Stickman Readers' Submissions June 23rd, 2005

Russian Surprise

First let me give you a little background about myself. I'm 39 years old, self employed for the past 10 years and through much hard work reasonably well off. In fact I have it in mind to retire from business within a year, besides, I'll be 40
then and life begins at 40 so they say.

Well what a journey it's been, married, divorced after 5 years – the wife gets the house and I get to keep my business and start again. I worked my arse off the whole time with barely a day off except for two overseas adventures, the first which
I'm about to reveal. It was 9 months from when my marriage ended and a friend introduced me to the internet and also to the wide variety of girls throwing themselves out there for some unsuspecting guy like myself to act on.

He Clinic Bangkok

Act on I didand after a few months of talking with a Russian girl I was on a plane for a 10 day trip in the middle of the Russian winter. I'd never seen snow before ,what a great experience ir so I thought and also to meet this girl that had captivated
me so much on the internet. Ironically I'd declined an offer from Thai girl who had arrived in Australia to meet me whom I'd also spoken to briefly on the internet and had a mutual friend in Melbourne who suggested I get in touch. This
friend owned a bar and was married to a Thai lady and I visited often when I was interstate. Anyway, now they are both deceased, shot dead in Melbourne's underworld hits in past few years. They were both wonderful people, hardworking, trying
to make a living but someone has taken a disliking and now it's history.

Anyway, back to my adventure and I'd declined to meet this Thai lady whom I believe was not a bar girl with a good background confirmed by more than one person. What a damn fool I was and to be honest I regret it to this day. This girl had come all
the way from Thailand for my benefit and I was about to embark on what I thought was the answer to my dreams, a beautiful young Russian lady.

Anyway, after 20 odd hours flight and 14 hours stopovers, finally I arrive 1 year to the day since the split with the wife. Finally there she is waiting together with her 5 year old daughter. Quite a bit different from the photo I might add but maybe
I was mistaken somewhat. What a dickhead, now I think she looked nothing like the photo.

CBD bangkok

Anyway I'm here now and off we go to her apartment.

Day 1. Which bed would you like to sleep in she says. I thought hell she doesn't mess around and that night the fun began.

As I was fucking the Christ out of her I thought I'd had a lot better and I sure had. Within a few days it was evident this girl was loaded and it was going to be a long 10 days to get back to Australia to see just how many strains I'd picked
up besides the obvious.

What a fool, I'd been, sent her money when she convinced me was for her flight which wasn't possible, more money for living flowers etc. all before I'd arrived. Then to cap it off, she's given me diseases to run on with and I am still
oblivious to her lies and deception and giving her more money not to mention the money she stole and claimed the cloak had stolen. What a lying, stealing bitch and I bought it hook line and sinker and even once I'd arrive back in Australia
Ikept in touch and considered a visa to bring her here. What a joke. What was I thinking? Anyway, after some time, a long time, I came to my senses.

wonderland clinic

That was going to be it for overseas adventures and I swore never again but after 4 more years and more whore bags and trouble I'd kept thinking about this Thai girl who came all the way here. Also what a nice woman Tina was before they were callously
murdered. I guess it's the nature of the business that attracts the bad element that led to their untimely deaths.

Anyway, the trips I'd made previous to their club had left an impression and whilst I couldn't hope to find this girl who came all the way here 4 years ago, I could try to find a Thai girl and so began the next worst experience which I will
go into more detail in the next chapter, now that things have recently concluded. It's a story in itself and shit I thought I would have learnt the first time. Never in my wildest dreams had I ever imagined landing in Russia and next Thailand
and I promise to tell the story soon, now that I'm finally getting my head around everything that's happened.

Stickman's thoughts:

Ok, you've teased us…..what happens next?!

nana plaza