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Took’s Story

  • Written by Anonymous
  • June 23rd, 2005
  • 4 min read

By Kaek

I happened to chance upon this site by accident, and did I find it interesting?! I have been to LOS twice, once in 2003 & then in 2004….2005 is halfway, and there’s still hope. The first time was because of what I had heard & the second
was because of what I saw in the first trip….It left me entranced….a world full of beautiful women waiting to shed clothes at your command.

I reached Bangkok on 2nd June 2004….checked in at the Bel Aire Princess in Sukhumvit. It’s a nice hotel. I had a beer from the fridge and went to sleep….had to get the energy for the girls. In the evening, I strolled the road along the Nana
station. On the way back, I spotted a girl outside Foodland. Went to talk & hired her for 1000 baht long time. Her girlfriend was waiting for someone, talked her into joining us for another 1000. The hotel played spoil sport by asking for
800 per girl. I had to take just one. I chose the second girl…that was a faux pax…the first girl was sad, but her girlfriend insisted that I take the first girl. I was ok with it. In the room, she had a shower (what’s this thing the
girls have with a shower, b4 & after the bang bang?) Had a nice time. Took her number promising to call again.

Next day did the rounds of MBK to do some shopping….came back, had a beer at a bar near Angels disc & retired for the night…no bang bang…

I was joined by 2 of my friends on the 3rd day…..They had some rest & we were on our way to Halem….this was the one we had been to the previous visit….They do have the best girls there, though some of you might have other ideas. Had the works
& a wonderful time, with this girl calling me Kineau (I don’t know what that means, do u?) with a cunning smile. I couldn’t care less as long as she was taking my full tool inside her.

Next day was bye bye to Bangkok & Hi to Pattaya….now this place has got a charm of its own…the beach road, those open bars, the gogo places. We were staying at Hotel Regent Marina….now this place is at the other end of the beach road. So we
hired bikes from a lady who has a shop near hotel sunshine residences. Had a long round of beers, taking in the beautiful sight of the sea. In the evening, had a visit to the Polo Gogo. Had a blast with the nude dancing girls….3 of them hooked
up with us. We bought them the usual lady drinks. My girl was cute & sexy …all the time saying things like u happy I happy. Took her out for the night after barfining her. She was good in the bed( aren’t they all?). After the bang,
she said have to go to the bar…I let her go, cause even I needed some sleep.

butterflies bangkok

The next afternoon, we were sitting in Burger King. The opposite table, an old German was sitting with this Thai girl….now this girl was like goddess Venus herself…high cheekbones, short hair, shining skin and a fab figure. She was looking at us and
smiling. We were under the impression that she was the old man’s muse. We started talking to the man & more smiles were exchanged. She got up to go to the fresh room & I seized the chance…I went & spoke to her and asked her
to accompany me to the hotel…surprisingly she was ready. She said bye to Papa…yes that’s his name. She said her name was Took. I had one of the wildest times of my life with her….she started with the words can I smoke you, and went
on to do some really hot things. The most distinct thing about her was the smell of her body. She was wearing a sexy body lotion. We had the most amazing sex. Later, both my friends enjoyed her. There was something about her that told us that
she was not your run of the mill bargirl. She had a daughter by the name Amy in Japan, with her separated husband. We promised to meet her the next day which was to be our last in Thailand. She was waiting outside Burger King. She was all teary
eyed cause we were to leave. She had got us 3 bottles of the same body lotion that she applied as a remembrance. We gave her some cash & a pendant. The cash, she refused but we insisted saying that it was to buy a gift for her daughter. We
gave her our email IDs, but were not sure that she would mail us, as she was not conversant with emails. We left Thailand with a heavy heart after that.

A year has passed & her face still continues to haunt us….she might still be visiting Burger King with her papa. We are planning to visit again this year. Hope we find our Took again….

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