Stickman Readers' Submissions June 27th, 2005

Thai Surprise 2

Continuing on from the last chapter. Anyway, back in the room things had settled down and I told her I went for a few drinks was all to have time thinking. Little did she know I'd been off with this whore fucking. As far as I was concerned she had
brought it on herself with her cranky stubborn attitude that I couldn’t figure.

Next day got to feeling a bit guilty and besides I had promised her to buy an engagement ring. Stumble across massive Central shopping centre all cashed up. She was beside me at the bank beforehand so you knew I wasn’t short a few dollars.

He Clinic Bangkok

Find this amazing ring and fits perfect…40,000 baht later.

Then we're walking along and come across an entire floor of mobile phones. We both had basic Nokias but here I am thinking wouldn’t it be great if we both owned these latest model Mitsubishis with MMS, pictures, video, the works. Then when
I arrive back to Australia we can return photos etc., close contact until the visa was ready. Well the salesman assures me everything is fine and will work in Australia with no problem. Bullshit! Tried every network here since arriving home and
fucking useless phone, not compatible with MMS network. Needless to say the old Nokia does the same thing. That was money well spent 18,000 each = 36,000 baht down the drain but at least my girl can continue to use hers. Yeah great, now I think
she’s probably sending out MMS photos to any other sucker to take her on.

Well everything was starting to add up including the 41,000 baht paid for the visa and it was starting to add up in her mind too, don’t worry.

CBD bangkok

Well it was time to leave Bangkok and it was on to Chiang Mai for a further two weeks.

Pre-booked to the Plaza for the first week and continued to have our moments with one another but overlooked things. The sex was great and it’s amazing how much you’ll overlook things.

Anyway I told her we should tell her parents about the official engagement and to marry. That evening her mother and father came to dinner at restaurant and I tried to explain everything as best I could. They didn’t seem too overly excited by any
of this.

Next day my girl explains we must to meet her parents’ family etc to explain something.
Well they’ve called in this Thai woman whom arranges marriages to try to explain about Thai tradition sin sod.

wonderland clinic

Asks how much I'm prepare to give her mother and if we can marry and do everything next week. As far as I’m concerned there’s not enough time and the plan was to marry in Australia. So I tell her I will give something like 250,000 baht.
They want me to marry next week but I tell them look, we must wait and we will do all this when I return to collect her before we begin life in Australia and feeling the pressure try to sound good and tell them it is much more sin sod if we wait. STUPID IDIOT ME.

Then the day before my birthday we're over at the night bazaar looking around. Now she wants to leave and says I want to go now. I say just a minute, look a bit further. She says I go then anyway back not talking just great. Get back to the hotel
and it's I’m going out. I say where you go? Never mind she says.

Around 4 AM she lands back in the room so of course I've got the shits and say where you been and it's like visiting my girlfriend. The one I never met at all after two visits, yeah right.

Next morning I’m pissed off. It's time to check out so I pack my bags, tell her I’m leaving to go to the airport. Then I drive off and leave her standing there. That was hard. Search around at a few hotels looked at before to stay because
I’m still here for a week. It's my 39th birthday and how fucked. Anyway, couldn’t care less, just another day as far as I was concerned and couldn’t help thinking if I had done the right thing leaving her there.

After a while I check in at The Top North Hotel, great rate, about half the price of the others with a pool, restaurant out front. I had been there few days before and checked out good value.

It’s been about 3 hours so the mobile rings. Where are you? Anyway I weaken and ask her to come meet me. Says she'll be an hour – nothing. Call her after about 3 hours and tells me she will come for dinner with her parents and aunt and to

Everything’s ok I think, we're back in the room, never been better.

After a few days I was violently ill, something I ate and constantly sick. It was great how she looked after me and got me to a hospital that evening when things weren’t improving. After a shot and some medicine I was up and going within 24 hours.

Strange phone call to her mobile at midnight. I ask who is this. Oh it is Aunty. Then I wasn’t sure and say to her it is a man's voice. It’s oh yes you remember is guide my friend I tell you about to show us on tour. Well do I believe

Well everything they do for you has a price sooner or later.

Enjoyed the next few days, toured a little more. Stopped at Doi Suthep look out and my girl had been a little quiet and then the bombshell. I have a problem she says. Like what? Tell you tomorrow before go home or might cause some trouble. I demand no
tell me now.

I buy property before she says and I want you to help me for 1 million baht.

I tell her sure, you have a problem because it is your problem, not mine! In Australia I tell her it is bad to ask for money like this. It is becoming like a bargirl asking for money I tell her.

I do not know this she says. In the next breath, "you give me 500,000 baht is ok."

For fuck's sake I’ve brought this on myself, too much extravaganza I realize now. Now we're back not talking and I’m due to go home next day. Great.

Anyway that night no further mention on her part for money and next day it was time to leave and mother and father come along to airport. This time I'm wary and hold on to my last dollars not like before.

My girl had a few tears and asked me promise to come back and despite a few issues in my mind I’m still going through with everything.

Little did realize she had her own agenda.

Continued in the next part of Thai Surprise.

Stickman's thoughts:

The warning signs have been coming for a while now….

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