Stickman Readers' Submissions June 25th, 2005

Thai Surprise

Following on from my Russian experience and here I go again lured by this damn internet. After 4 years of banging my head against a brick wall with western woman I was resigned to find myself a nice Asian girl.

There she was, 28 years old, self employed, own mini mart in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Perfect I thought so once again after a few months of correspondence I was ready to go again.

He Clinic Bangkok

Landed Chiang Mai 26th November 04 and made my way to Plaza Hotel. The bus didn't arrive so after a few hours decided to risk a taxi. Arrived at the Hotel and rang my girl as arranged and she agreed to meet me in the foyer at 1 PM.

Anyway about 2 PM she arrives together with her mother and father. I was pleased she was nice looking and I thought decent to arrive with her parents like this. So commenced 7 days of tours, the Loy Krathong festival of everywhere from Chiang Rai to Myanmar.
The Golden Triangle Laos. Only one thing her mother and cousin accompanied everywhere and guess what, all at my expense. It was expected and I didn't mind to start with but after a week it was getting a bit rich and also we had little time
alone with one another. Visited an Aunty in Chiang Mai and me the sucker paid for every bit of 20 or so relatives to arrive for barbeque. They must of thought I was big time. Then to my surprise on the 8th day there she was to meet me in the foyer
like previous but this time no cousin or mother. I guess I'd spent enough money to convince them I was ok to be trusted.

That evening as we ate dinner at the restaurant she said she would call her father collect her. Then after dinner she requested to see photos I'd taken back at my room. Of course it was an excuse to stay with me. Then as we lay together on the bed
she exclaimed ok if you want me now then I agree. I agreed too. I was as horny as buggery after a week of nothing. Anyway afterwards she says did you know I was a virgin?

CBD bangkok

Well not so sure about that but then I'd never had one so I thought you beauty and convinced myself maybe she was.

Fat chance of that in Thailand but at the time seemed feasible.

Anyway she remained with me for another day and night then prior to my departure it was off to the restaurant with the family. It was HM The King of Thailand's birthday and don't they turn it on. I was so emotional with it all it had been a
great 10 days. I think the worst thing you can do is show any emotions though and they probably calculated all this later in their minds as I went away.

Anyway it was time to go home. She came to the airport along with her parents aunt cousin etc and before I left I give her my last 9,000 baht. <Why?Stick>

wonderland clinic

We had talked about marriage or she did and I agreed once back in Australia I would set about getting her a Fiancé Visa.

The next few months I went to painstaking trouble to have everything in place and she sent me everything required from her end.

The application needed to be lodged in Bangkok and I requested she meet me there and we would lodge this application together.

On the 1st March 11.30 PM I arrive in Bangkok after 9 hours from Sydney and finally we were together again.

I was staying at the Metropolitan, 5 star, very expensive but of course I wanted to make a good impression. Bad move let me tell you with these girls. Now I know never show too much.

Anyway lodged this application and after 3 days moved on to The Novotel Siam Square. Within a few days it was evident this girl had some definite mood swings.

Anyway one night after some tension I simple left her in the room and visited downstairs watched some band had some drinks some more drinks and then I was gone outside in the first tuk tuk take me to Soi Cowboy. I'd already learnt of Stick's
site shortly before arriving back and couldn't resist the temptation and besides my girl was in a filthy mood about whatever and I wasn't prepared to ware it. I'd been to a lot of effort already for her.
Tuktuk driver
says I know new bar is Galaxy we can go I can go to what you say? Ah sure, what the hell.

Arrive at this place, maybe a dozen so girls, no guys whatsoever, couldn't believe my luck. Anyway before long here I am last of the big spenders shouting almost every girl in the place drinks making out I'm gonna buy the place and be their
new boss. Christ I was half thinking about it at the time.

Anyway tuktuk driver and myself barfine a few girls to go out, 2500 baht each plus drinks 14,500 baht later and I'm totally cleaned out all cash.

Off we go, some other strip place Patpong tuktuk driver shouts few drinks, thank Christ. Money's all gone and then it's off to this hotel close buy. Out comes the visa, pay the rooms and naturally enough pick the wrong girl to come with me.

Noi sooner in room she says you give me 2,000 baht. I say no already pay. Well fuck wasn't there hell to play. You not get anything she says. I say well look I'm your new boss I buy Galaxy and you not have job how's that sound. Also I will
tell your boss tomorrow you not have sex and demand money.

Oh ok hurry up you finish then she says. What a fuckin bitch so yeah I fucked her for what it's worth and off she goes.

Then I realise it's 3:30 AM and my baby is probably wondering were I've got to. So hi tail it out of there got no cash but hail a tuktuk anyway. Arrive back at hotel get driver to wait while I run up to room and scavenge for some coins.

Well I asked for it. A thousand questions and I tell her I must go back downstairs so she's on the phone to whoever and grabbing me not to go but I tell her I'll be back soon.

I thought I taught her a lesson to behave but she was the one about to teach me a lesson. To be continued.

Stickman's thoughts:

When they start getting bitchy, cut them off there and then. I think this is going to turn into one bloody nightmare!

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