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My First Bargirlfriend Part 7

My First BarGirlFriend Part 8

By Ben Dover in the LOS

For those of you who are new to my saga, do yourselves a favor and go and read parts 1 through 6 as they are rather funny, entertaining, and hopefully somewhat educational. You will definitely have a good read from what other Stick readers have told me…

For those of you who are just joining us, here are the earlier parts of my story to bring you up to speed:

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As always…As they used to say on Dragnet, “The names have been changed to protect the innocent. Here is their story.”

wonderland clinic

So, now here I am. My cute little BarGirlFriend, Porn, is feeling 100% OK, now that I helped her to figure out the correct cocktail of antibiotics in order to kill that nasty infection located in ‘the wound that will not heal’.

Everything is going great then, right? Well…not exactly. Some things are going great and some things are not going so great.

Over these last few months, I have been learning some things about Porn’s family and I have been learning more about Thai culture as well as her life as poor girl in a caste-driven society.

Recently, I have been talking to Porn about Thai relationships compared to farang relationships, and how families interact and things like that. Now, keep in mind, that her parents have never met me, although I came dangerously close to meeting them in
Part 1, if you remember the line about me wanting to avoid that ‘…family disaster in the making.”

Now, her parents STILL do not know what Porn, unwisely chose, as per previous profession, albeit for a short time. Porn has said some interesting things lately, including some comments that have caught me off guard. Gee whiz, a Thai girl making comments
that catch a farang off guard…never would have guessed that happening!

About 2 weeks ago, I was curious and began to ponder as to what things that her parents might be thinking about me.

Well, one of the first questions that came to my mind was about money. This is because finances is one area where, if it were to eventually turn out in the future that she actually was a lying, scheming, conniving little bargirl, I would stand to lose
the most and she would stand to gain the most. Although that would never really happen, because I am quite careful when it comes to the finances and no amount of sweet talking could ever get me to give more than small ‘tokens of appreciation’
for 2 hour intervals…if you know what I mean!

So, I asked Porn, “So honey, do your parents know a lot about me?” She says, yes. Then I say, “Do your parents know that I have money?” She said, “Yes, all farang have money, but they not care.”

So, I asked her, “Do your parents know that I do not give you money?” She said, yes. Then I said, “Did you tell your parents that I also will not give you money in the future?” She said, yes.

I said, “Are they angry with me, because I do not support you and I do not give you money?” She said, no.

I asked her why not. She said, “My parents not care if you lich or you poor. They not care. They only care, if you good heart.”

So, then I asked my cute little BarGirlFriend if she loves me and she said yes. Then I asked her if her parents know that she loves me. She said, “Yes, my parents know you make love to me.” What?…I said, “Honey, no, you said that
wrong. You should have said ‘My parents know that you love me.’”

She seemed perplexed and once again said, “Yes, my parents know you make love to me.” Excuse me?

Whoaaaaa, there, my little Asian sex pot! I said, “Honey, that is NOT what I asked you!!! But, now that we are on the subject, you mean that you told your parents that we SLEPT together?” She said, “Yes, they know you fuck me.”

HUH??? You told them WHAT??? I always find it funny that a Thai girl has no qualms about saying that a guy ‘fucked’ her, instead of using the more appropriate farang euphemism of ‘he made love to me’. I just love the fact that
the girls have no guilt or shame about getting laid. I am obviously referring to the females of the ‘working girl’ variety, although I have been told that regular Thai girls also lack these conscience stifling pretext words and phrases
that farang ladies like to throw around to make themselves seem to be more prim and proper. What a joke.

Then, I said, “Honey, you told your parents that I ‘fucked’ you?”. She said, yes.

I’m getting nervous and start thinking to myself, ‘Great honey. What else did you tell them…that I also love it when you look up into my eyes like a porn star when you’re deep-throating me?’

I started sweating bullets.

Suddenly I get this scary premonition about the future. I thought of, if and when, that lovely day ever comes that I actually get to meet her parents, the embarrassing scenario that would ensue. I can just imagine both of her parents walking towards me,
smiling broadly, cordially doing the wai thing, clenching their teeth together while muttering to each other in Thai, ‘So, this is that 40 year, pervert, child-molester who is fucking our daughter…a girl less than half
his age…’ as her father hides a cricket bat behind his back ready to ‘swing for the fences’ at the mere mention of the word boyfriend.

Not a good first impression…

Of course, at the same time, I would be thinking, ‘Hey, don’t be talking shit about me in Thai, right to my face. After all, this girl is your daughter. You know…that 19 year old vixen, who dances so sexy with a brass pole between her
legs that she can make a gay man’s penis hard enough to drive nails into concrete. Yeah, the same 19 year little girl who can suck the chrome off of a trailer hitch. Yes, mom and dad, that’s right…your little Porn…isn’t
she just soooo cute and innocent!!!’

