvit up and down late at night between katoeys and freelancers I saw the Carnival dancer eating in a small food stall, I said "sabai
dee ka" to her and she requested me to sit down with a huge smile on her pretty face. I ordered a beer and had a nice chat with her while enjoying the whole scene at Sukhumvit around 3AM. After the meal she said she wanted to come to my hotel,
I said I didn’t want to pay for sex again but she refused the money. She just wanted to sleep with me again, so I agreed and went back to the Honey Hotel.

We had a good night, she was very affective with me as if she was my new girlfriend. She left her apartment at about 3PM and I said to her that I will visit her tonight at Carnival, again that afternoon I’ve been thinking a lot about going back
to Nana or not, during the evening I had a couple of beers at the Beergarden while observing the attitudes of farangs and Thai girls there I had the desire of immediately leaving the bar feeling depressed. I was 32 years old, 180 cm tall and not
fat. Ssually in Spain when out at pubs and discos I was not very successful with girls but many times was because of being a shy guy, not because of my appearance, so at that time in Beergarden I saw all this farangs, most of them 20 years older
than me at least, flirting with the Isaan girls and felt guilty and depressed just for being there, of course some of the situations were pretty funny, but if I did analyze the whole thing it was stinking…

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So, after 3 days in Sukhumvit I decided to leave the area and went to Khao San, just in order to buy tickets for Ko Samui, all that sex industry depressed me…

After 5 days in Bhoput Beach without almost no nightlife, I rented a motorbike and visited Lamai and Chaweng at night. Again I saw beer bars and freelancers in the pubs and discos and started to be sexually excited. I thought to myself I left BKK because
I didn’t want to pay for sex and saw all the sex trade and now here I am just close to a very pretty young girl and about to ask her to come to my room, and I did it. In the morning I gave her 1,000 baht and took her back to Chaweng.

So, the thing was, if I am a backpacker enjoying with nature and people why do I fall in the sex scene???

I moved to Krabi, I thought that there I will have no chance to fall again. I spent 5 or 6 relaxing days near Ray-Lay beach, but one day visiting Krabi town with a rented motorbike I saw a group of very young and pretty Thais in front of a club and I
parked my moped and fell again with a short time.

My holidays were about to finish, I had just 4 days more. I went back to BKK, but escaped from the city. I chose the city of sin to spend my last 2 nights in Thailand. Pattaya as a beach resort was quite awful for me compared to Catalan Costa Brava resorts
or other Mediterranean beaches. It was terribly hot and humid (May) and I stayed very near to Walking Street and of course enjoyed the nightlife and the girls, and for the first time in my trip I found a terrible money oriented Lon, and she found
a Catalan backpacker with Jewish tendencies. What a fight! I am not a cheap charly, I mean I always treat the girls properly, sometimes too much, but with that girl it was absolutely impossible. She was asking for something every 5 minutes, sometimes
a drink, sometimes something to eat or shopping, definitely not my style, so the end of my trip finally showed me the darkest part of Thailand: Pattaya and their creatures (farangs and Thais).

Stickman's thoughts:

An honest trip report.

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