Stickman Readers' Submissions June 9th, 2005

Sex And Religion

A while back Stickman remarked that although Thai girls dress themselves sexy, they may not really have a clue about sex. They're just blindly following fashion trends they see in the media, and don't realize the kind of signals they're
sending to us Farang guys who go nuts at the sight of a miniskirt.

After giving the matter some thought, I think I may have solved this riddle. How can Thai women, arguably the sexiest LOOKING women on the planet, be so disinterested and dispassionate about sex? I believe the answer is RELIGION!

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The most basic of Buddhist teachings are The Four Noble Truths:

1) To live is to suffer.

2) The cause of all suffering is DESIRE, PASSION, ATTACHMENT.

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3) There is a way out of this miserable existence (and the perpetual cycle of re-births).

4) The way out is the Eightfold Path.

For the purpose of this essay, it's not necessary to explain the Eightfold Path in any detail. Suffice it to say that it includes a code of conduct, which, among other things, exhorts its followers to renounce their passions and resist the pull of
their desires.

It is the object of Buddhism to extinguish all desire! To put out the flame of passion! To not become attached (e.g. fall in love). Does that sound like a recipe for wild sex and steamy romance? Hell no!

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Christians, in contrast, are taught that pleasures are always suspect, often sinful, but that the flesh is weak, and it is inevitable that we will succumb to our naughty desires from time to time. But despair not! Merely ask, and thou shalt be forgiven!
We are taught that no amount of effort or training can extinguish our desires, and that we will be tempted all our lives long to commit wicked, naughty, sinful, FUN!, because the Devil is unrelenting. Beelzebub stalks us at every turn. We know
we SHOULDN'T lust for that cute, young thing in the miniskirt; but forbidden fruit is the sweetest, and anyhow, forgiveness is just for the asking.

What do you think? I'm no theologian. If I've got any of this religious stuff wrong, I apologize. But, if my understanding is correct, then Buddhism teaches people to NOT be interested in sex (or anything else that excites the passions).

Does any of this occur to Mr. Sex Tourist while sitting on the jet airliner that brings him to his imagined sexual paradise? Well, it sure took me many years and many disappointing experiences before these thoughts ever dawned on me.

I wouldn't blame anyone for not realizing this. Women, even from our own culture, are difficult to understand. Did you bring her to orgasm? "Was it good for you, darling?" (A pointless question. You certainly cannot expect an honest answer).
How can you tell what these duplicitous creatures are feeling? And Thais! How are we supposed to read THEM? Even the guidebooks tell you that Thais, like all Asians, do not usually display strong feelings.

Well, ALL women can fake it (and usually do). Orgasm, that is. But, in order to reach orgasm, a woman must first become sexually aroused, and THAT cannot be faked- not if a man knows how to read the signs. You've heard of them: rapid heartbeat, heavy
breathing, erect nipples, wet pussy, etc. None of the aforementioned are sure signs. Elevated pulse and respiration could just mean she's frightened or nervous. Erect nipples can mean the A/C is on too high. And some women have wet pussies
ALL THE TIME, no matter what. I once knew a gal who wore panty liners every day of the month just to keep from having embarrassing wet stains on her crotch. Her wet pussy did not mean she was turned on. So, how do you tell?

A woman's body isn't all that different from a man's. When a man gets aroused, he gets an erection. Why? His penis becomes engorged with blood. The same thing happens to a woman's clitoris, vulva, labia and vagina. And when that happens,
you can FEEL it. The feeling is unmistakable to anyone who has ever encountered it. Guys who have only slept with frigid women all their lives just don't know the difference. Like guys who married their high school sweetheart and never slept
around. Or guys who have only known women who, for religious reasons, have a mindset totally unreceptive to the idea of sensual pleasures.

If someone is ill with fever, you can tell instantly by touching their forehead with the back of your hand. You can easily detect a fever of just one or two degrees above normal body temperature (98.6 degrees Fahrenheit- sorry, I don't know the celsius
equivalent, but you get the point.) That's how sensitive the backside of your hand is to temperature. How much more sensitive then is your erect penis inside her tight, wet pussy? You know the answer to that! If you have ever had sex with
a woman who was REALLY turned on, you can never forget it, and you can never be fooled again. That pussy becomes feverishly hot. It's nice. It's rare. It's the Holy Grail.

Now, I'm not saying that there are NO Thai woman who are passionate lovers; just that they are few and far between due to cultural reasons. That's just my opinion based on personal observation and reflection- make of it what you will. Oh, and
I've been with plenty of "nice" girls as well as the other kind.

Once while huffing and puffing and pumping away, I turned my head sideways and caught a glimpse of myself in the dresser mirror and was startled. What was I doing? Why was I fucking these zombie Thai bar girls? They're practically dead in bed. I'm
no necrophiliac! Sex with a disinterested woman is like dancing with a mannequin. What a charade! What a farce! And I'm PAYING for it! Simulated sex- a mockery of the real thing. I want a woman who's pants get as hot as mine do. I want
to see that red swollen vulva, those quivering labia, that hardened little clitoris that tell me she's as excited as I am.

Maybe I should plan my next holiday for the Philippines or Brazil. Someplace where the Catholic Missionaries have left their mark; and left the people with a healthy, guilt-stricken, insatiable libido! -Farangutan.

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