That thought quickly disappeared and the next thought that came to my mind at that moment was a totally hot vision of me doing my BarGirlFriend…doggy-style…pulling on her long, black mane of silky, Thai hair with my left hand as though I were holding
onto the reins for an 8 second, white-knuckle, ride of my life at the National Finals Rodeo, on a bull that had never been ridden…while at the same time my right hand was slapping her ass hard…as I simultaneously asked her, “Whose your

Hmmm, I think I’ll save that thought for my next trip to the Land of Vertical Smiles.

Anyway, now, at this point, I begin wondering if I am about to learn some totally new lessons about how close Thai mother-daughter relationships are, that have heretofore, never been mentioned on the Stick site, much to my chagrin.

Well, now that the ‘cat was out of the bag’ as it were, I figured, ‘Well, why hold back now?’

So, I asked my little BarGirlFriend, “So, honey, now that my dick is hanging out for all to see, what pre-tell, else did you tell you parents about me?” while I was squinting my eyes and wincing the entire time, expecting some far too honest
answer like, ‘Oh, my mother also know, I love gargle with your cum!’ or some other equally disturbing statement like that.

To my relief, she only said something mundane like, “I tell them I love you very much and I tell them you very jai dee (good heart).” Whew, another close call.

So, I asked her about some more specifics about what her parents thought about me and our age difference. She said that people, and her parents, really don’t care too much about age, because age is only a number and it is not that important as
long as two people love each other. That was a nice thing to hear. I don’t know if it was, or is, entirely true, but it was nice to hear anyway because she certainly was selling me hard on the concept.

Now, at this point, I felt as though I was flirting with the ‘third rail’ and I did not want to take any more chances, so I decided to go back to the money issue, because I did not want to delve further into personal issues about our relationship
that Porn might have discussed with her parents.

I said, “Honey, don’t your parents expect me to support them?” I know that many Thai people say that is true. She said, “No. They not want your money. They not ask you for money. My family not like that. My family never do
that. My family proud. I know that many Thai family want to take money from farang, but my family not do dat.”

Feeling rather confident, I asked the biggie, “Honey, if things work out in the future, a LONG time in the future, many, many years, and maybe one day we want to get married. Do your parents expect a dowry?” After a quick detour to the Thai-English
translation book, she said, “No. I know many people try to take money from husband with sin sot when they marry Thai girl, but my parents not do. My parents not same other families in Thailand. Not everyone same. Same,
same your country. Some people good…some people bad. Some people smart…some people stupid. Same in Thailand…not everyone same.”

Wow, a Thai family with a moral compass more like my own?! Very interesting, to say the least.

Then my little Porn blurts out, “I love my family very much. I tell my mother many things about why I love you.”

I asked her, “Like what?”, prepared all the while to be ready to blow my Diet Coke through my nostrils at the mere mention of another tabloid tell-all story that she might have blabbed to her mother.

Of course, I expected (or wanted to hear) some answer like, “I tell her you love me”, or “I tell her you want to take care me.”, or “I tell her you very smart.”, or some other harmless compliment, she instead
says, “I talk to my mother about my pain.”

I then asked, her if she was referring to the infection that she had. She said, “Yes, I tell her about pain in my vagina.”

OK. So now, I am thinking, ‘Well, good. Maybe people in the Thai culture talk a little bit more about medical issues than I was led to previously believe.’

I asked her, “So, did you tell you mom that I helped you to fix your pain from your infection?”, thinking of course, about future brownie points with the family, were I to ever meet them in the future.

She said, “No, I tell her you make pain.” I said, “No honey, you meant to say ‘I told her that you fixed my pain.’” She said, “I understand what you say, ‘fix’, but I not mean that. I tell
her that you MAKE pain.”

I said, “What? Honey, you told your mother that I gave you the infection? You TOLD her THAT??? But I never gave you ANYTHING!!!” Then I said, “Actually, if there is anyone here who might be spreading an infection, most likely, that
person would be YOU, not me!”, but once again, she did not get my humor.

Now I am thinking that her mother must envision me as this crazed, sexually-depraved lunatic farang sex-pat screwing every moist orifice as if it were a cum dumpster, thereby picking up God knows what yet undiscovered diseases and passing them on to her
sweet, innocent, virginal daughter. Yeah right…

She said, “No, I not tell my mother you give me infection.” (Sigh of relief) So, I said, “Then what are you talking about?”

She said, “I tell her you give me pain sometimes when we make love.” I’m thinking, ‘You’re joking right? Tell me that you didn’t just say that to me…’ Now I am not really into playing too ‘rough’,
although she is a rather tiny girl. But I really don’t remember ever hurting Porn while we were having sex by messing around too ‘roughly’. Now, I do remember that I rather enjoy putting her ankles behind my little teeruk’s
head every now and then and then ‘going to town’ on my little Porn, but then again, she is as flexible as rubber hose so I highly doubt if that would have ever hurt her.

I sat there dumbfounded and speechless, but finally I got the courage up to ask her, “Honey, what do you mean that you told her that I give you ‘pain’ when we have sex?”

She said, “I tell my mom that you have big cock and that give me pain many time when we make love.” WTF!!!

Holy Shit!!! I almost passed out because I felt like my blood pressure instantly dropped to about 30 over 20 as I was about to go into full cardiac arrest, ‘Get the paddles…CLEAR!..ZZZZZAPPP!!!’ This is like a bad dream…no, make that

I said, “You told your mom that I have a big cock? What the hell would you tell her that for? You cannot talk about those kinds of things with your mother without telling me! What were you thinking? Don’t you know how embarrassing that can
be for me???”

She knew that I was getting very agitated and pissed off. She said, “No, honey, my mother happy for me. She say we can have sex very good because your cock long.”

I almost shit a bowling ball when I heard that. I instantly thought to myself, ‘Gee, honey, what a great story…perhaps we can pass that one down to our grand kids…while we are all sitting around the Christmas tree opening presents on Christmas
Eve. Wouldn’t that be a great Kodak moment? Or perhaps we can reminisce about that one at a family reunion as I am about to ask uncle Charlie to pass the pass the mashed potatoes.’ NOT!!!!!

My cute, tiny teeruk, bless her little heart, had only the best intentions in mind when describing my manhood to her mother, but had no clue what it would mean to me. She just had absolutely no clue how non-chalant she was being with a markedly, hands-off
subject for farangs.

Then she said, “My mother tell me to be careful with your cock.” Yeah, sure honey, perhaps we can put some traffic cones around it, or maybe put a siren on it, or perhaps a construction sign that says, ‘Danger, keep out’. Then,
we’ll tell all of the neighborhood kids to beware of the baby anaconda roaming the streets.

“My mother tell me to be careful because falang have cock, vely big.” Great, now her mother also knows about the ‘farang monster-cock’ concept. Gee whiz, baby, exactly how many generations of bargirls do you have in your family

To remind the Stick readers once again, I am certainly not bragging and I am no John Holmes porn stud in that department, but my girl is about 88 pounds soaking wet, with a full belly of food, so sometimes she does have pain when we have sex. Always makes
a man proud to make her little honey wince when doing some fast-paced deep core spelunking!

So, this started to get interesting to me. I said, “What else did your mother tell you?”

My BarGirlFriend said, “My mother say, I lucky, and that I should take care you, always.” Now, I am wondering after the previous comment (…falang have cock, vely big) that Porn told me that her mother said, what other interesting things
must be roving through her mother’s Thai brain.

Suddenly, I envision Porn sitting quietly on her mat, with her legs crossed, in her bedroom back home on the farm, when, as she turned 18 years old her mother decided it was time to be telling her daughter about the ‘birds and the bees’.
I can imagine my little teeruk looking up at her mother sheepishly with her big almond-shaped, doe eyes and that perfect Thai smile, anticipating with bated breath the next interesting sex factoid that her mother was going to throw her way, as
her mother methodically and mechanically instructs little Porn how to do a great rim job. Then little Porn asks her mother, ‘So, after I lick his asshole for 30 minutes, and his penis is harder than a carbide rod, then what do I do next,

Somehow, I thought it best to keep that perverted little side thought to myself and I proceeded to cease inquiring more about what my Teeruk and her mother had discussed about sex.

Anyway, she said that is the only thing that her mother really said about sex at that time (but I feel as though there may have been ‘more than meets the eye’). I felt like that was a big let down because I was waiting anxiously to learn
about some traditions old Thai sex tricks that were passed on down through the generations because I really wonder how these cute little girls often perform so very well in bed and seem to be on auto-pilot whilst seemingly enjoying themselves,
rather profusely, all the while.

However, it should be noted for those LOS newbies that although most Thai women (girls) are very good indeed between the sheets, you will, no doubt, periodically encounter the greatly feared, and always dreaded, case of a bargirl who is stricken with
that debilitating syndrome known in inner farang circles as the D.S.P. (Dead Starfish Position).

Thank God, that my dear little Porn has not fallen prey to this insidious DSP infection as it can instantly result in temporary, full-loss, of erectile function for any non-Thai male who encounters this deadly disease…

In my next instalment, you learn the ins and outs about how the bargirl educational system works…

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